One Mistake Cost Him His Life : ‘Don’t Be An Idiot Like Me’ He Wrote The Day Before He Died

Tommy Macias (Facebook)

LOS ANGELES (VINnews) — Tommy Macias, a 51-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore, California, had been very careful over the past few months. Macias, a truck driver, knew that due to his diabetes he was at high risk if he contracted COVID-19, so he stayed at home and wore a mask when going out, maintaining social distance from others. However Macias made just one error that cost him his life. He went to a barbecue party with some friends. He didn’t know that someone who had tested positive for COVID-19, but showed no symptoms, was also present at the party.

“It was all preventable,” said Gustavo Lopez, Macias’ 52-year-old brother-in-law. “That person knew he had corona and still went. He should have known better, and that one mistake cost [Macias] his life.”

More than 10 others who attended that gathering have tested positive for the coronavirus, Lopez said.

Macias fell ill on June 15, but assumed it was caused by his diabetes. He then tested positive for COVID-19. Lopez said that already then he feared the worst.

“Everyone knew it wasn’t going to end well,” he said. “There was a high probability he wasn’t going to make it.”

A day before his death on June 21, Macias posted a warning on Facebook, urging people to wear a mask and practice social distancing. His final message was one of regret.


Macias’s condition, which had originally improved deteriorated fast the next day. He called his mother and his three sisters to say that he could not breathe. “I could hear it in his voice, he was terrified,” Macias Norris (53) said afterwards. Norris rushed to her brother’s home, just five minutes from her own, but was too late. The ambulance attendants had put him inside and shut the doors. She tried to follow him to hospital but was told she could not even sit by his bedside. Norris told the LA Times that “I spoke with him over the phone that day. He was heavily breathing and crying, but his last words to me were ‘I want to go home, Sis. I want to go home, Sis.’”

Macias was put on a ventilator but died in the evening of June 21, leaving his final Facebook post as a poignant epitaph.



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  1. Thats why a sakana is more stringent than a issur.
    With an issur you have a 2nd chance and can do yeshuva

    With a sakana there is no 2nd chances
    For all those corona deniers see reality and not dream world

    And look carefully at whats happening in israel opened too fast too early just like texas georgia arizona Florida.
    How many people need to be slaughtered on the alter of the economy or stupidity

    • Israel did it just right. Despite the outbreak, Israel has control and can easily lock down portions of their country without a total lockdown.

      Calling it the “aler of the economy” is just plan narrow minded. It makes it sound like we open just for a few bucks. The idea of reopening is so that people can sustain themselves. We need patients to get non elective surgeries. Cancer patients need to get treatments. Children need schools and structure or you permanently damage them to a point of never return. Lost education and mental illness due to overextended lockdowns are things you can never take back. Now, should we be taking extra precuations? Yes of course. Should the reopning be limited? Yes . In fact we now know (thru studies on BLM) that outdoor functions are safer. Minyan can be done outdoors so you still have the inyanim that a shul brings but you stay safe. Yeshivas should be more spread out. Nightclubs and other things should not e opened. We can do certain mitgiations.

      And by the way deaths have not risen in Israel. Only new cases have. This has been going on for a few weeks already and BH deaths are low.

      The bottom line is this, extended full lock downs are not attainbale for a society. Its a non starter. Your cure is simply impossible. Its side effects are too strong on socities. ideally you’d love that but too bad we can’t function as humans like that. Ultimately yes Israel has its game.

  2. “Macias was put on a ventilator but died in the evening of June 21”

    See that? Another hospital murdering their patient by automatically forcing them on a ventilator. I hope the family retains a good lawyer and sues the hospital for his death.

        • pot: meet kettle.
          (and BTW, I DID make a constructive suggestion. did you? AND BTW, Wanna bet that “Sheep going to slaughter” is also an anti-vaxxer, using the same ignorance of statistical methods, but opining as if he/she were an expert?)

          • Yes. Just keep wearing your mask and gloves for the next 100 years. Don’t forget to take your annual flu shot and vaccines. Finish your spinach I prepared for your lunch. Please use only one piece of recycled organic toilet paper when you use the bathroom. Close the lid before leaving. Mommy will be back in 10 minutes. Finish coloring until I return.

    • Absolutely! Together with other hundreds of families. NY hospitals KILLED their patients and Cuomo stood by doing nothing. He was a willing accomplice. Part of the tragic gezeira of the CoronaVirus. Hundreds of people were KILLED by ‘well meaning’ nurses. This man was one of them. I hope these people that hired the lawyers to fight for them, will uncover the gruesome truth what went on in the green walls of the hospitals. No one was there to oversee the staff and they killed left right and center. I know too many that are alive cuz they fought these barbarians tooth and nail but unfortunately many couldn’t

      • And you can document this?
        How much will you be charging per hour for your expert witness testimony, once these things go to trial? The malpractice attorneys and districts attorney will be knocking down your door!!!!!

        With all the money you’ll make from your inside information about these murders, you’ll become a multi-millionaire in no time!!!!

        Will you also be releasing a book?

        A movie?

        A YouTube video?

        I can’t wait!!!

  3. They are other ways to try to improve breathing without mindlessly putting people on ventilators. Putting patients on their stomach has been shown in many cases to improve blood oxygen enough to avoid a ventilator. They can also try a nasal cannula first. But no, they’re too lazy to try other options, another patient dead what do they care, they see dead people all the time.

    • Yes, Outrageous that the hospital turns to pulmonologists and intensive care experts rather than VIN commentators for medical advice.

      Maybe it’s gayva, maybe it’s ignorance that they don’t know what commentators here know.

      Or maybe, as the commentator here says, they just don’t care.

      And all the while, we have such caring and knowledgeable commentators right here on VIN, waiting to be contacted, to tell them how to make these life and death decisions.

      Definitely should be sued for negligence.

  4. Poor Macias wasn’t an idiot . He just got worn down from all the distancing . The idiot and criminal is the guy who gave it to him , knowing he was infected and shoring up to the party .

    • it literally said in the post that he was careful because he had diabetes, so yeah, he did have one of them. very good. the point is, by not wearing a mask and not social distancing you can cause somebody who has pre-existing conditions to get sick ch”v. its important that we take this seriously and not as some sort of joke. this isnt fear mongering either, this is showing an example of how social distancing and wearing masks can potentially save lives.

  5. This plague is not over…Dont be fooled by governments who have their own agendas. They couldnt care less for peoples health. Witness the absolute neglect as to nursing homes.

    I have been self isolating for more than 3 months. Its very difficult. I call my Dr every 2 weeks asking when he will see patients. He tells me maybe in 2 weeks. Then I call again and its the same 2 weeks. I have tested twice for corona both times negative BH. I have HBP and I have autoimmune issues. I am what you call vulnerable. Take it from me..Isolate as much as possible. It way be uncomfortable and lonely but its the only way some of us will survive this plague.

    Dead people cant do mizvos. We are not hiding from the Nazis. We have water, we have power, we have food.

    G-d willing we’ll survive this.

    • Refua Shlima Avrum and may your autoimmune issues go away soon.

      Re “Isolate as much as possible”
      For those healthy we do not need to “isolate” rather take caution and social distance. Its true there is a plague out there and one never knows but there is a certain point where one has to say not to over panic. A prime example is an out door minyan. Its pretty clear that this plague is more airborne. Furthermore, I think you’ll admit that one can take a stroll outside , its not like you are breathing in toxic waste when you walk outside. If one can take a stroll outside, one can attend an outdoor minyan and if he feels he shall be extra vigilant and stay 25 feet away then fine. Thats the same as taking a stroll. And if he goes to the gorcery store why not a minyan. Yes food can be orderd online. Grocires are not essential. We are not hiding from nazis with no food. Order canned tuna for a year.

      Furthermore, well dead people can’t do mitzvos, the zechus if many mitzvas btzibur saves lives and its our way of life and what we live for.

      This is all especially true, if one is healthy, got it already, and in your neighborhood it’s low.

      May we all stay safe and you have a refua bkrov

    • They actually ‘pulled’ that study. It seems that when they tried to ‘peer’ review the study the auditing team found issues and the authors couldnt support the outcomes using the data they submitted to the peer review group. You dont hear this reported anywhere though, except in a small posting on the science journal’s website. Go figure.

      • We can discuss this on a different website like where we can make longer posts with proper paragraph formatting, but the science is not that simple. Basically, hydroxychloroquine may have drastically different effects based on other factors.


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