Supreme Court Rules Manhattan District Attorney Can Obtain Trump Tax Returns


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a prosecutor’s demand for President Donald Trump’s tax returns as part of a criminal investigation that includes hush-money payments to women who claim they had affairs with Trump.

The court ruled 7-2 in a case in which it heard arguments by telephone in May because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The records are held by Trump’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars USA, which has said it would comply with a court order.

It probably will be at least several weeks before the court issues a formal judgment that would trigger the turnover of the records

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  1. This was the expected decision. They still haven’y decided on Congress having access to the records which is more questionable here. The tax returns will not be made public anytime soon. Its for a criminal investigation and only for that purpose.

    • If there was criminal activity, it is the job of the IRS to bring that out. That is what the IRS is paid by the taxpayers to do. If not, than the IRS employees should be arrested for covering up a crime.

  2. Anyone who thinks they will get this before the elections is dreaming. Its too late. We will play shtick and shlep it out till after Nov. So before you post your gleeful comments, beware it won’t help you in 2020

    • Hi Archy…I’m retired now, and haven’t been here for months. Wonderful to hear drivel from the guy who promised that the coronavirus crisis would be over by Pesach…last Pesach.

      More to the point, Chief Justice Roberts wrote in the Southern District case, that:

      “…the public has a right to every man’s evidence…” and “…[s]ince the earliest days of the Republic ‘every man’ has included the President of the United States. Beginning with Jefferson and carrying on through Clinton, presidents have uniformly testified or produced documents in criminal proceedings when called upon by the federal courts.”

      Sooner or later, and it will be sooner even if not by the 2020 election, Trump’s financial records and his tax returns will see the light of day. That’s the takeaway from the Vance/Southern District case…and that does make many of us feel “gleeful.”

      • Hi Archy…I’m retired now, and haven’t been here for months. Wonderful to hear drivel from the guy who promised that the coronavirus crisis would be over by Pesach…last Pesach.

        First untruthful fact. You were on here posting as phineas and you rehtoric is excalty the same re my corona predictions. Please abstain from lying and spamming. Please act your age and stop with these childish antics of yours , whether this is posting as phineas or writing your name backwards. Its time to mature

      • Sooner or later, and it will be sooner even if not by the 2020 election, Trump’s financial records and his tax returns will see the light of day.

        1) If its after the election day and Trump won already, too bad game is over. Go see whatever you want. (Good luck indicting him if he is releected)
        2) if it shelps out till 2021, the sttatue of limitations are up as 5 years elapsed. Then the info become useless. That’s the beauty. trump just needs to shpiel till you can’t get him

        • 1)…2)…
          You forgot 3.) He looses the election and goes from the WH to Jail. Lock him up. He is Individual One and already under indictment Worst case scenario he is improving in polls in OCT, he will get indicted 10 days before the election .

          • Nope no indiciting a sitting president. And they won’t get his returns till after elections which he will win.

            Too bad on you.

            By 2021 game is over.

      • As Lois Lerner points out, in terms of tax returns, why wasn’t the IRS doing its job (and that means before Trump was elected, as they want tax return going back further than that)? My point is that all this smacks of political motivation, which is a violation of Trump’s constitutional rights and invalidates the whole procedure. So while they might get away with doing this to Trump because Trump can’t “prove” (to a rabid Main Stream Media) that this is politically motivated, any person honest to themselves knows it.

    • Thankfully, the “help” is not needed. If Trump doesn’t quit like the coward that he is, he will be defeated in a landslide. Here’s a good joke for you Archy: what do the Vietnam war and the “war” against the Coronavirus have in common?…Trump ran away from both

  3. The last time that anything remotely similar to this occurred was in August, 1974, when the U.S. Supreme Court ordered President Richard M. Nixon to turn over tapes, which he previously refused to send to the Watergate investigating committee, in Congress.

  4. I endorse this narrow holding. It’s critical that we live in a country where no one is above the law. But that applies to democrats, too. And they will learn that the hard way.

    • Is really noone above the law? Ut seems to be permissible to walk around midtown Manhattan smashing windows, looting plundering and wacking anyone who gets in the way over their head. Why were no arrests made? There are videos all over NYC.

      Seems like Democrats are above the law

    • Don’t worry. The FBI and the GOP has conducted extensive investigations into everything and anything related to Clinton or Obama. Unlike the investigations into things related to Trump, where everyone ends up going to jail, nothing was ever found. And yes, all the records were turned over. If they were not, well Trump could have turned them over… I guess they were just not incriminatory.

      If a Biden wins the next election you can finally expect the stonewalling that protected so many associated with Trump to end and we will probably see a lot more people associated with Trump (who loves to be associated with criminals for some reason) end up in jail (and without a political partisan like Barr to protect them).

      • Big YUGE If.

        And don’t bet your bottom dollar. If Biden were smart he’d say its time for the country to heal form division and end prosecutions. Because if he were to go after Trump it would ignite civil wars worse than BLM. That’s the big if that he wins.

          • Constitutionally maybe not but the president can flex his muscles. I am not one who believes constitution is like the bible.

            And whats NY gona do if trump refuses to turn himslef in? Send troops to FL who is Republican? The can sieze his assets but not him

          • If NYS finds Trump guilty of a felony the constitution of the US of A mandates that Florida extradite to NY (Supreme Court ruled so). Of course this is assuming Trump is not a sitting President. If the Governor of Florida refused to extradite, he should expect sooner or later federal agents to show up to arrest him. Anyone who interferes with that arrest would also be subject to arrest and so on.

            Once again, your lack of any meaningful education is apparent.

      • Or Biden’s love of his life son, Hunter. Joe’s transparency with whichever BLACK AG he chooses, will most definitely let the American people know exactly what quid pro quo shake down Joe did to protect his corrupt son from the Ukrainian’s.

    • The Economy is in ruin, My house in Brooklyn lost 30% of value, RE Taxes are up,1/2 my family/friends without a job, 1000’s of Yiden died because his negligence. More antisemitic attacks against Jews all over in the USA than ever before. Moving the embassy etc was great but i will not vote in November for MAGA.

      • The Economy is in ruin?

        Are you for real? yes lots without jobs, thats not in his control. They virus hit us. All those without jobs have money food , a roof over their head. this is not 1929 when it should be. Thats the point he held all your friends up.

        Now Henry can you please grow up and stop spamming ,. Stick to one name

      • > “More antisemitic attacks”
        I wonder if any of that could be related to things like the Democrat governor of New York publicly singling out Jews for condemnation?

        > “1000’s of Yiden died because his negligence”
        I suppose that has nothing to do with the Democrat leaders of New York sending thousands of COVID-19 patients to old age homes

    • Economy? Q1 of 2020 has real GDP down 5% from prior quarter. Wanna bet what Q2 numbers will look like. Maybe if Trump acted responsibly in dealing with COVID-19 the economy would be getting back on track sooner. But no, his irresponsible leadership has ensured the economic pain will be longer and harder than anyone else. America First, in COVID-19 and resulting economic harm. That is probably what he meant when he ran back in 2016.

      • Then Joe Biden is your man. With the integrity of honest Joe who faught valiantly on the battlefields of Vietnam, earning many purple hearts along the way, he will get the economy rocking and rolling, Corona or not, on Day One! All racial division will come to an end, as reparation by white folks will be in full swing and every black male will be a home owner.

        • Joe Biden was very against the vietnam war. His first run for the Senate during the war had one if its key points to get out of the vietnam war. Why would I fault someone for not fighting in a war they were strongly opposed to. President bone-spurs on the other hand…

          In any case, the issue of serving or not is beyond us. Trump draft-dodged and he is president so not sure why I would care if Biden did it as well. What I do care about is how poorly Trump handled COVID-19 which has resulted in many more Americans getting sick and dying and much worse economic harm than necessary. The idiot had a campaign rally that was responsible for major spread of COVID-19. How irresponsible and destructive do you need Trump to be before you realize he is just a bad person to have as President?

          Are you so blind? Trump single-handed caused the chief justice to move to the left and has given life to radical leftists like AOC. He has also emboldened nazis in this country and inflamed tensions with blacks. But, but, he is good for Israel and religion so how can anyone here not support him. Just maybe, he is not good for those things. Trump’s disengagement of the US internationally means the US will have less say in international affairs for years to come. That will hurt Israel. The left-word reaction to Trump also does not look like it will be good for Israel. But, yeah, focus on short-term and ignore long-term trends. It is too difficult for you to see the bigger picture obviously.

    • I’d love to vote for Trump too. BUT I’m sure Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler are already dancing for joy and are ready to impeach even one day before election day. This one is going to be much harder to beat. Do I hear President Pence?

  5. Another defeat for the failed Orange Fuhrer. His 2 Supreme Court appointees voted AGAINST him. Not even this hoont is above the law. He’s already attacking the Court and the Criminal Justice System. Now his favorite money laundering bank- Deutsche Bank (vut den?) has to turn its records over to the NY and DC Courts! LOL.

    • My Mom, AH related an old Viennese lawyer’s statement, “when you raise your voice you already lost”. In a similar vein, referring to anybody as fuhrer, orange fuhrer or hoont is an indication that you have no real ammunition. Grow up.

    • There may be something to hide. However when it comes to many things there are legal loopholes. The richer you are the more legal loopholes you need to hold on to your money. Some of these loopholes are like walking a tightrope and when someone is out to get you they’ll make life very difficult.

    • Someone who is a registered republican explained to me that this rule only applies to Democrats. When republicans are secretive about such it is because they have no other way to deal with the democrats who are out to get them. When the republicans subpoena everything they can get, that is called oversight. When the democrats do it, it induces a livid response and is anti-American. I think Tucker Carlson had a lengthy monologue about this. Not sure if it was “news” or not as over there when they say something defamatory or clearly fake they say they are just offering commentary or entertainment, but when the MSM, whomever that actually is (I guess being the top or in the top rated news shows, does not make you MSM for whatever reason) reports on the news it is liberal democrats trying to undermine the country. There is some guy here, who claims he is educated (not sure he knows what the word means though), who can explain this better.

  6. I understand .

    1) Yes she is trying to hide the fact that he was really poor on a tax basis since all is written as liablities and writeoffs. The fake news will then say hey he is poor without pointing out that its just a basic heimisha tax gimick

    2) When its that complex there is a always a gotcha moment. if they look they will find.

    I hope that helps you undertsand things a bit.

    • i’ll tell you one thing for sure—he is not close to being a billionaire. And I speak with complete confidence based on professional contacts. I think he has less than what he inherited from his horrible father ,adjusted for inflation. He’s as good a businessman as he is a President

      • I believe you have professional contacts like a loch in kup. All of a sudden you know trumps finances

        Secondly, what’s the vice to be a billionaire ? As long as one can live the life of W billionaire . Trump knows how to live it up and enjoy the life of A billionaire even if all leveraged. The cheap rich galicina with money under his mattress yet still eating hard bread and herring has no thing from it

    • Your lack of knowledge is astounding.

      You cannot go to jail unless you commit tax fraud. Tax fraud requires showing that you knowingly violated the tax laws.

      Never once has anyone ever saw anyone go to jail for “gotcha” when it comes to taxes. Stop making things up. When your neighbor went to jail for issuing 1099’s so his friend could get the earned income credit and he could reduce his income, that is not “gothcha” that is is criminal tax fraud.

      • Wrong i have seen plenty who went to jail for tax fraud . Overzealous prosecutors looking to advance their career can twist and find anything you are so naive .

        Remember the guys in Lakewood caught for taking Medicaid fraud ? Some of them barely took physical money. And there was a 25k threshold to prosecUte . How did they get them they said since in the market your values is above 25k even though ylou both never had 25k in dr bills nor in premiums it’s worth 25k .

        That’s just one twist there are many others . Stop being so naive


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