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‘Genazym’ is honored to welcome you to our great SUMMER EVENT.
Now is your chance to
Own Your Heritage 

Amongst our featured items are Sefarim from the Maharal of Prague’s original editions.
Important Classic Sifrei Yesod, Chassidic and Kabbalistic sefarim, historical documents, and original autographs from Gedolay Yisrael, Ashkenaz and Spherad, Chasiddishe and Lithuanian and a wealth more.

We invite you to visit our website, explore the variety and take pleasure in
connecting to your past, your history, your forefathers.

The auction will take place this coming Tuesday
6.30.2020 at 7:00 pm Jerusalem time.
12:00 PM (EST(

For any inquiries or assistance, our team and experts are available by phone 845-501-9990 or  WhatsApp 845-826-1645
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Looking forward to seeing you at our Auction!Search the following Categories to locate the items of your choice:Maharal of Prague – First Editions

“Gevuros Hashem” First Edition, Passover Haggadah; Krakow, 1582 ● Classics: First Edition “Gur Aryeh”; 1578. ● Maharal׳s Eulogy of Rabbi Akiva Frankfurt; Prague, 1598 Rare Sefer Published by the Maharal himself ● And More…Chassidic Masters:

Beautiful Copy Tehillim with Ma׳amados Published by the Shapira Press; Zhitomir, 1857 ● Rabbi Nachman of Breslov׳s Teachings – “Likutei Moharan” First Edition; Ostra, 1808. Complete Copy ● First Edition “Ohev Yisrael” Authored by Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Apta; Zhitomir, 1863 ● Classic Chabad Prayerbook Printed by the Mitteler Rebbe; Kapost, 1816 ● Original signature of Rabbi Pinchas HaLevi Ish Horowitz Author of “Hafla’ah” ● And More…Autographs of the Chasam Sofer & Disciples:

Chasam Sofer’s manuscript –“segula” for Shemira and  protection
 ● Original “Responsa Goren David” Handwritten by Author and Disciples ● Autographed Letter from Rabbi Sheftel Weiss, known by all as the “Shimoni Rav ● Long Autographed Kuntress from Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich of Shimloy ● And More…Ashkenazic & Lithuanian Rabbis:

Long Autographed Letter from the Netziv of Vhalozin Addressed to His Son, Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Regarding Embracing Yissurim; Vhalozin, 1851 ● Rebuilding the Telz Yeshiva After Fire׳s Destruction Rare letter from Rabbi Eliezer Gordon, AB”D and Rosh Yeshiva of Telz; 1909 ● Personal Volume of Rambam Belonging to Rabbi Chaim of Brisk with Autographed Marginalia ● Emotional letter from the Chafetz Chaim full of heartfelt blessings for healthy children and righteouss genetations ● Famous Letter from Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky, AB”D of Vilna, Lambasting the Prohibition of Jewish Ritual Slaughtering; Vilna, 1932 ● And More…Sephardic Rabbis and Kabbalists:

First Edition, Complete Set of Sefer Chok L׳Yisrael; Cario, Egypt 1740 ● Collection of Documents from Jewish Courts in Various Moroccan Cities ● Ornamental Manuscript: Minchah and Maariv for the Shabbat and Weekdays as per Baghdad׳s Custom; Iraq, Mid-19th century ● Manuscript: Handwritten Torah by the “Shevet Mussar”, Rabbi Eliyahu HaCohen of Izmir ● Rare Indian Hebrew Manuscript: “Derech Ish Yashar;” Calcutta, 1823 ● And More…Miniatures

Miniature “Sefiras Ha’Omer” with Engravings; Offibach, 1801 ● Beautiful Miniature Machzor for Yamim Nora’im; Amsterdam, 1740 ● Miniature Tehillim; Lida, 1637 ● Small Tehillim with Original Binding; Amsterdam, 1732 ● And More…

Bid with confidence its Genazym!

Virtual display available
We are pleased to offer a Zoom viewing option.
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