Chaveirim – There for you – for everything


    (Monsey, NY)

    It pays to have Chaveirim’s number on your cell phone.  Here is why.

    It happened this week at a levaya in Monsey at the cemetery itself.  Apparently, there was a crowd that had gathered at the burial site itself.  Someone had stood near the kever – after the casket was lowered down, but before the dirt was placed on top of the casket.

    Someone had slipped and knocked into the adjacent headstone.  The headstone was knocked over and fell on top of the casket in the grave itself.  What should be done?

    It is unclear why they did not call the cemetery workers, but from a halachic perspective – it should be done by Shomer Shabbos people.  Someone had the idea to call Chaveirim.

    Chaveirim of Rockland County came very quickly and did the job perfectly.  The matzeivah was retrieved and placed back on the adjacent kever.

    Chaverim of Rockland County is an emergency services organization comprised of a dedicated team of altruistic volunteers. Dispatchers and service members are standing by 24 hours a day to help take care of the needs of our community.

    From weather emergencies to flats, to search and rescues and community watch – Chaverim is there for the needs of all. No matter how big or small. Chaverim has one goal: making Rockland County a safer and better place to live for all.  Now they have one more talent.

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