NYC Mayor Seeks $1 Billion Police Cut Amid City Hall Protest

    Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a media availability. City Hall. Monday, June 29, 2020. Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

    NEW YORK (AP) — The police budget in New York City would be slashed by $1 billion under a proposal announced Monday by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    With a “defund the police” sit-in protest continuing outside City Hall, de Blasio said the New York Police Department had found ways to find the cuts from its current $6 billion budget that would open up more funding for youth and other community programs.

    At a news briefing, the mayor declined to discuss the sources of what he called “savings” for the nation’s largest police department, saying the cuts are still under negotiation in the council. But he indicated they could come out of deferment of spending on capital projects and could relate to the department’s role in policing schools.

    “The NYPD did a hell a good job in saying, ’Ok, here’s a bunch of things we could do while still keeping this city safe,” he said. “We need to redistribute revenue to communities that need it the most. We know our young people are hurting.”

    A message was left with the NYPD seeking comment on the mayor’s remarks.

    Hundreds of demonstrators have been camped out in City Hall Park and demanding police defunding following weeks of protests over the death of George Floyd and other Black Americans killed by law enforcement. Organizers have called it “Occupy City Hall” — a nod to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement a few blocks away in Zuccotti Park.

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    1. What does that mean? I thought they increased spending for the NYPD to better build community understanding policing. What exactly will get cut? Fewer traffic tickets?

        • You really believe fewer traffic tickets? I have a bridge to sell you buddy.

          What about less killing of whites trying to protect their belongings?
          What about fewer smashed up storefronts on midtown?

        • Foolish answer, aha. There will be less police in the high crime areas which have large non white populations. The police will be hesitant to explore crime as the manpower to back them up will be limited. Also, the morale being low is a problem when it takes huge effort, above and beyond duty, to do the job effectively. The minority population will suffer the most from this stupid act of cutting the police budget.

    2. Another billion to waste on a Charlene McCray fiasco that becomes a payoff to her cronies and William’s next political foray. Oh, what a waste!

    3. There will be less crime for sure. With less police and staff there will be less recording of crimes and so our city crime rate will officially drop.

      • Less police…less recording.. crime rate will drop…”” Oh I got it. Like less testing = less reporting Corona-virus will officially drop. You have to admit, DBlasio is a fast learner.

    4. comrade de blazio is so incompetent he just caved in 2 the BLM anarchists who want to:

      “if we don’t get what we want we gonna BURN THE SYSTEM DOWN”

      not gonna help either way there very short sighted its going to be bad for blacks in the long run

    5. DeBlabb is a secret Trump mole.
      The more bizarre he gets the more votes for 45.
      NY news is national and the citizens are watching.
      Keep blabbing DeBlabb.

      • BLM only if killed by cops, that is why no protests over the blacks killed in Chicago last weekend including 2 children one a toddler, that’s why no protests over the more than a dozen killed by rioters and looters.

    6. “de Blasio said the New York Police Department had found ways to find the cuts from its current $6 billion budget ”

      You mean they agreed to abolish the Mayor’s security detail and replace them with cheaper social workers? What a great idea!

    7. Dunkin donuts, 711, mcdonalds will suffer. Remenber cops in frum areas dont show up to help “privileged” people anyway theyre just padding pensions

    8. Our schools have one-way doors. One can leave, but have to be buzzed in. Doors cost less than a policeman’s salary.
      Our schools do not have policemen or any security. Students know, behave or you are out.
      No active cellphones in class. Some classes have a basket where the student has to deposit the cellphone, and pick it up on the way out.

      They are there to learn, and not to do texting.


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