At Age 23 And After DNA Search, Bar Hershkowitz Found Out She Had A Sister


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — For 23 years, Bar Hershkowitz was sure that her family consisted only of herself, her mother and an unknown donor through whom her mother had conceived her. Hershkowitz, a career soldier, decided a year and a half ago to undergo a DNA test and see if she had any other relatives. “During the first weeks I would check the site twice a day and slowly I realized that nothing spectacular would happen,” Hershkowitz told Israel’s Channel N12.

A week ago she received an e-mail stating that a close match had been found. Roni Cohen, a 26-year-old, had also been born from the same donor. Until a week ago she was certain that she was an only child but a week ago she received a tag from a Facebook group for children born from donors. “I discovered Bar, a new sister who resembled me,” Roni said.

“The click was immediate, the next day we already had a video call on Whatsapp,” Bar said. The two arranged to meet one another and at the meeting captured by N12, they discovered amazing similarities between them in looks and behavior.

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