Riots In Meah Shearim After Woman Detained For Not Wearing Mask


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Riots broke out in Meah Shearim Saturday night after a woman was detained by police for refusing to identify herself after police found her without a mask. Rioters threw bottles and stones at police and burned garbage bins as well as blocking traffic. One policeman was lightly injured in the head and two rioters were arrested.

The policemen saw a woman and her daughter without masks on Shivtei Yisrael near Meah Shearim and asked them to identify themselves. When they refused to identify themselves, they were arrested, sparking riots by extremists in an attempt to prevent police from completing the arrest. Later rioters blocked the nearby road 1 for an hour and burnt garbage cans.



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  1. Of course this would never happen in Tel Aviv by a street party attend by hundreds of homosexuals. There everyone wears masks. The proof is that the police would immediately arrest anyone caught not wearing a mask and we didn’t hear of any arrests.

  2. You have to wonder why the police would want to bring this upon themselves. Not excusing these rioters in any way but the police know what they are in for when they arrest someone for anything … but for not wearing a mask!!!…my gosh!!! Was it so important to arrest a mother (and daughter) for not wearing a mask and not giving their name…

  3. Every country has laws that range from the obviously necessary to the obviously ridiculous. The world is in the middle of a serious health emergency. The Israeli Government has decided that to try and avoid further deaths from COVID-19, it makes sense for every resident to wear a mask when outside his or her own home. Those who break that law are subject to a fine. These two ladies were out in the street without a mask. They might have been crossing the road against a red light, failing to pay their fare on the bus or speeding when driving on the highway. It is eminently reasonable for the police to try and enforce the law in those circumstances by requesting ID. People who refuse to comply with reasonable law enforcement requests are selfish as well as foolish. Trashing your own neighborhood is even more foolish. These women were not subject to a police assault. They were simply showing that they had no concern for the health of their own neighbors. The people in CHAZ were not extremists, they were terrorists. Black lives matter except when one black decides to shoot and kill another black. Charedi lives matter except when it is uncomfortable for us to wear masks.

  4. Lev Seltzer seems to be a BLM sympathizer.
    Sounds like the Florida population who regret every day that could of saved themselves by wearing a cheap mask.
    We hope and pray hard that this does not occur in Artzainu Hakedoshah.

  5. Arrest every bum who riots with a minimum of 1 year in jail – if not it will look like the USA. Israel should have a little more sense than this. We see the results of a segment of the population doing nothing all day

  6. just cut off welfare payments to any mask violator…since the overwhelming majority of the community are parasites living off the government and contributing nothing to the country, that should kill two birds with one stone


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