Economist Stephen Moore Warns Of Biden ‘Left-Wing’ Agenda

(Gage Skidmore)

NEW YORK (Newsmax) – A Joe Biden administration would be a “scary” economic proposition for the country, according to economist Stephen Moore.

In an interview on radio host John Catsimatidis’ “The Cat’s Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y. on Sunday. Moore, an ally of President Donald Trump, said he believed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would adopt a “left-wing economic agenda” if elected Nov. 3.

“I still think Trump is going to win,” Moore said, despite polls showing Trump trailing Biden in some swing states. The remarks were posted ahead of the show’s airing by The Hill.

“We have to make the case to the American people that this isn’t just about Donald Trump. It’s also about what you get if you vote against Donald Trump. And that is a scary proposition,” Moore said.

“[I]f Biden were to win the election, your voting not just for Joe Biden, but for a very left-wing economic agenda that would potentially do serious harm,” Moore said. “Those are the factors that make investors very nervous right now. And you can see it with the performance of the stock market this week.”

He added that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would effectively be “co-president” in a Biden administration.

“You’ve got Democrats running for higher taxes.…What happened to the moderate wing of the Democratic Party? It’s silent,” he said.

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  1. Or we can continue to have herr trumpf’s right-wing agenda: tax cuts for billionaires, killing health insurance for 25 million unemployed, amnesty for stock market crooks, tariff wars with China, kids in cages, $$ trillions in covid money to trumpf donor companies, welfare for the rich. NOVEMBER IS COMING…

    • Your messiah the obamanation built stop spoutong democrat party lies, those so called caged, Obamacare sent premiums through the roof.

  2. The problem with Biden is going to be, the liberals that Cary a lot of power in media will have full control of him by threatening a tell all story of his memory loss, if he doesn’t fully cooperate,

  3. GOP must stop portraying Biden as a sleepy uncle.
    He’s dangerous because of the gang of handlers and his VP pick.
    He’s demented, but these evil handlers will run the presidency if he’s elected.
    Watch for Obumu creeps and a host of radicals hold office in the WH.
    Biden is a front.

  4. I don’t know what he is talking about

    The last 3 quarters of GDP growth before Covid-19 was between 2.0 and 2.1% annualized GDP growth.

    In line with with the average of the all the Obama years.

    What is he smoking?

    Maybe just wants to defend the tax cut for his cronies?

    • Start with the fact that, even by your own numbers, the dire predictions and fear mongering – should Trump be elected in 2016 – of catastrophe, a complete meltdown, damnation and all-around bad things, were completely phony. Until, that is, the Democrats and their media allies made sure to spread by the virus (through accusations of racism for anyone refusing to join the Chinese festivals hugs through Chinese town, and diverting attention and resources away from the virus to the the impeachment).

  5. I am afraid that if the American People vote for a DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidate in all forthcoming elections,then the USA as we know it today will no longer exist.There will be mass unemployment,anarchy,certain race groups from Africa wanting revenge.History & People repeat mistakes time after time..It is the future that looks bleak under a DEMOCRATIC PARTY government.I am 91 years old ,I see that the left wing persons have gained control of the party.
    ,much like Hitler & the Nazis ,GOEBBELS is reliving the past

  6. Trump needs to come out with armor or he’s defeated. A Biden Administration is a communist one. Hes sleepy too but he can talk while sleeping and wake up as President.
    Just a few months ago, nobody thought he wld even pose a threat but the left wing mob is doing a swell job. We nd to wake up and smell the coffee. Biden is dangerous!

  7. biden is a awful candidate for the Jews, he will support every anti Israel group….rather Trump-whom i really dislike then G-d forbid Biden.


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