New York: Judge Denies Permission For Sleepaway Camps To Operate


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In a disappointing development on Monday, a federal judge ruled to deny New York sleepaway camps permission to operate this summer.

The story began on June 12, when NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his decision to shut down all sleepaway camps this summer due to COVID-19.

Cuomo then reiterated his decision on June 13. “Summer camps we have studied with a great deal of diligence because it involves children,” Cuomo said at a press conference. “Sleepaway camps have a much higher level of risk than day camps.”

Jewish community leaders were quick to criticize the decision, citing the importance of summer camps for the childrens’ wellbeing. Others also pointed out the apparent haziness surrounding the exact difference of risk between day camps, which the state is allowing, and sleepway camps.

The Association of Jewish Camp Operators eventually brought a federal lawsuit to challenge Cuomo’s decision, and then followed up by filing for a temporary restraining order on the Governor’s actions.

However, today the judge ruled in favor of the Governor’s position, upholding the ban on New York sleepaway camps from opening this summer.

Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Agudah’s New York Government Relations Director, said, “The impact on children is devastating. Instead of looking forward to a summer of growth, filled with learning experiences and preparation for an upcoming school year, many children of our community will now be forced to endure a continuation of the long-lasting lockdowns imposed by the State Government.”

Click here to read the full judge’s decision.

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  1. Sad day and another over reach by liberal crazy Cuomo. better let the bored looters act vionetly across NYC. Very smart.

    Do we care about kids safety or about image? Do you think we are not sending to sleep away camps in Indina , New Hampshire etc.. now? What are you gaining? Simply that they don’t get sick in your state?

    This just makes veryone’s life harder and deprives much needed fun for copped up kids.

    Sad day for NY

      • The judge generally withholds the concept of states rights and often when it comes to these matters will side with status quo. The judge did not enact the closure rather only withheld the closure.
        I don’t blame Republican judges for withholding something that a liberal crazy overreach govt decides . Only really strong trump judges override that.

        So which “ facts are in my way “. Fancy term but irrelevant here . It’s has a nice intellectual sound though . It mskes you sound smarter

        • So really strong Trump judges are activist judges… Right, I thought folks like you did not like that… Or is it only when they rule against what you think? You should thank Trump and his moronic supporters (including yourself) for turning this country to the far left, because that is who is going to be winning elections for the near future.

          • Many sane Republican understand that despite Trump’s flaws his ideals are republican to the core and style of governance is what we need now

        • Given how poorly Trump handled and is handling the coronavirus situation it would have been better to have Hillary as President. That much is clear. Less Jewish lives would have been lost and less economic harm would have happened.

    • Jewish Lives Matter. Every Jew knows that you cant keep the kids 6 ft apart and they wont wear a mask. 98% of Boro Park, Wili does NOT WEAR MASK and dont keep distance. ENOUGH. We lost more lives (BP,Wili) than any other group.

      • 1) Kids don’t have to stay six feet away . Kids are not spreaders . It’s been proven
        2) kids are not social distancing anyhow . It’s not like now with no camps you have accomplished your goal. As you said they don’t do it anyhow in bp
        3) they are going to camps in other states anyhow so again what do you gain other than increasing risk
        4) like nail saloons , sleep away camps are essential for kids . It’s a must for their mental health ajd well being even if no social distance
        5) Deblasso confessed that no camp means people are in the streets commuting physical violence . You are not saving lives as it has repercussions

      • 6) they would not have to social distance under camps proposal . The idea is a child needs to be covid negative to enter the covid free zone . Once there no one comes or goes A whole summer . Why social distance with other negative kids .
        7) Day camps with come and go are a greater risk

        • Yep, but people were relying on hope before Purim as well. Hope is good, but better when you combine it with tachlis. Wear the masks and practice some social distancing. Do you really want to find out you are all wrong about your hope that this is over?

    • In general speaking the whole existence of an “executive order” makes no sense. ONE person a governor has the power to control every single New Yorker.

      At-least there should be a board like of ten people and when issuing an executive order these ten should approve.

      This dictator Cuomo is controlling twenty million New Yorkers for four months and he is not giving up.

      Agudah with Avi Schick messed up big time.

      The case should of been built on one thing only “Essential”.

      To Orthodox Jews Shulls,Mikvahs,Schools,Yeshivos,Camps etc etc is Essential to our well beings. Without it we have no life. It is to us as Essential as pet hospitals,home depot Walmart subways etc etc.

      • I don’t think the governor or the courts would want to get involved in what is considered essential or not essential for religion… Something about separate of Church and State.

        You are stuck with whether these restrictions are an improper burden on religion. Given that we are dealing with an epidemic the likes of which were last seen in the US a 100 years ago, it is not surprising the governor gets lots of leeway to determine what goes or does not.

        Btw, regarding executive orders, maybe protest about the President issuing them as well. You can’t complain about the process when you don’t like them and say it is fine when you agree with them. Just sounds hypocritical. As it is, the Governor and the President are elected to head their respective governments and as such are given this power. The courts and congress of the State equivalent are supposed to serve as check on this power. Having 10 people do the governor or president’s job, would be problematic. How do you pick those 10 for one?

        • Has nothing to do with religion or state.
          One person A governor decides what is or isn’t essential makes no sense.

          Cuomo decided that pet hospitals for cats and dogs is essential.
          To orthodox Jews religious duties is essential we can not live without it its like bread and milk.

          Trump didn’t give out so many executive orders when the virus was on that hurt so many people.

          NY had the most fatalities and Cuomo is still blaming everyone besides himself.

          Cuomo is a slimy sleazy politician who cares about nobody. He sees one thing only, himself his mother and what his mother cooks.

          To him fighting with De blasio and Trump is more important than lives.

          • You miss the point by a mile. Coumo has lots of people he works with when making these decisions. Ultimately as governor he calls the shots and that is the way it works. You don’t like it, well I can find you many who don’t like Trump’s executive orders (whether related to or not related to COVID-19).

            As to your statements about religious duties, it is all nice and well, but maybe someone has a religion that their primary duty involves developing viruses in a lab and releasing them to the public. How is that less essential than what you claim is essential?

            As to whether Coumo or Trump is to blame, well I guess Coumo could have tried shutting down NYS before anyone knew how many cases there were. I guess, Trump’s failures to get testing in place, is Coumo’s fault. I guess, Trump’s failures to stop incoming travel from Italy and other virus infected places is also Coumo’s fault. Trump is the only person that could have changed the national response early on, and instead of doing that, he denied the nature of this virus and did nothing to assist the CDC getting a handle on this. Go respond with lies about what Trump did, the facts are on the record. When the CDC needed virus samples and could not get through Chinese bureaucracy, Trump did not pick up the phone to even try to make this happen. Instead he is now blaming the WHO for being in China’s pocket, despite we had people from the US in the WHO who were familiar with everything the WHO knew. He has to blame the WHO, because his own inaction is damning and is responsible for much economic harm and lives lost.

            So call Coumo a sleazy politician. Maybe he is one, maybe he is not. I do know that on a national level Trump’s failures are inexcusable. If you are not sure, what about Trump’s calls to recklessly reopen and his support (implied or otherwise… such as by his rally not long ago) for not social distancing or wearing masks. He was constantly ignoring the advice of his scientists and doctors and destroying this country with his gut instinct. Maybe Trump is not sleazy, but he is clueless, irresponsible, and definitely not fit to lead this country (unless we seek our self-destruction).

    • I know you. I have seen your pleadings and motions. I have seen you in action. I was victimized by you. At best, you’re a frivolous person who has a penchant for stupid arguments. What on Earth is the matter with you?

        • That’s because you can’t fathom my greatness, let alone my generosity and humility by descending myself to this forum so that you’d have the benefit of my opinions. I’m not even charging for this. Frankly, a modicum of gratitude would be appropriate here.

          • Michael,

            You lost EVERY motion you filed in the case involving me. And if you actually believed your client – and that’s a fairly big if – you are obviously very inexperienced in law and in life.

            You should consider going back to construction. Law is not for you. And your posts suggest you need time off from whatever it is you are doing.

            I need to underscore that my comments are really not coming from a judgmental place. Litigation is not for everyone. Real litigators are truthful about the law and facts. Remember how you told me that “hachlata” means “recommendation?”

  2. this is not liberal Cuomo – THIS IS DICTATOR STALIN CUOMO !!!!!

    WE NEED TO CREATE A NEW GROUP “KIDS LIVES MATTER” and start protesting inside the camps and on all streets of NY

    • I have a difficult time feeling bad for you people. You voted for these politicians and they are acting as all liberals act. Give them a little power and they will never let go. You people will vote for the next flaming liberal after him as well. We Yidden used to be smart. Now, give me 25 cents and you have my vote, even if it will cost me hundreds of dollars later. I also don’t. Ind you enacting laws that are so immoral that the world was once destroyed because of them. Hey, that’s Hashem’s problem, we just want money! Or as it’s known nowadays, yiras shomayim.

  3. Such a waste of time and money.

    Why didn’t the camp association’s lawyers argue to the court that COVID 19 is a HOAX and only 15 people were infected and it went away like a miracle in April and 99% of cases were never serious and play video clips of the president saying so???

    Where did they find such horrible lawyers?

    How often does a plaintiff have recorded statements of the POTUS to enter into evidence? They should refund every cent they received in fees and pray with all their might that they aren’t sued for legal malpractice and their claims to have licenses to practice law are not investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    • Liberals won the election 80% just 2 weeks ago. November will be the same. Voting Republican just will prove that Frum votes dont count. Dont expect anything besides tax increase since you proved that you are a very small minority in NY.

      • Thats circuular. Those things come and go.

        Fro a nice few years Felder held the key to the state assembly. The majorty comes and goes and elections swing. You won’t always win. You need to vote for what’s right and try to influence as much as you can. We don’t only vote for wins

        • Felder… It was cute when he tried to actually use that power. Did not work out too well. When you take benefits from the gov’t you gotta pay the price. This is why some sects play very nice with the government. They know much of their well-being is based on live and let live, rather than trying to tell everyone else how they should live.

  4. Thank you Kiryas Yoel and New Square and the rest of the sheep for voting Demo-Rat. This is the thank you you deserve.

    Time to join the Republican party

  5. I understand the need for children to go to camp, what happens if just one asymptomatic child goes to camp and spreads the virus to the other children who could get sick and have life long organ damage? Or spread it to the adults at the camp who could spread it to the surrounding communities? Who do you think the communities will blame and what will they do when their families and children become sick and die? It is too large a risk.

    • What happens if they do that a day camps ? What’s the difference?
      How about at bungalows ?
      What about if they do that in pa vs ny ? The risk is less there ?
      Life is full of risks. This is not too large of a risk, rather very small risk at this point . We heard the same arguments about schools yet satmar has been open fine for 3 months already . When it’s is essential like camps you take the small risk . Life is not about staying locked up in a house a whole life . You can’t do this to kids. Lockdowns are unattainable. Find another solution.

      A few more stats for you .
      I think like 3 chidren out of 100s of millions of kids in USA died from covid or that after effect of covid .

      Camps have Young adults many who got it already . Senior and more Ill staff members would not attend .

      Bottom line if you live a life of ocd in a bubble then yes never come out if your home

      • You are lying again (like always) “Satmar is open for 3 months” we are in the middle of Tamuz (early July for the xtians) 3 months ago was Erev Pesach (The worst hit of COVID) and 99.999% of Satmar was closed. You are lying because you get away with it. Unfortunately very few here will think/remember the FACTS as long you praise the ….

      • Your ideas, comments and lies killed more frumme (Unnecessarily) in the last 3 months than Muslims did in the last 50 years. If frumme in BP,Willi,Monsey etc would have followed the rules of the State govt (Coumo) instead of your advice 90% would be alive today. Israel, Manhattan etc

        • The frum in BP followed enough rules to stay safe.

          99.9% of deaths were form those that nebach got ill prior to rules in place. All the OCD rules (like no outdoor minyan) after that were not relevant (BLM proved its an airborn disease and outdoors were fine)

    • So Jer, you are suggesting to send them to day camp. What happens if just one a symptomatic chikd goes to day camp and then infects some kids without knowing then that go home that night and infect a few neighbors and those kids go the the grocery for their mother that night and give it to the cashiers. Then the cashier goes home and gives it to their neighbors. Jer maybe sending them contains the virus within their bubble….

      • Day camps are an even worse idea for the reasons you stated. The problem with the summer camps is that there is no way to 100% isolate our children unless they and the camp staff and anyone else that comes into contact with the camps are quarantined 14 days before they leave for camp and no one — staff or children or service providers — leave the camp for the duration of the stay and no one can come into the camp. And anyone that does leave the camp will not be permitted to return. There would also be no deliveries permitted either. That is the only way to be safe.

        Since that isn’t realistic, I don’t think camps should be open.

        • Most of that is actaully pretty realstic. Delveires can be either at the front gate (like you get amazon safely) or pull up with a truck to kitchen and camp staff take it out.

          The here and there slips are not like oy vey now it will spread like wild fire. With precautions they laid put 90% of the time its relasitc. For the other 10% nu nu its not like the deliveyman comes with a can of covid shpritzers. Plus the curve is down plus its outdoors etc…

          • Is this guy who is commenting all over the place here the same guy who in mid-March after every doctor was warning about this, said he went to shul and shook hands? What a joke. Now he thinks he is a maven.

    • It’s not right to talk logic, don’t you know that the malach hamuves has no power over our brethren in Brooklyn? Don’t you know that none of inzerra where affected or were niftar.

  6. Devastating for the children?? How about no school for 3 months was that devastating too? Funny I don’t remember any statements from the fraudulent organization agudah. Not devastating to the kids devastating to some fat wallets. That’s what this is about. Glad they lost. Next time let them fight for shuls and yeshivos

  7. I heard the camps found a loophole where parents are given guardian ship to the camp and in that way the camps can operate as a group home of some sort. Is this true? It’s a bit crazy and risky.

    • Cuomo stopped that .
      What’s crazy and risky about that ? I say it’s a shame all camps did not defy orders and ignore the stupid law . What’s do Cuomo gona do?

        • No I am not. At a certain point doing whats correct is the kiddush hashem. You can’t disrupt your whole life and premantly destroy kids live for a chillul hashem. Thats not what it means.

          Chilul hashem is not about optics or bad media coverage. Its are we doing whats correct?

      • You are really naive.

        Open against the law, you get caught you can get hit with significant fines. And these won’t likely be forgiven.

        But, what happens if COVID-19 spreads in your illegal camp and someone gets sick and dies. No waivers will protect you from a negligent homicide lawsuit and possible criminal consequences.

        Aside, I doubt the camps are worried about your opinion. Based on the volume of comments you post and the lack of education they show, kind of hard to imagine you have a job that allows you to pay tuition or full camp cost.

  8. Gam Zu L’Tovah. They tried, but Hashem’s answer was no. This is Min Hashamayim. Remember that. If Hashem wanted it to happen, it would have happened.

    • well said. Can’t argue with that. Its all part of the covid gezira and halevi this should be the worse gezria this summer moving forward especailly that most are in camps anyhow just not in NY and in Indiana instead.

  9. The government has too much power. This pandemic is WAAAAAAAAY less deadly than the government originally claimed. Government has no right to make these orders. But government will take as much power as We the People let them get away with.

    • How deadly did they claim it is? How much less deadly is it in fact? A scenario that X amount will die if nothing is done, does not mean that when you do something and less die the original projection was incorrect. It means you acted according to the projection to avoid the worst case scenario.

  10. Unfortunately we are a community who feel that we are above the law. Go to Boro Park, Willi, Monsey, New Square, Lakewood and find a single mask. How many camps are functioning in the mountains knowing that they are not soppose to? Nu. So they found a legal loophole. Tomorrow the cops might show up and force their closure. It will be all over the papers – could be a massive chillul Hashem r”l.

    Don’t believe for a minute that camps are essential! How come for the past 5779 years camps were a luxury and you can only send your child if you can afford $2700 per month. Somehow in 5780 it has become essential. It’s all the loaded camp owners bribing Agudah to fight for them. It’s all about the money.

    Aguda along with Torah Umesorah should have convinced the schools to continue the zoom/phone classes through the summer and have some sort of afternoon activity.

    • Tomorrow the cops might show up and force their closure. It will be all over the papers

      If we’d all do it they can’t force us all to close good luck

      could be a massive chillul Hashem r”l.
      If its the right thing to do we need not worry about chillul hashem. We heard this abotu schools and shuls too. Us yidden need to stop worrying all day about optics.

      For many its the right thing and Aguda has a program for those that cannot afford the 2700. Many kids need that camp and its essential.

      I lost you in the last paragraph. why zoom classes still? Not more in house day camps?

      • Let’s fix this for you.

        It is not the right thing to open sleep away camps this summer.

        So, it would be a chillul hashem and you need to worry about that.

    • “to continue the zoom/phone classes through the summer and have some sort of afternoon activity”

      No no no. What do you mean some sort of afternoon activity? According to your rant you just gave, that would be recklessly dangerous and would cause a further chillul hashem! The aiva ypu would cause would be worse than any of the sins that led to the destruction of the 2 Temples. How dare little children play with each other? How dare they get within 10 feet of each other? Children were meant to be kept in cages and fed and watered twice a day.

  11. if this is not in check soon BY YOU DOING WHAT YOU SHOULD there will be no school next year YEAR!!!
    JULY,…. AUGUST,….. SEPTEMBER!!! then you are really going to B&M when you can’t go to work

    some of you got what you wanted things opened up and what do you have to show for it YES Jewish EDU trumps all. but there is another way you say its SHMAD to close the schools that is not what is happening here you have choices.
    how many of you know a Rebbi out of work why not hire him to teach YOUR KIDS IN YOUR HOUSE WHILE YOU GO TO WORK. i know i am over simplifying things but it can be that simple. C-19 keeps being referred to as Novel. and so it is so fight back with a NOVEL IDEA instead of the status quo of opening the schools return to normal, adjust. there is a temporary new normal

    hey if the hired Jewish EDU works think how much LE$$ you will B&M about Tuition.
    and think about how many more Rebbis will have a Parnasha.
    and its not even NOVEL its what we have done more then 100 years ago

    • Sorry they aren;t enough skilled rabbeim to come tutor in our homes.

      Kids need a school structure not home school. They need friends and to get out. They also cnba’t focus at home as much.

      Yes we need to adjust. Plan how to resist any school closures. Whether its non violent civil disobedience or its our game in courts , or its political actvism with Trump & Barr. We cannot allow our schools to close even if another israel like break out. (at least not lower than 5th grade like Israel)

    • Hold on, are you saying keep schools closed bec it’s a health risk, but bringvin Rabbeim? Make up your mind. If it isn’t a health risk then let them go to school, if it is then don’t let the rebbe in.

  12. We must get rid of Republican appointed judges like Judge Suddaby who is a Bush appointee since we strongly disagree with his decision. Only judges who agree with our positions should be allowed to serve

    • No i disagree with your cynicsm. Its a shame that we can’t get Trump judges. But obviously you don’t chuch every Bush judge.

      In general its very hard to overturn a law. Its kind of guilty till proven inocnet. Once its a law you need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the law is discriminating / or irrational. You can’t porve beyond reasonable doubt that the cmap closure law goes to that extent.

      When the onus is on us its hard to win. If it were reveresed and Cuomo had to prove his law is needed we’d win but thats not the case

    • As we do with Rebbes, Rovs, and government – if they fit our narrative and our wants, they’re GOLD, otherwise they are ignoramuses. Maybe they made themselves that way by going along with the madding crowd and the $$$$. How many Torah true have been turned into shammes for $$$$? How many ashkans believe that they are manhigim? Trump Forever may have started off being sarcastic, but in the end TRUTH prevails.

      • Not sure what your point is. I never advocated chucking the judge or even belittling him despite my disagreement. In fact it could very well be the judge is right but the law is morally wrong. The judges job is simply to decide the letter of the law already enacted. He is not here to pass or enact laws. Its a huge difference. Coumo is bad and the judge is good

  13. The judge is obviously a never trumper bum. Think about it. Cuomo’s executive orders are self evidently not about saving lives. Even if coronavirus was life threatening, which it isn’t (age, comorbidities etc), but even if it was, nobody in Boro Park, Williamsburg or Flatbush has gotten it since before Shavuos, so it’s impossible for anyone to get sick anymore. The only reason Cuomo signs these executive orders is because a) he illegally declared a state of emergency, and b) to ruin the economy so Trump loses in November. Instead of seeing Cuomo’s fraud for what it is, the judge bought into it without even thinking through the arguments. For example: The judge said that the state is concerned about the effects of overburdening the medical system in rural parts of the state. Are you kidding me? Nobody goes to those hospitals! Another example: the judge said the rule wasn’t discriminatory because it applied to all camps. Except that only Jewish camps were planning on opening illegally, so by stopping them the state is in fact discriminating against them! The list goes on.

    • What??? Coumo is governor of NYS, which did not vote for Trump in 2016 and will not vote for Trump in 2020.

      How does Coumo shutting down NYS do what you suggest again?

      • That’s exactly how he gets away with it without political blowback. Cuomo and other anti trump governors from anti trump states are ruining the u.s. economy to make trump look bad so that he loses the general ejection. Saving lives is a transparent pretense. As anyone can see, no one in the frum community in Boro Park and Flatbush is sick, so there is no reason not to let everything reopen.

        • What is ridiculous about your claim is that Sweden which never shut down (although many people self-limited) did not fare much better economically than those that shut down. Fact is, shutting down and ensuring the worst scenarios are not realized is not going to hurt us. But whine, you seem good at it.

          • What shaychus Sweden? You obviously don’t know much about Sweden. It’s a socialist country with only 10m people. It’s basically a large kibbutz. You also don’t seem to know much about economics if you think shutting down isn’t going to hurt us (although you concede that Sweden isn’t doing great, so which is it?). Fact is, democrats are doing their best to make Trump look bad in an election year. Close businesses, close schools, close camps; and even if you let something open, it’s at reduced capacity and make everyone wear a mask and stand far away from each other (unless you’re protesting or pulling down historical statues which is encouraged), and this is all in places where there’s no pandemic and low mortality rates. It is outrageous and the judge should have called it for what it is – a corrupt scheme to try to derail the Trump train. They don’t care about the people affected as long as Trump loses.

  14. For some kids sleepaway camp gives them life.
    I know someone who came from an abusive home, had learning disabilities, and very few friends.
    She went to camp the first time and blossomed! She became herself, the self she never met before. Lively, talented, and loads of new friends.
    She’s married now and looks back on that first summer camp experience with the fondest memories.
    And I know her very well- she’s ME!


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