St. Louis Couple Who Aimed Guns At Black Lives Matters Protesters Had Run-ins With A Reform Synagogue

ST. LOUIS, MO - SEPTEMBER 15: Protestors take shelter in the Central Reform Jewish Congregation Center amid a protest action following a not guilty verdict on September 15, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. Protests erupted today following the acquittal of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley, who was charged with first-degree murder last year in the shooting death of motorist Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. (Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

MISSOURI (JTA) – Footage of the St. Louis couple brandishing guns at Black Lives Matters protesters passing in front of their mansion on a private street quickly became a symbol of white resistance to calls for racial equity.

Now, an extensive report about Patricia and Mark McCloskey’s previous clashes reveals that among their many targets has been the Reform synagogue next door. From Jeremy Kohler’s story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Mark McCloskey has run off trustees trying to make repairs to the wall surrounding his property, insisting that he and his wife own it. In 2013, he destroyed bee hives placed just outside of the mansion’s northern wall by the neighboring Jewish Central Reform Congregation and left a note saying he did it, and if the mess wasn’t cleaned up quickly he would seek a restraining order and attorneys fees. The congregation had planned to harvest the honey and pick apples from trees on its property for Rosh Hashanah.

“The children were crying in school,” Rabbi Susan Talve said. “It was part of our curriculum.”

The story includes a photo of the note threatening legal action that Mark McCloskey left after destroying the hives. McCloskey has previously sued his employer, his neighbors and his siblings, according to the story.

Central Reform Congregation has played a role in previous protests over racial injustice. In 2014, the synagogue offered itself as a sanctuary for people protesting the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black 18-year-old, in nearby Ferguson, Missouri. The extended protests in Ferguson represented a breakout moment for the then-inchoate Black Lives Matter movement. When protests erupted after an officer was acquitted of murder charges in a different case in 2017, the synagogue again offered refuge to protesters.

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  1. We should all support mcCloskey as he is a normal guy against these radical leftist. The reformed deformed temple is a fake. Orthodox Jews support McCloskey.

      • If you’re from St. Louis can you explain why you don’t support someone who was protecting their property. I saw the broken gate and the screaming mob. They were not protesting peacefully.

  2. Michael Brown was a thug who tried to kill the cop and got killed but the leftist JINOs lie and protect the rioters who burn and loot because leftists are scum.

    • Neither would I, but I would never trespass onto their property and destroy their property, as these people did. If a neighbor is not legally permitted to keep bees, then address it legally. And if they are permitted to keep the bee,s there is nothing you can do about it.

      • Conversely, those hives were probably on his land, even though it was the other side of his wall. Its hard to believe a lawyer would go on to some one else’s property, commit vandalism, and leave a note! No charges were filed against him in this incident. How do you know he didn’t tell them not to put the hives there, on his land? How do you know that he or his wife don’t have bee allergies, making the hives dangerous? This article is an obvious hit piece, and should not be taken seriously.

  3. The law in most states says that a homeowner is permitted to use deadly force against an intruder who physically breaks into his home. In this case, I think that McCloskey should have stayed inside with his rifle. If the crowd charged him (even if he started shooting), they would killed him, as he couldn’t have possibly shot all of them. Secondly, their Attorney revealed that his wife’s pistol was not operable. Therefore, what business did she have waving that non-working fun in the crowd’s faces? Also, neighbors of the McCloskeys who live on their block signed a petition (there were about 25 names), which was essentially a vote of no confidence, and disapproval of the actions of the McCloskeys . There were a number of Jewish names on that petition. I think that McCloskey was a hot head. Firearm safety experts teach that you don’t go waving firearms in people’s faces, unless you intend to use them. Even if the protesters broke the gate down (common access entrance to a private street), that would still not justify shooting, unless they broke into their home, or tried to burn it down.

  4. Reform Jews = Liberal Leftist Democrats
    McCloskey Family = Constitutionalists

    Liberal Leftist Democrats hate the USA and everyone who wants it to stay especially Constitutionalists!

  5. I have a few beehives in my neighborhood that mcloskey is welcome to destroy , but what he did in that yard of that so called reform temple is totally unforgiveable !!!!!!!! SHAME ON HIMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHAME ON YOU MCLOSKEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GET STUNG BY MANY BEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. McCloskey your a good man. We need guys like you in New York as the Jew hating lefty radicals destroy our city. The reform temple is not a legitimate house of worship. Many reform clergy are atheists.

  7. 90% of Reform Temples are political buildings fronting for left-wing operations pretending to be religion – don’t deserve 501c3 status – don’t deserve to be called synagogues


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