‘Netanyahu, The Fourth And Fifth Child Are Also Hungry’

MK Moshe Gafni told the committee there was no chance of drafting the ultra-Orthodox community by force (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Israeli government’s plan to provide a flat grant to every family in Israel has come under severe criticism in recent days, as economists claimed that the plan does not provide a proper respite for those in more desperate need. However Chareidi politicians and Chareidi media also sharply attacked the grant plan because it stipulates that the grants will be given up to the third child and not for subsequent children.

MK Moshe Gafni called on government ministers to vote in favor of the grant only if it is given differentially and every child receives an individual grant. “Every child is a hungry child.”

Gafni added that ” I don’t know why we need to give money to wealthy families? Why not give the money differentially (based on income)? And why not according to the number of children?

An editorial in the Hamodia newspaper also criticized Netanyahu’s plan. “Netanyahu, the fourth an fifth children are also hungry,” wrote the editor, adding that the decision to give the grant to the first, second and third children is a “mix of cheap populism catering to the secular votes and intentionally discriminating against Chareidi children.” In a reference to the 2003 child allowance cuts made when Netanyahu was finance minister, the editor asked “What did the children of large families do to Netanyahu that he has been harassing them for nearly 20 years?”

“This government which is responsible during the coronavirus period for maltreating the Chareidi public via selective enforcement, closures and violence is doing it again regarding providing food to eat.

“We want to call this by it’s name,” the editor concluded. “It’s discrimination. We request in the name of the children: ‘Give me – the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh child (bless them), give me a piece of bread, even if I wash my hands and make Hamotzi.”


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    • So, buying food for three children, when you have six children, you might not have enough money to feel all the children properly.
      I understand your position that after the third child, the family would receive less money.
      Again, try to not have a large family. It is very easy to do.
      Maybe the parents will have to get another job to make ends meet

  1. Charedim shouldn’t expect much , considering they don’t do national service or join the army. Many of the men are full time learners who don’t even think they have to work .

  2. they think they ‘re ENTITLED ! since when was it decreed that they are ENTITLED. no one is ENTITLED. either have less children, or go to work, or something. but you are not entitled.

  3. This should be based on income . So if a family was on welfare before hand and no loss of income was incurred then they should not receive a stimulus . Those that did work should receive per child but maxed at your income .

  4. how does the virus affect a welfare king or queen’s income?….why are these schnorrers entitled to anything more?…their ‘parnossah” consists of collecting from the government in the first place!

  5. A better plan would be to find JOBS for these people so they can feed their families honorably and not via handouts. Give grants to those who take on jobs that no one wants, or better yet, raise the salaries of jobs that no one wants to make the work more attractive. Stop depending on foreign workers.
    Increase programs to teach viable skills.
    Give loans that become grants to promote responsible citizenship.
    Increase kollel stipends for those who are really learning and putting in the proper efforts.
    I know people need money today to pay off loans and overdrafts. But reinforcing unhealthy programs will only exacerbate the situation for the future.


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