Video: Orthodox Jews Hold Late Night Protest Against Illegal Fireworks Outside NYC Mayor’s Home


NEW YORK (VINnews) – They set off car alarms, honked car horns and set off air horns. If they can’t sleep, they reasoned, the mayor shouldn’t either.

Dozens of Orthodox Jews demonstrated outside Gracie Mansion, the official residence of New York City’s mayor, Monday night in a protest over the fireworks that have become a nightly ritual in Brooklyn and beyond. Brooklyn residents — Jewish and non-Jewish alike — have complained for days that fireworks are set off until the early hours of the morning with little action by law enforcement.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press secretary indicated Monday on Twitter several hours prior to the protest that the city would today announce “a multiagency crackdown on illegal fireworks suppliers.”

Still, the protest opened a new front in a deepening battle between the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The relationship between the mayor and his Orthodox constituents, once cozy, has soured in recent months as some Orthodox Jews have alleged that the city enforced social distancing regulations unevenly and targeted the Orthodox community disproportionately. (According to city data, most citations were issued to Black and Latino New Yorkers.)

“People that have come out from communities in Brooklyn, from all different communities, with one unified message, and that is: De Blasio must go,” one man said over a loudspeaker to cheering protesters and honking cars. The mayor’s term ends next year.

It was unclear who organized the protest but it appeared to draw a range of New Yorkers. One video from the protest showed an Orthodox man in a white-button down shirt and black kippah sitting crosslegged in a crosswalk with a Black man.

While some protesters wore masks, many in the videos did not.

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  1. This is clever and amusing to watch, but Haredi communities across NYC voted mostly for DumBlasio because his hands-off apprach to metzitzah b”peh and secular education in yeshivas. They now are sleeping in the bed that they made. They voted for an an archist and that’s what they got.

  2. Should be happen every night if city residence can’t sleep neither should the chief fool
    But it’s happening in the rockaway’s as well every night from dusk till mid night

  3. If you watch any of the mayor’s press conferences lately, you will notice that he gets asked a question by a reporter that points to a problem. He never offers a solution or a possibility. He just repeats the problem issue, minimizes it, and moves on. That is not leadership, nor does it reflect any true caring for the residents of the city. He needs to leave office immediately.

  4. You idiots voted this horrible mayor in!!! Now you’re paying the price when he makes all normal law and order disappear! Remember this on election day!

  5. When I lived on Avenue H in the 1960’s, and complained to the 70th Precinct about loud firecrackers and cherry bombs at night, they did nothing. They would whisk by in the area in the daytime. However, when they were needed at night, they were nowhere to be found. In 2011, the last time that I was in Brooklyn, just before the July 4th weekend, it was relatively quiet in Flatbush. However, in the distance, I could hear fireworks. Someone also told me that in Borough Park it was quiet on July 4th, but the minute they drove through Bay Ridge, there were fireworks all over. In addition to fireworks, there were idiotic motorists who would intentionally race around the area of Avenue H and Argyle Rd., to Glenwood Rd., and back, with loud, souped up fast cars, with muffler exhaust cutouts, which made a very loud grating noise. The 70th Precinct told us that they couldn’t do anything unless they were caught the motorists with the loud mufflers in the act. One time, they did come, but didn’t give the lawbreakers a ticket, for violating the motor vehicle law, and disturbing the neighborhood. In any event, I commend those demonstrators for demonstrating at Gracey Mansion. I hope that incompetent —- didn’t get any sleep.

    • Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because members of a certain political party beginning with D and ending with -emocrats skate for blatant bribe-taking and document shredding and general corruption, while members of a certain other party beginning with R and ending with -epublican are framed for nonexistent crimes (and accused, without the slightest basis or bit of proof, of being “the main criminals” by the very same posters who whine about “the rule of law”)?

  6. As a frum family who lives near Gracie mansion (yes, we are on the UES), my neighbors and I were the real victims of this protest. The cars got nowhere near Gracie Mansion, and I am sure the Mayor, whom I do not and never supported, slept soundly. However, my four children, including my daughter preparing for an online college final, did not. We teach our children at home and in school to act with respect and dignity and to try to infuse modesty in their dress, words and actions. That was not evident at this protest.


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