Ex-NYPD Commish Bratton Warns of US Crime Revolution


NEW YORK (Newsmax) – Painting a dire portrait of crime and policing in America, former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton laments he has “never seen it so bad in terms of the potential for continued disarray,” pointing to a return to the dangers of the 70s and 80s.

“We are a country – in cities, all of our cities – whose social norms of behavior and criminal justice system are in extreme disarray, and it’s getting worse, not better,” Bratton, who has spent 50 years in policing, running police departments in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles, told “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y.

Bratton noted to host John Catsimatidis disturbing trends in Democrat-run cities – “tilting incredibly fast to the far left” – working to reduce police forces while civil unrest burns.

“We are rapidly moving toward a repeat of the 70s and 80s that led to our worst crime year in our history in our country, 1990,” Bratton said. “In city after city, shootings, murderers, violence, and other forms of crime are on the increase. And nobody’s paying any attention to it. It’s amazing. They will start paying attention to it farther into the summer because there’s no sign that it’s going to abate.”

There had been progress in the past 30 years, Bratton noted, but it has become erased at one shake of a former child’s toy.

“It’s an Etch-a-Sketch moment,” Bratton said. “It’s as if all of a sudden all of the good has been erased, and all we’re focusing on is the bad.”

Bratton does admit there are bad police officers who need to be dealt with, but vilifying the good people risking their lives to protect our cities is demoralizing them, too.

“It’s understandable that they are demoralized; unfortunately they’re going to get even more demoralized if you look at what’s going on in the criminal justice reform movement,” he added.

“It’s a great political hashtag, isn’t it: ‘Defund the police,'” Bratton lamented. “Well, as we get into the hot summer, and they defund the police, and reduce police ranks around the country, we’ll see a repeat of the 70s.

“Now it’s a matter of shifting the blame for things that have gone wrong, and giving no praise whatsoever for things that have gone right,” Bratton concluded. “So, New York is heading into some very, very troubled waters. The country is.

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  1. Police Brutality and murders vs minorities are the last vestige of legal segregation and racism in America. Thousands of minorities have been murdered by police over the past 10 years. Look it up. Bratton is a chazir.

    • No sir you have it all wrong. The last vestige of racism is when innocent whites see their businesses with whom their life savings are built in smashed by thugs. Its smashed by people who are out to get nay white guy because one cop mistakenly killed a criminal when resisting arresst. Its when whites are scared to walk the streets at night because thugs and vandals own it.

      Bratton is no chazor. Bratonn is so right.

    • No, hashomer, you are the Chaszir. Many more white people have been killed by police in the same timeframe. Bratton is right, it’s a police brutality issue of some rotten apples. It’s not a racial issue.

    • and you are a total idiot! There have not been 1000’s of “murders” by police. But there have been tens of thousands of murders of blacks by other blacks & no one is saying a word about that. Only 13.6% of the population is black, however 37% of the prison population is black 3 times the amount. and what about the whites who are mudered by blacks, why aren’t you protesting about that. OH’ I forgot only black lives matter.

    • What a bunch of bs more blacks were killed last month in Chicago alone than all unarmed blacks last year, and unarmed doesn’t mean they weren’t trying to get the cops weapon.

  2. There was no thousands murdered. Thousands of Jews were murdered by blacks robbing their stores in holdups. There were 2000 murders back in late sixties and early seventies in New York. Many victims were Jews. That’s why they ran from neighborhoods that turned black.

  3. Crime is way down. The American people fear the over-militarized police. There has never been a better time to decide what sort of country we wish to be.

    • I want it to be a country where the blacks wipe out the white males, steal their money, and take their women. It’s only fare that they take what they can as reparations for so many difficult painful years of slavery. You white people reading this website should immediately get down on your knees and apologize to every black in this country. It’s about time whitey makes up for all their abuse.

    • Umm is smashing midtown in an act of terror not a crime ?
      Is burning cop cars not a crime ?
      Is looting stores and wacking/ some times killing people who try to stop looters not a crime .

      We simply can’t trust people who commit such a horrific crimes that they will be good boys . That’s like saying terror is way down, Bin laden only commited one political act on 9/11. We should reckon with him and change our policy on Muslim terrorists

    • Crime rates are skyrocketing in New York City this year. Homicides up 24 percent, burglaries up 47 percent, auto theft up 61 percent. The “defund police” movement is corporate welfare for Organized Crime.


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