Trump: NYC ‘Unrecognizable, Enraged’ Over Crime, Leadership

President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order on the “White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative,” in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

NEW YORK (Newsmax) – President Donald Trump, soured on the city he has long called home and its leadership by Democrats, on Thursday ripped into it on a number of scores, not least of which, he said, was anger over a Black Lives Matter sign painted outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets.

“New York is not recognizable,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday night.

Among Trump’s points, he faulted Mayor Bill de Blasio for accepting the U.S. government’s help during the coronavirus pandemic, only to throw “a big Black Lives Matter sign right down the middle of Fifth Avenue.

“The city is a city that’s enraged,” Trump said on “Hannity.”

“New York is not the place that it was. Everyone is leaving. They’re moving to Florida. They’re moving to other places. It’s very sad, actually, to see what happened.”

Trump also said Democrat leaders in New York City, Chicago and Atlanta are playing politics and refusing help despite surges in violent crime.

“Crime is way up, shootings are way up, murder is way up. It’s just unbelievable,” he said. And it’s not just New York, he added: “Chicago — what’s going on in Chicago — we are looking at it very seriously because we’re going to have to do something.

“We’re really supposed to be asked to come in and help, the federal government, and we have the greatest people in the world and we can solve it … but Illinois, they don’t want to ask. You look every weekend and every week in Chicago, it’s numbers that are not believable. Atlanta is starting to have some problems. So we’re ready to act and at some point we may have to act anyway,” he added. “We may have to do it sooner rather than later.”

The subject of rising violence in urban centers has been much on the president’s mind of late, after protests over the death of George Floyd and for social justice also gave rise to instances of rioting, vandalism and looting.

On Seattle breaking up the CHOP zone in Capitol Hill last week, Trump said the city acted after the federal government gave them notice that they were ready to go in and take the area back. It had been taken over, in a sense, by protesters as an act of defiance amid the Floyd protests, with police being kept out — a situation that escalated to fatal shootings.

“We were going in very soon and we would have taken the CHOP, we would have taken it back very easily. Frankly, the people gave up. They were tired,” Trump said.

Circling back to the coronavirus, which has also been a major test for his administration, Trump also lamented the fact that he provided so much help to New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic despite political attacks from de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“I was very nice to Mayor de Blasio,” Trump said. “I got him ventilators when he needed them; I got him hospital help when he needed it. I got him everything he needed. I got him the gowns, the masks; I got him everything, the shields. I got them everything.”

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    • whats baloney? Trump is 100% correct about the ungrateful NY. And yes the crime ridden corrupt NY.

      Does it make sense that thugs can ransack midtown(The shpitz of NYC) and noone arrested for it? What kind of law and order is this? Have we gone mad? People are scared to be in the streets when these guys come roraring or nearby. They hang up signs please don’t smash our window as we have little kids at home and pray that the protestors listen. Us yidden have to go lick them and show soldiarty less they come to our hood and smash our stuff and wack us over the heads? This is normal? This is a program yet not action. Just caving in.

      And De-Blassio goes with a murderer like Sharpton who has Ybakel roesnbaum’s blood on his hands and dances with him, painting 5th ave with BLM?


      • Normal? Homes and Apt (Trump tower etc) are up 1000% in the last 25 years in NYC. 8 years of Obama and 8 years of Clinton (3 Trump ) If he doesnt like it he can take his Building and all of his investments to MAGA Louisiana and No Dakota where it will be worthless.

        • what does that have to do with the current crime rate? Is it normal to just sit by and let Midtown get smashed like this? How about the crime rate and uptick ? Is that normal and OK?

          Please answer the question. yes or no.

      • Normal? According to most Frumme (live here) and Trump (invest only in Liberal Soros Cities) its very normal and a good for life/business. For his deplorable followers in every single state he won in 2016 probably its not normal.

        • I told you that’s baloney. We live in NY bec family and mosdos are there not because we are in love with a two bedroom apt crammed in Wllib. Thats why we run to the country. Jews don’t move out so quickly. Thats why we did’nt leace europe quick enough. Not because it was so great but becaue yidden settle as communities , you don’t pick up and leave easily.

  1. What is the big deal? The President does not live there any longer, and has hardly set foot in that area, since becoming the President. Whenever he leaves office,he will be going to Florida to live. Also, he knows that NY won’t vote for him anyway. Therefore, what is he so upset about? NY is the same way that it was when Trump lived there in the 1980’s. In fact, it was worse, as there were as many as 2200 homicides in NYC in one year, at that time.

    • You are just confused. DBlasio and other liberals, most Jews LOVE NYC. The Republican white supremacist (Some orthodox) will have to move to other states like Trump did.. They are a small minority. BLM statues are coming to Flatbush soon. Don’t like it leave it. AOC got 82% of the votes just 2 weeks ago if you cant see the signs on the wall you have a Haskofeh issue.

  2. Who paid for the street closure while DeBlasio and cohorts defaced city property? Who paid the officers time and a half to stand in front of the barricades to make sure no harm came to DeBlasio? Who paid for the paint and supplies? Who paid for the cleanup afterwards?

    • The Republican party in NYC is dead and buried. The opposition generally throws out some mishgav zachor Rino loser as if there is some hope. We frum Yidden have no power in our vote. The goyim outnumber us by at least 100 to 1, so our “Frum vote” means absolutely nothing in the big picture. Small ignorant people like some commenters here, still blame us, as if it’s our fault or it’s within our power to effect the outcome of the Mayoral election. Stop continuing that myth! Our vote doesn’t count. Even if every single frum man woman and child in this City votes for whoever the Rino they throw at us for Mayor is, that person won’t win. Enough with the lie’s!

  3. Deblasio relay needs a vacation badly he worked so hard this week more then ever in his whole career when he painted BLM in front of Trump tower , how about a little consideration……

  4. If we all registered to vote we could make change. Orthodox Jews live all over nyc. Half million votes make a difference. Hardly anyone voted in the mayoral election. Maybe nine percent.

  5. “1/2 million votes.” Nebach FYI 1/2 million = 500.000. The correct figure is closer to 35.000 voting age Orthodox in NYC or less than 1 %. Orthodox voted for Trump in 2016 and Hillary got 83% of NYC votes. Continue voting for Trump and you will prove to all Politicians in NYC that Orthodox Vote Doesn’t matter. They dont need it at all. Remember what just yesterday Trump said about Colleges. He will cut Tax Exemption if they dont do….. Hm?

    • Another fruitles argument. For years Coumo needed as Trump voters. Felder held the key to Albany in the IDC. We were very influntial. In fact had we just been lemmela dem voters Coumo had no use. He needed to won over Felder. So much so, that he felt so threatened and try to put in another candidate last primary but didn’t stand a chance in our community. Now with elections there are always times you are on the losing side and times oon the winning side. I fail to see your point why just because today its good to be dem in NY , means it will always be that way. For a long time we had Pataki and a Republican state senate. You win some you lose some

  6. Whoever the above anonymous person is,Yonatan,no Jew in their right mind would support De Blasio or the Democratic party at this point unless they were just waking up from a long coma.

  7. So New Yorkers are moving to Florida to escape the mayor? Florida’s also the place that lets bankrupts keep more of their property than other places. Just sayin’.

  8. De Blasio and his buddy Sharpton deface city property. How is that right??? If people cant graffiti building, how can they paint on the street, what is the difference?

    And De Blasio is buddy up to a know Jew Hater and an organization that hates Jews, good luck New Yorkers, you guys are in major trouble.


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