Video: Trump Defends Gingerly Walk Down West Point Ramp


WEST POINT, NY (Newsmax) – Critics have sought change of how the president acts, particularly on social media. Now, they are attacking how he walks.

President Donald Trump, on his 74th birthday Sunday, took to Twitter to respond to attacks about his careful walk down “slippery” stairs after this West Point Commencement speech.

Trump tweeted:

“The ramp that I descended after my West Point Commencement speech was very long & steep, had no handrail and, most importantly, was very slippery. The last thing I was going to do is ‘fall’ for the Fake News to have fun with. Final ten feet I ran down to level ground. Momentum!”

The clip of him walking down the ramp was used to suggest there is something physically wrong with the president, as “#TrumpIsUnwell” and “#TRUMPstroke” were trending on Twitter.

C-SPAN video of Trump walking during the visit to West Point on Saturday showed no limp in his gait when walking on flat, dry ground.

The social media attacks might have been related to retaliation for a tweet Trump sent in April 2014 about former President Barack Obama:

“The way President Obama runs down the stairs of Air Force 1, hopping & bobbing all the way, is so inelegant and unpresidential. Do not fall!”

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  1. OMG! Is this the best the 5th column, the DNC controlled media, can do?! No more Mueller? No more Russia? No more impeachment? No more Ukrain? No more tax returns? No more White House dysfunction? Etc etc…? It’s all come down to this? This is all Team Biden has got? If so, President Trump will have a shoo-in for another 4 years.
    Typical that the corrupt biased DNC controlled media with their cohorts in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc… covered up Hillary’s daily tripping and falling in her run up to when she tried to steal the election in 2016.

  2. Two doddering candidates that are forgetting how to pronounce words and stumbling around. Trump couldn’t pronounce MacArthur and Biden can’t remember where his pants are. Very encouraging. Maybe they should team up. Trump can handle reporters for Biden and Biden can handle walking on ramps and drinking water for Trump.

    • No. Biden can do the slippery fingers business. Joe will continue to put his hands and nose where they don’t belong. The old pervert can’t control himself. We can’t have an uncontrolled pig wandering around The White House.

  3. We have to stage a protest ” The President’s Life Matters ” We can’t have slippery dangerous ramps to walk on . ,,, If necessary The President should call in the military to have a little talk with westpoint to straighten out this matter.

  4. The Presidents advance team didn’t have a problem with the ramp. Were they negligent? Did they not notice he had the heaviest water glass ever? Fire them all!!

  5. It is no funny matter when a senior citizen falls; whereas a younger person may immediately get up, an old person’s bones are brittle, and they can break a hip or worse very easily. In 1975, Gerald Ford was coming down the ramp of Air Force One, when he missed a step, and fell down the ramp. He was fortunate that he was uninjured. However, the press had a field day with that incident.

  6. Haaaaash..
    anonymous putz doesn’t understand that 800,000 thousand want to see him at a rally PRECISELY because he goes off the teleprompter.
    That ‘s why we elected him , Einstein. DUH..!!!!!

  7. a yid:
    Tell me a little about Lodz. Aren’t you claiming you’re a Holocaust survivor ?
    I want to corroborate some Lodz details. Please..

  8. Unlike many, Trump can think well on his feet. He really came to power based on his performance during the many debates. There are no teleprompters during debates. duh!

  9. That blasted ramp was probably designed and built by some freaking DEMOCRAT !!!!!!!! WASH AWAY THE LOSER DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!! TRUMP FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Considering the lifts in his shoes, the girdle he wears and the Depends adult diapers, I think his walk down the steep slippery ramp with no stairs was very well done. He’s the healthiest President ever.


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