Ocasio-Cortez And Tlaib Among 4 Democrats Calling For Cuts In Israel Aid If Annexation Goes Ahead

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left), Rashida Tlaib (right) (Andrew Harnik/AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Four progressive House Democrats have written to the secretary of state calling on the United States to cut assistance to Israel should it proceed to annex parts of the West Bank.

In response, the AIPAC lobby has launched a campaign against the letter initiated by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Betty McCollum of Minnesota.

The letter, AIPAC said Monday on Twitter, “explicitly threatens the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that would damage American interests, risk the security of Israel & make a two-state solution less likely.”

An action alert urged activists from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to contact their representatives to oppose the letter.

The letter to Mike Pompeo is circulating among Democrats in a bid to add signatures.

“Should the Israeli government move forward with the planned annexation with this administration’s acquiescence, we will work to ensure non-recognition as well as pursue conditions on the $3.8 billion in U.S. military funding to Israel, including human rights conditions and withholding funds for the off-shore procurement of Israeli weapons equal to or exceeding the amount the Israeli government spends annually to fund settlements, as well as the policies and practices that sustain and enable them,” it says, according to a copy obtained by Jewish Insider.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he plans to launch the process to annex parts of the West Bank by July 1. His coalition partner, the Blue and White party, is resisting pressure to move so soon.

Last week, 191 of 233 Democrats in the House signed a letter warning Israel that annexation would endanger peace. AIPAC also opposed that letter, which expressed a commitment to the U.S.-Israel relationship and did not include any threats to aid. The lobby, however, was unable to stop some of the House’s most stalwart pro-Israel Democrats from signing.

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  1. Give aid, cut aid __ doesn’t matter.
    Israel will grow whatever you creeps and Jew radicals want.
    Our Almighty has plenty of funds to help His country and people.
    Annex !!.

  2. It’s no secret that so many Arabs want to live under Israeli Annexation than under the corrupt barbarous PA/Hamas.

    Anyway, AOC : Run against Sh***cky .
    And explain your stooopid throwing Amazon jobs out of your district.
    Should be fun.

    • “throwing amazon jobs out” Typical trumpist liar. Amazon should pay taxes like every other New Yorker. No reason we should pay Amazon Taxes. She won just last week by 87% . LANDSLIDE. If she runs she will win and become the POTUS in 2026. Be careful what you wish. She and her ideas are very popular. Cut Police, cut Taxes, Less money to billionaires like Amazon and Trump, more to the people.

      • Typical ignorant democrat, if Amazon doesn’t come they pay no taxes, if they do then even if they pay no taxes their employees do and their employees spend money in businesses who also pay taxes, Amazon wasn’t going to get any taxpayer money unlike the illegal aliens who do. There is no election in 2025 for dumb as a rock AOC to become POTUS in 2026 and all she won was less than 28,000 votes in a primary in a district that has a population of 700,000+, no democrat advocates cutting taxes especially not a leftist like dumb as a rock AOC.

  3. They are the future of the democrat party, in the next Congress there will be more than 4 of them and the rest of the so called pro Israel Democrats will support and defend them no matter how much Jew hatred they spew.

      • The only Jews who vote for the democrats for president are reform and other JINOs who believe Judaism is all about supporting gay marriage and abortion on demand.

  4. Hey ,not so stable fool.
    When this dope becomes president , change your country’s name to Cuba.
    So when you stocking up on socialist toilet paper with Lenin’s photo ?


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