Hadassah Becomes World’s First Hospital To Use IgG Serum On COVID-19 Patients


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Hadassah hospital spokeswoman Hadar Elboim announced Tuesday evening that it had became the first hospital in the world to treat COVID-19 with a passive vaccine consisting of IgG serum.

The Hadassah medical center began gathering antigen-rich plasma two months ago from coronavirus patients who had already recovered in order to use it to treat patients in serious condition. The plasmas were gathered in coordination with the Beth Din Tzedek of the Jerusalem Edah Chareidis. Hundreds of Chareidim came to donate plasma.

The plasmas were transferred to the Kamada company based in Kibbutz Beit Kama in the Negev which developed them into a serum based on igg antigens which can be used to treat COVID-19 patients.

The new initiative is authorized by the Health Ministry and is in coordination with Magen David Adom which helped gather samples for the preparation of the serum. Kamada has caught international attention as it is the first company in the world to complete the plasma-derived hyperimmune IgG serum for COVID-19 patients.

Hadassah hospital immediately used the first dose of the serum on a young female patient in very serious condition. The patient has background conditions and a CT showed that her lungs are totally white and inflamed. All other treatments including the Ecmo machine have not seen any progress in the patient. A few hours after receiving the serum, the young woman’s condition stabilized and doctors were optimistic about its chances of success.

Hadassah director Professor Zev Rothstein said that “we are praying for the success of the treatment for this seriously ill patient. The staff of the hospital including members of the blood bank, plasma samplers and lab staff, worked very hard for the success of this initiative and the vaccine given today strengthens the determination of all the Hadassah workers. I wish to thank all those who participated in this complex operation both within Hadassah and outside of it.”


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    • Yes that was quite silly what made you think so?

      I would say that many died from incompetence vs the disease (whether nursing homes or nurses in hopsitals)

  1. Yes yes those are all people dying of the seasonal flu, don’t you know it’s a hoax? All the people who died are from car accidents and heart attacks

  2. The first protocol of treatment infected people with COVID-19 antibodies
    isolated from donors who went through the infection and became virus-free
    was uset in Jerusalemů the Transfusion service MDA works this way routinely.
    The protocol have been adopted by FDA and is now used in USA.

    The article describing IgG passive vaccine developed recently in Hadassah
    epitomizes just another step forward in fighting the COVID-19.

    • Also of interest and significant is the the fact that Hadassah University hospital
      recruits donors in close cooperation with Beth Din Tzedek of Jerusalem. Many donors
      are from haredi Jewish population that has been significantly influenced by the COVID-19


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