200 Members Of Bnei Brak Yeshiva Test Positive After Rosh Yeshiva Allegedly Refuses To Allow Tests


BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — 200 members of the Beis Matisyahu Yeshiva in Bnei Brak tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days, about a third of the entire student body. Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Baruch Weisbecker, who himself fell sick with the virus, allegedly initially told students not feeling well to stay in their rooms and not to test for the virus and students claim that this is the source of the high numbers of infections in the yeshiva. Sources close to the Rosh Yeshiva denied the allegations.

80 of the sick students have been evacuated to a hotel in Kfar Tabor, and the rest are due to be evacuated to another hotel in the coming days but students at the yeshiva are worried that this is all too late. “If they continue like this and don’t provide an immediate response, the numbers will just keep rising” warned one student.

Another student said that students strictly maintained coronavirus regulations but the yeshiva was still very crowded and thus the mass infection was inevitable despite the fact that the main hall was divided into compartments.

In response to the outbreak, the Bnei Brak municipality closed the street where the yeshiva is situated and is only allowing local residents to enter and leave their houses.

The yeshiva is considered one of the most prominent yeshivas of the Lithuanian schools of study. A number of other yeshivas were also closed after coronavirus outbreaks in Beitar Illit and Kiryat Malachi.


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    • We’ve got a bigger problem on our hands. So why did they stop Youth Corp (SYEP)? Now that all the day camps and sleepaway camps are open, why can’t our children get paid for being counselors? The greedy camp owners aren’t paying their staff a respectable wage. What kind of message are the short sighted directors sending our gullible innocent youth?

  1. They will all have a Refuah Shleima In a few weeks.
    With Hashem help.

    I would go out on limb and say better to get the virus and get over it, have herd Immunity. Otherwise we will never get over this Magafa.

    • I guess you haven’t heard yet that too many of our healthy young men have DIED from this horrible plague. At this point, there is NO 100% guarantee that anything assures Immunity – not herd and not even among those who have the antibodies. And none of these bochurim has been on a bus or has visited their parents or bubbies & zaidies recently? Why in the world are we still risking lives ??

        • James – please realize there are complications that go along with becoming sick from the virus. It’s not life and death. There can be long last effects that could lead to a poorer quality of life. Is that what you are aiming for here?

      • This is kind of unclear argument/ debate. Your point is not so clear.

        If you point is that once there is an outbreak a rosh yeshiva , rav etc.. should let everyone with possible exposure know and insist they get tested. We can’t say let people get sick and spread it bec of a herd immunity once we know its present. That argument is very fair. (I am not convinced this rosh yeshva is guilt of that but we can defintley say that one should be vigilant , quarntine all postive cases etc.)

        If your point is that we should not have opened the yeshiva in the fitst place for that Is ay we can’t live like that. Indefinite lock downs are not a way to live. The curve was way down and the right thing to do was open with vigilance. At that point we can say the herd community argument and that the young have a far lower chance of getting seriously ill.

    • LIAR. Trump never said that. He said, because we are testing more (and the test are more accurate) that’s why the numbers are so high. Back in March and April even people who were sick didn’t go for testing or were turned away. I have relatives who have preexisting conditions And the doctors didn’t test them.

        • It is amazing how members of the Trump Cult continue to excuse him. How many Americans will have to die before they realize that he has been doing absolutely everything wrong at every step during the pandemic.

    • So, I see you adhere to the tenets of the Trump religion: Never admit you’re wrong; never apologize; deny, deny, deny, no matter how many people you kill.

      • I admit to the torah. Unless you have proof I can’t be mekabel that the rosh yeshiva said what that claim he said based on hearsay. Trump is a goy and I don’t have to mekabel that what he says is the truth

        • True, you don’t HAVE to be mekabel Trump as God’s truth, but obviously you do. I don’t believe you think everything Trump says is true. [You’re not THAT stupid.] Just the part about “Never admit you’re wrong; never apologize; deny, deny, deny, no matter how many people you kill.” It’s apparent in your comments on a daily basis.

          • Wow slow down. Trump is zona and a scammer maybe. But he never killed anyone other than in your own imagination.

            Now Phineas can we all act mature and stop using ten screen names

  2. Notice how a story like this brings out the worst in us? Only one comment mentions a refuah sheleymah? The rest are nitpicky, petty, and even nasty. Zos Torah?

  3. they must take vitamin c vitamin D and Zinc for fourteen days . thay should also take other forms of vaccines that could kill off corona and have no other downside .

  4. Why parents allow these maniacal Rosh Yeshivas to dictate the well being of their children is beyond my understanding of parenting.

    Where is it written that parents are to abrogate their responsibility towards their children for they allow Rabbis to dictate measures as to their children’s health and well being?

    Are the Rabbis Doctors?

    What kind of cultism allows for this outrage? This is not Judaism. This is cultism. Parents you are responsible for your children’s health, not some Rabbi.

  5. I have never EVER posted on any website….. But I want to stand up for the kovod of the Rosh Hayeshiva. My son attends Bais Mattisyahu and it is patently false that the boys were told not to test!! My son has been tested twice and all the boys have tried to be extremely vigilant, wear masks and disinfectant. May Hkbh srnd all of Klal Yisroel a refuah shelaima- and please think twice before posting something about which you have no first hand knowledge.

    • Tell yourself what you want. You, as the Father of your children have the first and last word as to your childs well being.

      You are not a member of a cult. If your child is sick you take him to a Doctor. If your child needs clothes you take him to a tailor. You dont mix the two.

      A Rabbi is not a Doctor.

      What we see today is cultism not Yiddishkeit.
      When we stray from common sense Yiddishkeit, that will be our end. The chassidic cults of pre war europe advocated that the Jews stay in place resulting in the mass murder of the Jews. Those who dared to leave those cults, up and left to live another day.

  6. Such nonsense. I have a son on the yeshiva and know the rosh yeshiva personally. He is גדול הדור.
    .הזהר בגחלותן.
    They have been extremely careful the whole time. The authorities have let them down and offered them no support when the corona started spreading. They turned their back on them till it exploded in their face…. Then they began the blame game.
    The hanohala have been separating the boys as soon as symptoms began. Masks have been worn the whole time. The rosh yeshiva is ill please davern for him.
    הרב ברוך בן צביה


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