New Regulations Further Restrict New York Summer Camps


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A new roadblock has emerged for overnight summer camps in New York.

Several camps have managed to open with temporary residence permits under some loopholes present in the current executive order. However, those days may soon be over after New York State issued new regulations on Friday.

It remains to be seen how New York camps proceed following this development.

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  1. Cuomo and Zuker are rishaim. Closing the loopholes? He couldn’t care less if some jewish kid CH”v got sick. If he really cared he would let the camps open. He just can’t stand stand that we outsmarted him. He knows here in NY the virus is not spreading and for sure not by some kids in a camp. Is he going to stop the BLM protests too? The double standard and hypocrisy is sickening.

    • Not busted we just will defy orders and won’t listen. Too bad.

      Re tickets so far the social distanced tickets have all been dismissed.

      One more point, while we lost the legal court battle there is a diffrence. At the court battle the onus was an us to prove that the law banning camps are illegal. Now with tickets it switches, if they want us to pay money the onus is more on them to prove we are wrong.

  2. Do they have the same rules applied at State prisons? Do they have the same rules applied at homeless shelters? Do they have the same rules applied at hotels, motels, and camping grounds? Of course not. Don’t play the anti-semitism card or discrimination, stupidity doesn’t discriminate. The State government is becoming more and more similar to religious leaders, just easier to say NO!!!!!

  3. THIS IS PURE ANTI-SEMITISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    let them arrest all the campers…………………….

    the Yidden of New York State need to register all the children to the public school system NOW – let the Governor start hiring teachers and staff and build school buildings to “accommodate” all these kids.
    you don’t have to send them there in September – just register.

  4. Ferfel stol the non sense this effects all camps Jewish and non It’s only several Jewish (frum) camps that are playing yiddisher games right are wrong the law applies to all even boro park and Flatbush

  5. Let’s play it out. So let’s say a camp remains open, following all proper safety protocol just like a local Days Inn or Ramada Suites Motel. Then what? Armed guards will force their way on to the campus (with or without a warrant) and start rounding up the campers? The children will then be put in foster care in a Christian compound somewhere deep in the hills of Idaho? The counselors and JC’s will be led out in handcuffs? Any head counselor that tries to intervene will be shot (assaulting an officer)?
    Or will the worst case scenario be, that some distinguished looking official comes, gives a stern lecture on how reckless and dangerous the camp administration is, hands them a $1000 dollar fine, enjoys a piece of potato kugel from the camp chef, and calls it a day?
    The official feels accomplished and the camp ads another expense to their budget? Nu nu not the end of the world.

    • Will they really collect? Can they legally collect? How will they inforce the collection? IRS? That’s not in their jurisdiction. In NJ, Governor Murphy ultimately pardoned all the fines and violations that where handed out. Will Cuomo personally come and wait in the Camp office for the check?

      • Murphy only did that becaue he violated his own orders and the state’s top cop wouldn’t fine him because they are hypocritical Democrats.

  6. My fellow heimishe yidden. Please keep voting these anti semite Democrats in that are destroying the city and state. Remember it was Cuomo and Deblasio that closed the shuls. We will all be shortly forced to leave this miserable state and your property values will go down to nothing. Remember it was Cuomo that signed the rediculous bail law that ended the rule of law in New York. Just keep voting democrat.

    • No big deal. Next year the camp will open under new ownership. They’ll just change a few letters in the Camp name, put ownership in the wife’s maiden name, and shoin, they’re off and running. It’s the same old shtick they do with the real estate or company they own. Let it go bankrupt, put it up for sale or let it go to foreclosure, and few a few legal shticks, it’s in a relatives name, back in business. The vendors we left hanging, can go screw themselves. The rich get richer. They never loose. Bring me to a din torah. Send me hazmanos. I ain’t showing up anywhere. I’ll give you the finger and move on with my life. You live my new Tesla? How about all the summer homes I bought for my aidims? Not bad, eh? I’ll meet you by the pool after the barbeque.

  7. You voted to close the camps. When you voted theses democRATic bums in you got what you voted for. Besides most frum jews don’t vote. Are not even registered to vote. Ok now welcome your kids back home to the city and hope you get back some remainder of the camp tuition.

  8. We must protest in front of the mayor’s house and the governor’s house . We must throw fire crackers at their houses . We must call in the BOOOOOOOOOgolo BOYS to help us out .

  9. Camps should stay open. Let them get the violations and request a court date to buy time. After the summer they should just Deed (Sell) the property over to new Entity. The penalties, fines or fees will not carry over to new Entity.

  10. Since these camps need ideas for trips I would like to suggest that Albany is only an hour away – each day 1000 kids should be send to stand outside King Cuomos home and office and yell and scream. I would like to suggest overnights with tents camping out on the street there as well with noise to keep him up at night. JEWISH LIVES will only matter if we are willing to stand up and support them like the blacks have done.


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