New Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump By Largest Margin In Past Year

FILE - In this combination of file photos, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del., on March 12, 2020, left, and President Donald Trump speaks at the White House in Washington on April 5, 2020. The level of inconsistency and chaos surrounding Trump’s coronavirus response is reaching new heights, as Democrats show new signs of unifying behind presumptive presidential nominee Biden. (AP Photo, File)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — A new poll released Wednesday shows Joe Biden leading President Trump by a significant 14-point margin- 50% to 36%. The New York Times/Siena College poll demonstrates that the economy, coronavirus and in particular the way the Black Life Matter protests were managed have harmed the president’s reelection campaign.

Biden is ahead by 14 points among women and 3 points among men. Among independent voters he leads by a hefty 21-point margin. Trump leads among registered Republicans and in only one demographic group: white, non college-educated voters, where he has a 19-point lead over his Democrat rival. The poll, conducted between June 17 and June 22, has a margin of error of plus-minus 3 percent.

In terms of approval rating, Trump can still rely on his handling of the economy where he has a 50% approval rating. However only 39% supported his handling of criminal justice, 38% agreed with the way he handled the coronavirus, 33% approved of the way he dealt with race relations and just 29% approved of the way he handled the George Floyd protests last month.

Trump’s attempts to jumpstart his campaign have so far not gained momentum. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump only managed to fill a third of the stadium and his statement there that he ordered slowing of coronavirus tests because it showed increased infection was met with derision, even though he later said that he had been ‘joking.’ The Pheonix rally with students was more crowded but images from the event showed that people were tightly packed together and almost nobody wore protective masks despite a despite a public-health plea from the Democratic mayor of the city on Monday.

Biden on the contrary has been campaigning mainly online from his Delaware home as well as conducting successful fundraisers to promote his campaign.

The 14-point margin of difference is the same one measured by CNN in a poll in early June. At the time the Trump campaign demanded that CNN retract its findings but after the present poll, Biden leads after averaging all the polls by over 10 percentage points.


The telephone survey of 1,337 registered voters was conducted from June 17 to 22 and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.


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  1. I wouldn’t trust CNN or the NYT if they said Trump was leading. In any case These FAKE NEWS outlets will hype up ad nauseam that Trump only had 6000 people at his rally without telling you that a record 8.2 million people watched it live on cable, or that many liberals reserved blocks of tickets with no intention of going. Having said this if I were Trump I would look for ways to improve the numbers that even the FAKE NEWS would have to admit Trump is ahead.

      • This is the same polling that said Hillary was going to wipe the floor with Trump. Anyone who believes or would vote for this bolshivicker narishkeit is incredibly foolish, naive or a traitor to America and Israel.

        THE JIHADIS and the CHINESE love Biden. If you think they will come for you last because you shout “BUT I HATED TRUMP!” you are sadly mistaken.

  2. When Trump leaves office, he won’t have to worry about income, as he will be in demand for speaking engagements (1 million per speech, book deals, tv interviews, a memoir, etc.). Also, he is still permitted to run for another term in four years, if he wishes. Grover Cleveland did that in the 19th century.

    • And every one of those states are either solidly blue, leaning blue, or are a toss up. Not a single easy one for Trump.

      In 2016, he was the predator. Today, he is the prey.

      It will be a pleasure seeing this venal creature eat dust in November.

      • Trump is going to lose Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado and Nevada. If he loses Florida, or Ohio he’s in trouble. If he loses Arizona as well, he has to sweep the other battleground states. He is only 3% behind in Pennsylvania which is a statistical dead heat.

        He needs an economic recovery and instead he is trying to increase tariff on the EU and Canada. The EU is considering retaliating on farm goods. One constant under Trump, the farmers would do better without his “help”.

      • Well, then, if he’s the prey, remember that והאלקים יבקש את נרדף (Hashem looks out for the prey), and as Chazal tell us (Vayikra Rabbah 27:5), that’s true even when a tzaddik is pursuing a rasha. And let’s be quite clear: whatever you might think of Trump, Biden and the Democrats are most definitely no tzaddikim.

    • At least Biden has the JINO Dems who would vote for Hitler YMS if he had a D next to his name. Or is the new rule “as long as he promises me free crap, communism, and transgender make up classes for me and my son!”

  3. YAWN….
    Does any thinking person still pay any attention to these polls?
    Pollsters predicted that Yesh Atid would crush Netanyahu and Likud. they were correct with one minor adjustment. It was Likud crushing Yesh Atid! Does anybody remember Brexit? The polls assured us it was going to be soundly rejected. We all know how that turned out out. Remember the polls predicting Hillary winning in a landslide? These are just some of the more recent poll gaffes. And who can forget the famous Thomas Dewey/Harry Truman prediction. That didn’t end well for Projected landslide winner Thomas Dewey, did it? Ohio’s Joni Ernst VS. Bruce Braley, Marylands Larry Hogan VS. Anthony Brown, are just some other polling gaffs, and let’s not forget bartender AOC vs.Democratic Party Chairman and 20 year congressman Joe Crowley. So much for polls
    What I’m curious about is, whom are these pollsters polling anyway, In my over 40 years of voting, I’ve never been polled even once. Has anybody on this site ever been polled?!?

    • To: “Just sayin”-Learn some political history; Joni Ernst is from Iowa, and not from Ohio; secondly, the polls seventy two years ago, in 1948 (Truman vs. Dewey), were very primitive, as those polls lacked the technology, which modern computers bring us. Also, the polls in 2016 never predicted that Hillary would win “in a landslide”. The errors which were made by the pollsters in 2016 have been corrected, regarding the 2020 polls. Very reputable pollsters, including those aligned with Trump have shown that he is losing by a wide margin, which is becoming wider. Personally, I think that Trump is resigned to the fact that he is going to lose. He never wanted the job in the first place, and really doesn’t like the day to date hassle of the job. Yes, he enjoys the rallies and accolades, but he doesn’t appear to be happy with the job. He even admitted that he misses his old life, in real estate.

  4. Trump says recklss statements. He can blame himself for this. And for his having rallies in states that are having surges in virus cases is insane. Besides most of the people going to the rallies are not wearing masks. And he never does. He cares more about votes, then people. Not saying I want him to lose the election as he is the best president for Israel and Biden will be awful for Israel. Trump though should stop doing what he is doing – having rallies during the pandemic. And should stop saying stupid things like we are doing too much testing.

    • Chaya, it has nothing whatsoever to do with “reckless statements” or rallies or what have you. Think back all the way to that far-off year of 2012, when one Willard Mitt Romney was running as the Republican candidate for the presidency. By any account, he was a decent fellow, and you never heard him attacking anyone. But he was made out to be the next Hitler anyway (by the same media that now, of course, have great new respect for him for attacking Trump). And don’t forget Biden, now the Democratic nominee, saying to black people that Romney would “put them back in chains,” without of course so much as a smidgen of evidence of such. Same thing with John McCain and, even more so, Sarah Palin in 2008. Same thing with George W. Bush from 2000-2008.

      So no. If Trump had the eloquence of Churchill, the moral rectitude of Lincoln and the folksiness of Reagan, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to how he’d be portrayed. What you need to do is stop allowing yourself to be gaslighted, and to realize that much of the media nowadays has to be treated like the Russians did with theirs under Communism, where what’s _not_ reported is far more important than what _is_.

    • Rallies now are important. Its time to open up and end lock downs. You have a point re masks. Like show that we can open up and move on with life in a safe manner. Maybe an outdoor rally even. But the rallies are both important to get his message out and to show its time to move on. Lock downs have limits . You cannot impose that Draconian measure for extended periods of time. It was done and now we just have to move on and suffer whatever consequences it may incur. But while moving on try at least to commit to basic minor inconveniences that still enable you to move on. (Like maskes that I hate but not worse that being locked up).

      Re Trump’s testing too much statement, thats Trump but he has a valid point. More people are coming back postive in those states, but deaths aren’t rising. That means that overall our rate of mortality has not increased. Its becasue tests are now amply avaibale. When I had Covid I couldn’t get a test if I wanted. Now anyone who walks into an urgent care gets one.

      • Also, I disagree with Chaya as I do want trump to lose the election and dont believe that his treatment of Israel is necessarily to Israel’s benefit. Maybe chaya is chaya.

        • Thats a silly naive belief. Anyone with brians know its very beneficial to israel , to put the Palestinians in their place and call out their lies. Its crucial to lay down the law that we had enough with the scam called a two state solution.

          Ehud Barak & Rabin foolishly tried that with Arafat yimach shimo. It only brought terror and cost yiddisha blit. How foolish and dumb can you be t o fall for “fake peace treaties” and fake “twp state solutions”


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