Watch: Tehran Beis Din Performs Chalitza Ceremony


TEHRAN (VINnews) — Israel’s Kan 11 television station broadcast an unusual clip from Iran of a Chalitza ceremony being performed in the Tehran Beis Din by Rabbi Yehuda Grammy, the rabbi of the Iranian Jewish community.

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  1. If the brother refuses to participate in the ceremony, for whatever reason, she is an aguna, but he can take another wife, if the widow refuses. This is not a judgement, just a statement of fact. Then, people are left scratching their heads, questioning why there are OTD’s.

  2. please, who provoked you to go into negitave offence. this is just a nice clip of a rare mitzva and you have to be the party pooper.
    by the way, OTD is almost always a result of trauma, abuse, or mental and emotional health issues.
    the dumb negative comments such as those made by judith are merely a poor excuse to run away from the reality of their issues.
    the torah is god -given, and it’s laws are of supreme wisdom. there are answers to all your questions ( which you obviously saw in some sour bloggers garbage, you didn’t learn yevamos, did you).
    if you have a serious question, ask a knowledgeable person and that’s it.

    • Moshe that’s your wishful thinking , just to deny that some people find the religion offensive . You blame clear thinking on trauma and abuse. Secular Jews who were not traumatized or abused also find these laws degrading .

      • Look, Judith, the laws are only found to be degrading or otherwise inconsistent with one’s feelings or understanding when mixed with a very healthy dose of ignorance of those very laws.
        Try intellectual honesty.

      • Secular ex-“Jews” have indeed been traumatized and abused by the cults like the Sabbateans, Reform, Zionists, Frankists, and others who robbed their souls from the Truth.

    • “OTD is almost always a result of trauma, abuse, or mental and emotional health issues”
      That’s a disgusting thing to say. Many people go OTD because of people with our attitude.

    • I would like to know your basis for saying that people who go OTD do so primarily because of abuse or mental health issues. According to Pew, among Jews ages 30-39 who were raised as Orthodox, about 43% now consider themselves something other than Orthodox (including Reform, Conservative, unaffiliated, etc.). Among Jews ages 50-64, that goes up to 59%. I’m sure you know (as do I) a few people who were once Orthodox and no longer are– I think it’s simply naive to conclude that there’s something wrong with all of them.
      Perhaps we should look to ourselves and what we’re doing wrong, rather than just telling ourselves that we’re perfect and that everyone who doesn’t share our views is either crazy or damaged.

  3. So God got it wrong?
    There are nasty people in the world, who misuse god’s word for their own purposes. Like their are nasty people who misuse the nature god created for nefarious purposes.

  4. When I was in yeshiva, there was one rav who was an expert in gittin and chalitzas. He probably had one or two gittin a week, but chalitza’s were rare, maybe once every few years. Whenever he did one, there were lots of people who came to watch. Gittin not so much.

  5. I saw a chalitza done once in Breuer’s Shul. The whole ‘ceremony’ was beautiful. When the woman came outside everyone wished her Mazal Tov.


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