It’s Time for Kosher to Go Crunch


You’re finally back at your favorite kosher restaurant. What if the experience could be even better?

By Victoria Dwek

I remember one restaurant experience last summer. I was in one of those Israeli restaurants that makes really spectacular sandwiches. I had come to pick up a sandwich for either my husband or one of my sons–I don’t really remember. But I do remember that it took a really, really long time. The restaurant was hot and crowded. There was one or two guys making the sandwiches and they needed to give attention to each person, one at a time. Did they want lafa or club? Red cabbage or coleslaw? Fried onions or fried eggplant? Chummus or charif? Pickles or tomatoes? And then there were the dressing options. So many good ones!

I know that if they were just filling orders, and didn’t have to wait and listen for each and every customer to make their decisions, that the process would have gone faster. But that was not the case. So I waited.

It was really hard to be patient. But I had to maintain the kavanah that someone was going to be really happy and appreciative when I returned home.
About a half an hour later, I emerged with a sandwich in a paper bag.

Yes, the sandwich was spectacular as expected. But I’d think twice before going back again.
If only they had Crunch.
Then it would be a no-brainer!


If you go into some restaurants in Boro Park or Williamsburg, you’ll see that some have already been adopting the Crunch Kiosk ordering system.
You might already be familiar with Crunch’s online ordering platform. When COVID-19 first hit and restaurants were closed save for takeout, numerous restaurants turned to Crunch to streamline their online ordering system. The system is modern and up-to-date. It’s mobile-friendly and it’s fast, clear, and easy for customers to order. Restaurant owners were also able to enjoy integrated email marketing, SEO, and Google listings that came along with the online platform.

Now that restaurants are beginning to open again, integrating Crunch’s self-ordering kiosk can make the experience of in-person ordering all the better.
The features that it offers for the restaurant owners are also really cool.

“They can see who is buying when, which items are moving the most and when; there’s lots of analytics and information available to the restaurant owner. There’s nothing like that out there. Crunch integrates with over 50 POS systems, so a restaurant can stay with their current POS system and Crunch will send the orders into their system. It will integrate seamlessly,” says Sean Lisauer, Crunch COO Customers order and pay at the kiosk. There’s no room for employee error; rather your employees can concentrate on getting the orders filled promptly…adding to customer satisfaction and enabling you to serve more customers, faster. “Restaurant owners also discovered that customers order an average of $20 more when ordering from the kiosk instead of at the register. At the register, they feel pressured to decide quickly. At the kiosk, they browse the options. There’s nice pictures too, so they say, ‘Ooh, this looks good, maybe I’ll try this or that.’ It bumps up sales significantly,” continued Lisauer. Crunch is already operating at over 1,000 nonkosher restaurants with great success. It’s time to Crunch in the kosher world too.

Is your favorite kosher restaurant using Crunch kiosks yet? If not, tell them to get Crunch for safe, fast, and efficient checkout: a win-win for customers and restaurant owners.

Crunch offers easy online ordering, self-ordering kiosks and advanced POS integrations.
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