R` Yaakov Neiman ז”ל יעקב בן צוי

Family getting up: Tuesday (6/30/20)Morning
Mrs. Esther Lefkowitz

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  1. Not sure who posted this, but whoever it was ought to learn how to spell. How embarrassing to my family and namesake when you can’t spell “Tzvi” correctly.

    In any event, yehi Zichro Boruch. He was a tzaddik of a man, always cheerful and with a smiling countenance, no matter his internal strife. He was a favored uncle, and his passing is so sad, especially since his wife was nifteres just a month or two ago, and his sister and brother-in-law were niftar just a short while before that. Add to this that his elder brother-in-law Harry Trainer a”h was just niftar, marking the almost-end of a holy generation.

    Besides his sister mentioned above, his older brother, the chushive dayan of Vizhnitz R’ Avrum Nissen Neiman shlit”a is sitting shiva until Friday. 845-356-4712


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