You Can Help Unseat Pro-Palestinian Terror Organization Supporter AOC!


    by R.Y. Hoffman for

    Gedolim have gone on record about the importance of voting.  Two years ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a pro-Palestinian terrorist organization politician also known as AOC, secured a seat in the US House of Representatives in the 14th Congressional District unseating Joseph Crowley.

    She has used her seat as a bully pulpit to further a socialist agenda, her pro-palestinian terrorist organization agenda, and to further an agenda detrimental to both the Jewish community in the United States as well as this country.

    AOC is one of two people in Congress that has given a hechsher to such views.

    Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez used the holocaust term “concentration camps” to describe something that the government was doing at the border.  This caused the U.S. Holocaust Memorial and Museum to say that it “unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies between the Holocaust and other events, whether historical or contemporary.”  When Dov Hikind criticized her for this – she blocked his Twitter account.

    Next week, she faces a realistic challenger in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district seat.  Her challenger is former CNBC journalist Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.  You can visit her website at

    AOC is very worried that she can lose in the primary this Tuesday, and it is very possible that she can be unseated.

    There has been a debate in the Jewish community as to whether it is best to ignore her voice and not give her excessive coverage or to highlight everything that AOC has been doing.  But all can agree that it is very important to vote in this district election primary.  Everyone in the 14th district should do so.

    The governor has allowed early voting due to COVID-19 up until Tuesday.



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    1. I’m afraid it might be too late, I hope I’m wrong.
      Democrat Party is in the sewer all over the country and getting filthier.
      The Jewish leadership support for Dems in the past has come home to roost.
      This evil party is on a rampage to destroy America , destroy our freedom and demonize Israel.
      Your sweet galut has turned rancid.

    2. Even AOC loses , she won’t concede. Just ask Stacey Abrams who doesn’t accept her loss. Ask Hillary & co. who call Trump an illegitimate president.
      Democrats don’t recognize elections which they lose, and use violence to force corporations and lawmakers to toe their line or else.
      This is all msinstream Democrat and it’s taking over our country one district at a time.
      Open your eyes, stop pretending , or preaching to those of us who see the revolution coming.

      • Well, whether they’re reading it now – neither you nor I know, obviously. But there are a couple of Orthodox shuls in that area (Tifereth Israel, and Young Israel of Jackson Heights, and perhaps others that I don’t know of), so evidently there are indeed frum Jews who are in a position to vote her out.


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