Mary Trump Book Already Nearing 1 Million Sales

This combination photo shows the cover art for "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man", left, and a portrait of author Mary L. Trump, Ph.D. The book, written by the niece of President Donald J. Trump, was originally set for release on July 28, but will now arrive on July 14. (Simon & Schuster, left, and Peter Serling/Simon & Schuster via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — Mary L. Trump’s scathing memoir about her uncle, President Donald Trump, is nearly a million seller on preorders alone.

Simon & Schuster announced Thursday that Mary Trump’s “Too Much and Never Enough” had sold a company record 950,000 copies in combined print, digital and audio editions as of its date of sale, earlier this week.

Another anti-Trump book from Simon & Schuster, former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened,” sold nearly 800,000 copies in its first week when released last month.

President Trump and his allies had tried to stop both books from coming out, alleging that Bolton had revealed classified information and that Mary Trump had violated a nondisclosure agreement. Judges in each case denied requests for injunctions.

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  1. From the day Donald Trump won the election these choleras have been nipping at his ankles and to this very day don’t ‘faargin’ him his victory. Imagine how much this president could have accomplished without all this unnecessary attacks, investigations etc. But, the one who laughs last laughs the longest !!!

  2. I read the book, written by Trump’s niece in is entirety. It is really a very sad book, about a terribly dysfunctional family, consisting of intra family politics, and back stabbing galore. I won’t go into all of the details. However, there is one thing which I will disagree with, which Mary Trump wrote at the end of the book. She blasted her Uncle for proclaiming that the Central Park jogger rapists, were guilty. She claims that they were all “innocent”. The fact of the matter is that although not all of them were the actual rapists per se, they all were involved in one way or another (beating the victim, holding her down, etc.). The City of NY should never have settled with any of them, as they should have all been retried.

  3. Boroch- the so called Central Park Rapists were totally exonerated of that crime by DNA evidence and the confession of the actual rapist while in prison for another crime. The DA a d NYC fully exonrrated all of them and paid out $$ millions for damages and false imprisonment. The police covered up evidence (of course) and your fuhrer trumpf jumped on the trash heap bandwagon. If you’re such a bucher, you may want to go to the truth, not to the racist side of every matter.

    • > “The police covered up evidence”

      The year was 1990. There was no DNA database in those days, so there was no way to track down whose DNA was on the scene.

    • To: American Yid- Perhaps your Optometrist should change the prescription on your reading glasses. If you would again read my original posting, I never stated that those choir boys were the actual rapists. However, I stated that they all participated in the attack, by either physically punching the poor victim, tearing her clothes off, and holding her down,while the actual rapist violated the jogger. The jogger testified that there was more than one attacker involved. The choir boys (all with extensive criminal records for violence), all made incriminating statements, even though they were given their Miranda warning rights. The Court never ruled that they didn’t take place in the attack, only that they were not the rapist(s), as their DNA was not found. Therefore, stop splitting hairs, with your bubba meises. Even Mayor Koch at the time stated that “I want them punished”. The City of NY should have retried them; yet, the esteemed and distinguished Mayor, DeBlasio, for political reasons settled, and forked over millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars to those miscreants.
      Secondly, let me unequivocally state that I resent in the most emphatic terms your stating “your fuhrer Trumpf”. Also, what did you mean when you stated “the racist side of every matter”. Is it Jews who go around assaulting, robbing, raping, murdering, shooting other citizens, or is it other ethnic groups. As Sgt. Joe Friday used to state “Just give me the facts”.

  4. truth is, no matter how crazy he is we still need him to be president… what would you rather a half moral guy who will ruin our country or a immoral perosn who will keep it going. Leave the morals for between him and hashem and otherwise MAGA


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