Watch: Israeli Police Detain 11-Year-Old Chareidi Girl Over Mask Infringement


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Police in Israel have been vigorously enforcing health regulations over the past three months in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. In recent weeks, with the dramatic increase in infections, police have issued hundreds of fines daily to people not wearing masks in public. Chareidi sources have claimed that police practice selective enforcement by focusing more attention on Chareidi neighborhoods than others. In one incident in Modiin Illit, a woman was issued a fine as she left the front seat of her car to take care of her screaming baby at the back. Police later apologized for issuing this particular fine.

However despite this incident, police continue daily to harass the Chareidi public. On Monday, two policemen detained an 11-year-old Chareidi girl in a Jerusalem neighborhood and wanted to fine her for not wearing her mask. The girl, who was walking her younger siblings and had taken her mask off to drink an ice, started crying but police continued to demand her name and details until passersby intervened and mentioned that one of the policemen was not wearing his nametag and thus was not authorized to issue fines.

The incident caused an outcry as social media showed the tearful young girl standing with the two policemen. Chareidi MKs called on the police commissioner to visit the girl’s parents and apologize for their actions. Israeli police claimed in response that the girl was 13 years old and that they never intended to fine her and just told her to wear her mask. However other witnesses have testified that she studies in a grade with 11-year-old girls and that police tried to write down her details.

Even Arab MK Ahmed Tibi pondered whether the police would have acted the same way to a young secular girl in Tel Aviv, adding that ” it is shameful to see how low the police have descended.”



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  1. Blame the parents for this how dare they send her out without a mask with isreal being hit heavily with the virus seems some think they are not involved
    Perhaps the real problem is the community she lives in

  2. I thought of Making Aliyah. Ugch…

    This young kid clearly had a mask. The Police is soo brutal against Frum people.
    I watched the entire video earlier. Was nice to see how the people finally ran away after getting caught by passerby’s…

  3. Lets call it racial profiling. If an arab just raises his hand in Jerusalem the police will draw their gun. Correctly. They are 100000 times more likely to hurt a yid than a jewish men//boy/girl/old lady etc. Coronavirus killed more Yiden in the last 6 months in Israel than arabs did in the last six year and the chareidy men/boy/girls were the main spreaders. Their negligence caused so many death. They must be treated by force to save lives. Same in the USA. The little girl is crying a little (saving maybe many lives) she should be thankful for the police she wasnt treated like the arabs.

    • Let’s call it what it is: Zionist evil.

      There is no reason to hurt and detail a little girl. Especially if she had a mask but just took it off to take a drink.

      Your blood libels against Chareidim, and defense of evil Zionists are disgusting.

    • Sorry you anonymous person! You are so wrong!
      I invite you to come live in Israel since after purim, when we needed to wear masks. EVERY SINGLE time we left the house or car. Even to take the garbage out. Even when noone is around us.
      Then maybe you won’t judge a young girl(or anyone) for needing to drink.

  4. Maybe they should wear masks. I am a chiyuv and I can not attend minyan because of all the smartalecks that either have no mask or chin masks on. I asked one young Yeshiva boy about 20-25 years old to wear a mask, he laughed, put it under his chin and ignored me. yes, it was in a Flatbush Shul and I left.

  5. In a thousand years, theyvwould never do this to a girl in Tel Aviv!
    In a million years, they would never do this to an Arab girl!
    The charaidim better start standing up for themselves!

    • The Chareidim cannot stand up for themselves because Israel does not have the freedoms that normal countries have.

      But if non-Israeli Jews would stand up for them and protest the Zionists and/or withhold some money from the Zionists, then the Zionists would behave a little better.

  6. hey, where are the police on dizengof? I was on Yaffa street in Jerusalem last week- less than half seemed to wear masks. this article speaks for itself. regarding a child- go to the parents only…..

  7. There are people who didn’t wear masks in every ethnic group. But sure is the haredim at fault. No the leftist protesting in Israel or NY. Not the secular Israeli police officer giving tickets to people not wearing masks while turning a blind eye on his partner wearing it under the chin. Not the police officers that came to the 1000 people bat mitzva, obviously a not hareidi celebration were police officers came to give masks out to people breaking the law. But if course money blinds the judgment if the officers and they aren’t at fault neither the invitees suffering from “AFLUENZA” ONLY THE HAREIDIM’S FAULT ALWAYS.


  9. It is quite telling that an Arab got it right and the Zionists got it so terribly wrong. Yet some people still won’t give up their idol of Zionism.


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