VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Demonstrators In DC Chant ‘Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children, Too’


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Protesters at a demonstration in Washington, D.C., linking Black Lives Matter and the Palestinian cause chanted “Israel, we know you, you murder children, too.”

The demonstration Wednesday was billed as an event in support of the Day of Rage called by the Palestinian Authority and other groups to protest Israel’s announced plan to annex up to 30% of the West Bank on or after July 1.

A staff writer for The Washington Examiner, Nicolas Rowan, posted a video of some of the march on Twitter.

“It was only a matter of time before the DC protests turned anti-Semitic,” he tweeted.

Chants also alternated between “Black lives matter!” and “Palestinian lives matter!”

The march, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building, was led by a Harvard student, Christian Tabash, who read a poem about Israel’s crimes against Palestinian Muslims, according to the Examiner. The poem referred to Israel as “puppet master of continents,” an age-old conspiracy theory that Jews run the world.

Tabash, a rising senior, also noted several times that the Palestinian movement is “intrinsically tied to Black Lives Matter” and called to defund police departments.

The Republican Jewish Coalition in response said in a statement: “We are horrified by this vicious hatemongering by Black Lives Matter protesters. The Black Lives Matter charter is filled with anti-Israel and antisemitic lies. It is deeply disturbing, but not surprising, to hear those sentiments chanted in the streets of Washington, DC.”

The statement called on former Vice President Joe Biden, “as the standard bearer of the Democrat Party, to condemn these anti-Semitic chants by BLM protesters.”

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  1. Large corporations, such as the Ford Foundation, and others, have given hundreds of millions of dollars to BLM. Hence, that money pays for the food, transportation, and housing of those “peaceful protestors”.

    • Typical deranged Democrat, those marching and chanting are all democrats, those voting for these anti Israel Jew haters are all Democrats, no Democrat will condemn these anti Israel Jew haters because they are the future of the democrat party and they want to keep getting elected so they embrace these anti Israel Jew haters. Over a dozen people have been killed by your beloved rioters and looters.

    • The maga nazi who shot that woman was defending his property. That’s what happens when police are basically ordered to stand down. אלמלא מוראה איש את רעהו חיים בלעו. That’s what we’re seeing now. No מורא מלכות

    • That nazis while he hopes he drops dead from corona was protecting his own property. He was not yelling death to jews.

      And he was one crazy man. not a group

      And I have issue with saying he should be banned or stopped as well. Both BLM and Nazis are bad.

      How many stories do you need to hear till you relaize these Floyd protesters are dangerous? Smashing and looting midtown , clubbing people over the head, burning cop cars, driving turcks into target, smashing opn banks and atm’s , terorrizinand taking over Seattle city streets while putting its residents in danger. now this story.
      Isn’t that enough to say that we are not just “painting ” a few bd actors? These guys are thugs.

  2. BLM is a hate , racist, antisemitic movement, they don’t even care about blacks, to them nothing better could of happen then the Floyd killing(what we all condemn) it was a great opportunity for them to steel brake & destroy , their wish is things like this should happen more often so they can do what they are good at destroy loot steel & yes kill . Wake up before it’s too late

  3. What I find scary is that not a single one of those thugs voted for President Trump. Every single one of those fiends vote DEMOCRAT. They will all be voting for the basement candidate, the WHITE Joe Biden.

    • The huge difference is like this.

      The fine people in charlotsvile killed someone in a moment of anger and intensity at the spur of the moment. Not good but thats what it was. It was also only one incident and one person.

      Contrast that to my list above which occurred mutiple times, did not occur when people were there. It wasn’t that someone stood in midtown “reizing them un”. They went on their own and wrecked havoc. And t wasn’t one person or one individual.

      I hope that clarifies why here its not “fine people”

  4. So the question is if black lives matter, Even though they are Marxist, have they joined or replaced the KKK as the militant wing of the Democrat Party?

  5. A few weeks ago, these same momzarim attacked four Orthodox Shuls and three Jewish day schools in the Fairfax section of L.A., which is a predominantly Jewish area. They were also shouting vile obscene remarks about Jews. However, there was very little media coverage about that pogrom. The BLM movement never condemned, what occurred, nor did their apologists.

  6. Its unbelievable how pple support an organization (BML) that claims to stand for equality for all and then go ahead and protest against other minorities. These people need to get over themselves. If they wouldnt act inferior they wouldnt get treated that way. Get jobs behave and all will be good!!

  7. BLM may have started out defending themselves to what they thought was unfair treatment. But that is not what they are today. They hate whites, they detest Jews, they are against Israel ,they no longer know what they stand for. Yet, every idiot who doesnt see what BLM is really about including some of our own kind has jumped on their hateful we have complained enough, we are appropriated horrified by how much they get away with….the only question remains is….what can we do??? there are a lot of people in the Democratic party including “loopy Joe Biden” who WILL hurt us. again…what should we do??? oh and by the way, companies who financially support them should be black listed….we should put it in every jewish paper and magazine and boycott their companies…BLM is getting millions and millions of dollars from companies who are begging them to take money-so they can look good.


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