Injuries Reported After Massive New York Building Collapse


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — At least 1 person has been injured after a massive 3-story building collapsed in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

At approximately 4:30 PM, a building at the corner of Court and Union streets in Carroll Gardens came crashing down into a pile of rubble.

The building, which has been identified as the Body Elite Gym, was thankfully unoccupied at the time of the collapse.

According to witnesses, an explosion is what led to the collapse. Authorities are investogating to determine if a natural gas explosion was the culprit.

The injured patient was transported to New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Carroll Gardens resident Vincenza Rizzuto, 35, who was nearby at a traffic light on Carroll and Court streets, said she heard the collapse, reports the New York Post.

“It was a huge boom and then people screamed and smoke was all over,” Rizzuto said, adding, “It felt like the ground shook.”

“It was the loudest boom or bang I ever heard,” said Rizzuto, who quickly called 911. It almost sounded like something exploded.”

The building had been under construction as of late, but was held up by a partial stop work order since June 10, on account of a construction violation related to three construction workers involved in masonry demolition.

According to city records, a brick wall was dangerously protruding over the public sidewalk with no protection for passerby.

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