Stunning Move! New Jersey Drops All Outdoor Corona Charges


    (AJN) This morning, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal announced to New Jersey prosecutors that the governor ordered all coronavirus-related charges against organizers of outdoor protests or outdoor religious services to be dismissed.

    On Wednesday, Governor Phil Murphy, in a stunning move, declared that, going forward, all outdoor political activity and all outdoor worship services would be permitted “in any number.”  This was because of the lower risks of COVID-19 transmission rates outdoors and the “centrality of these activities to society.”

    Orthodox Jewish residents have urged that Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo follow Governor Murphy’s lead on this.

    There was more to the Attorney General’s announcement.  In all likelihood referencing the absurd disparity in treatment in New York City, he stated, “to ensure that all outdoor political activities and outdoor worship services receive uniform treatment,” the attorney general is directing prosecutors to dismiss the limited number of executive order violations that were previously filed against organizers of outdoor political protests or outdoor religious services.


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