Supermarket Chain: Don’t Sell To Children, Chareidim Will Send Battalions Of Children


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Victory, a large supermarket chain in Israel, decided due to the economic situation caused by coronavirus to sell bread or challah for Shabbos for just 1 NIS (about 30 cents). The company sent a group message for workers regarding the details of the sale. One of the clauses in the message included a condition that workers should not sell to children. The official reason stated that “the Chareidim will send battalions of children, this is not authorized.”

One of the workers told Channel 12 reporter Carmel Lieberman that “I received this as an instruction in our group. This is a group message for all the branches and all managers. I saw this and I was shocked. We have quite a few branches which serve Chareidi neighborhoods, they are our customers.

“Why should one speak like that about them behind their backs,” the worker asked. “I understand the logic in not giving kids because even a secular family could send a different kid each time. But why should one speak about ‘battalions of Chareidi children’? This is racism, especially at the present time when people are targeting Chareidim.

Eyal Ravid, the director of the Victory chain, responded to the report, stating that “there is no permission to sell to children, only to adults irrespective of which denomination they are from. We need to ensure that every family that needs bread will get and there won’t be any hoarding. This was an inappropriate example given by a worker and the matter has been clarified, taken care of and explained to all the workers.

Channel 12 reported that MK Moshe Gafni called to boycott the Victory chain until it renounces its insulting directive. “We will not take this lightly. This is a result of the incitement against Chareidim regarding the coronavirus. I call on the public not to purchase in Victory until it apologizes for its actions.”

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  1. Wait.
    The workers get a message singling out Chareidim, but the director says it’s not true? Is that what he’s saying?
    I’m going to take a chance and say it’s he who is lying, not the workers. Just saying.

  2. putting aside all the prejudice and racism- which is a shame to see in our own country, i would like to see the government subsidize basics like bread , milk and basic fruits and vegetables at this difficult time where so many are out of work. this would be a most appreciated step in caring for the increased povert of these times…… much better than monetary handouts

  3. MK Moshe Gafni called to boycott the Victory chain until it renounces its insulting directive.
    He is a Tamid of Black Lives Matter, screaming “racist” to anybody & everybody.

  4. A boycott? Of a store selling bread and challah for pennies? what are you thinking? You should be accepting their apology and thanking them for their civic charity.

  5. Because it is one bread per family !!! No sales to children is to prevent duplication – all children. The rest is just commentary. Be happy for the generosity of the Victory Supermaket chain rather than making it an opportunity for hatred.

  6. Wait a minute! This isn’t such an anti-chareidi statement. The seculars don’t have that many children and the chareidim do have “battalions” of children so he wa ssimply telling it like it is so get over it!

  7. Guys, singling out Chareidim in stores is on the same level as DeBlasio singling out Jews in NY. Call it, maybe, Jewish anti-Semitism. And yes, the left in Israel is FULL of it.


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