Goya CEO Praises Trump At White House, Backlash Is Swift

President Donald Trump listens as Robert Unanue, of Goya Foods, speaks during a roundtable meeting with Hispanic leaders in the Cabinet Room, Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

NEW YORK (AP) — Goya Foods is facing a swift backlash after its CEO praised President Donald Trump at White House event.

Goya was founded in Manhattan in 1936 by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife Carolina, immigrants from Spain. The company calls itself the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States.

Robert Unanue, a grandson and now Goya CEO, spoke at a Rose Garden event announcing a “Hispanic Prosperity Initiative” on Thursday.

“We all truly blessed, at the same time, to have have a leader like President Trump who is a builder,” Unanue said standing at a podium beside Trump.

Almost immediately, #BoycottGoya, #GoyaFoods and #Goyaway began trending on social media platforms like Twitter, with scorn coming seemingly from all directions, including some big political names.

Many were angered by the support, citing Trump’s history of derogatory comments and harsh policies toward Hispanics, most notably, the administration’s policy of separating immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former presidential candidate Julian Castro was among those to take to Twitter, saying Unanue praised someone who villainizes Goya’s customer base.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said she would learn to make from scratch some of the Latin cuisine that Goya makes.

Goya did not immediately comment.

According to the Pew Research Center, 13.3% of eligible voters in the U.S. this year are Latino, a record high.

Trump has been working hard recently to court Latino voters, who could swing the vote in states such as Arizona. On Wednesday, he welcomed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the White House with lofty language, calling Mexico a cherished partner. Trump’s tone was in stark contrast from when he kicked off his 2016 presidential campaign by referring to Mexicans as “rapists” and railed against migrants entering the United States illegally.

Goya recently donated thousands of pounds of food to families in the Bronx and Harlem who have been affected by COVID-19. The company also made a big donation to a public school in Queens.

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  1. Remember cancel culture doesn’t exist, who are you going to believe the democrats and their propagandist fake news media or your lying eyes.

  2. A chutzpa that people at work can express support for a sitting president and face harassment of they do. We need to pass tough anti bullying laws against people who hold different political views. It should be illegal for a work to fire someone or bully someone because they support Trump or because someone walking their dog feels threatened by a person of color and mistakenly calls the cops (Nothing to with job performance). This has to stop

      • No. They understand that everyone needs small coffee breaks and thats when I comment. I don’t work at a babysitting (himeisha job) where they clock you and watch you like two year olds. We are judged by what we produce. Its a more mature open minded setting.

    • What do your proposed anti-bullying laws have to do with this story? The Goya CEO has every right as CEO to meet with the President and praise him and his consumers and shareholders have every right to endorse or condemn such moves. Nothing to legislate.

      In the meantime, Trump always talks about suing people for libel and slander and how he wants to open up the libel laws. Why doesn’t he sue Bolton and his niece? Especially since his niece’s book concerns things that are not related to his Presidency. His family will back him in a suit against his niece and they were bad-mouthed as well. He always talks about suing for libel, I want him to do it. The reason he doesn’t is because he found out in his suit against Timothy L. O’Brien that when you sue someone for libel, you will be called upon to produce proof and answer questions about things you want to keep secret.

    • Harassment? So you think the New Trump Law should be they have to buy Trump Vodka, Trump Stakes (Even Yiden) ? Very Stable Genious. In The USA we spend our money as we wish. Its called FREEDOM.

  3. July 5, 2015:The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc. Care to guess who said this?

  4. So because Trump said some negative & true things about the worst of the illegal immigrants that come here you want to cripple a Latino business thus negatively affecting Latinos. Hypocrites! Yet more proof yet Liberals could not care less about Latinos or blacks or anyone else as long as they cant be exploited for the Leftist agenda. See they want the world to think Latinos hate Trump so when a Latino speaks fondly of trump that doesnt fit with their hateful narrative & therefore this man & his business must be destroyed..It is pathetic & anyone who cant see it is blind or brainwashed!!

  5. Good for Goya.. Great for Goya..
    Don ‘t flinch , Mr. Unanue..
    Trump never called all Mexicans rapists. Everyone knows what he said ,you liars.
    Don’t give in, fight like heck.
    They go into the gutter, ; do the same.
    We must destroy the Democrat Party. Total destruction of these vile criminals.

  6. yup…you go Goya…hope losing business to falsely praise a lunatic with 4 months of political life left was worth it…every single person who associates with this malignant cancer comes out worse off


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