Ex-new York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Gets Prison


New York (AP) – Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced Monday to 6 1/2 years in prison in the corruption case that drove him from power.

The sentencing by U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni in Manhattan came after she insisted that the 76-year-old Democrat come to court in person to hear his punishment, rather than appear remotely because of concerns about exposure to the coronavirus.

In a handwritten letter to the judge, Silver, who was one of New York’s most powerful politicians in his 21 years as Assembly speaker, had asked that he be spared a prison term that would cause him to die in prison.

Prosecutors had urged that he go to prison for seven years for bribery and extortion.

Silver was ousted as speaker in 2015 and convicted later that year, but appeals have so far kept him out of jail. His original conviction was overturned on appeal but Silver was convicted again in 2018. Part of that conviction was then tossed out on another appeal, leading to yet another sentencing hearing Monday.

“Your Honor, I do not want to die in prison. This case has been going on for more than five years, but I feel like I have aged 15 or 20 years. My fate is in your hands,” Silver wrote in his letter to the judge.

Silver said he ruined his legacy and was now angry, sad and ashamed and believed: “I am ruined.”

His lawyers, meanwhile, had asked for leniency, saying Silver was an obese man in his 70s with a history of cancer, chronic kidney disease and other health problems that make him among those most at risk of dying from COVID-19.

In the part of the case that survived the appeal process, Silver was convicted in a scheme that involved favors and business traded between two real estate developers and a law firm. Silver supported legislation that benefited the developers. The developers then referred certain tax business to a law firm that paid Silver fees.

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    • I hope Trump wins and we can reach out to Jared to commute his evil sentence based on compassion. Thankfully Shelly never hurt Trump like the other dems.

    • Trump is the most conservative Republican president ever yet you will support the commie democrats because you are deranged.

  1. Terrible and a disgrace. Shelly Silver an old man who made a small mistake must languish in prsion and suffer even under covid 19. Meanwhile, thugs and murderers roam the street in the name of BLM , commiitng heinous crimes yet they are given a free hand. Where is our compassion? What kind fo corrupt crazy country has this become? We need tough prison reform for whiote collar minor criminals like shelly. End the suffering and stop destroying people’ls families. So cruel , just in the name of some prosecutors using this to advance thier career. Banana republic we live in.

    • Again you make a spelling mistake. You write that Silver “made a small mistake”. it should be Silver “made a smole mistake” (שמאל, i.e. leftist).

  2. I agree with Archy but what he did was more of a gray area than a mistake. 25 years ago it was standard course of business. It’s really a shame, he is a good man that did a lot of good for the Jewish community.

    • Sorry to upset your legal reasoning, but you don’t go to prison for 6 1/2 years for unethical practices. His actions were illegal and personally enriching. Notwithstanding the good he did for the Jewish community, he was repeatedly convicted of illegality. Stop rationalizing. Surely you are familiar with the concept of a mitzvah ha-boh b’aveirah.

      • Yes yo do go to prison for gray areas. You are no professor just some pupil. When overzealous prostecors are looking for gootcha moments so they can advnace their career they can obscure and pruupt justice. they can take gray and turn it black while the stupid uneducated jury convicts based on how its portrayed.

        You are a fake professor

  3. To educated archy
    He got into trouble because he allowed the gay marriage bill to pass. From New York it went nation wide. You forgot hurricane sandy where silvers district was under water. In Heaven there is a chesban.

  4. The judge is very biased and really doesn’t know the practice if what went on. He could have been a very rich attorney without the hassle of public service.

  5. Leave the guy alone already. He had tremendous bizyonos till now. Enough. He is over 60 and our wonderful government paskined that it’s dangerous to be near others. If they put Mr. Silver in prison, that’s like giving him a death sentence. Why do you think the President pardoned Mr. Stone?

  6. He did it. He knew it was illegal, but he did it anyway. He was not forced to do it by poverty or lack of education. He simply wanted to steal. Lock him up.

    • Thats compassion in your eyes?

      He knew it was illegal? Not so clear. There was no quid pro quo. He knew it was grey.

      “He was not forced to do it by poverty” what makes that more justfied? Poor are allowed to steal more tnan wealthy? Silly argument. We all get tempted by money rich or poor. At the end of the day money crimes especially white collar that doesn’t really hurt anyone are quite silly to lock someone up for.

      Lock up the thugs who smashed Tiffany and instilled fear via terrorizing Mnahatn first

      • I agree. He knew he was operating on the fringes of legality. After all, he is a smart man who crafted many laws. He still decided to do it. The court looked at his activities and decided he crossed the line. Now he can go to jail.

        • Why should he go to jail for that? Isn’t that cruel? For a senior citizen with a family especially during covid 19?

          And for someone who simply crosses a line? Do you really believe jurors have the scholarly legal minds to grasp that complex topic or do they believe whatever the prosecutor says and how he portrays it?

          Don’t you think that this a bit cruel? As a jew, Don’t you have compassion?

          • I am not a Jew. You know that. I have no special compassion for people based on who their mother was.

            He was convicted three times of taking $4M in bribes.

            “Mr. Silver, addressing the judge said that his actions were ‘improper, selfish and ethically indefensible’ and emanated from a misplaced sense of entitlement.”

  7. What’s the point of LOINING Gemara all day if you don’t know the difference between an intentional crime and a ‘mistake’? Is convicted goniff Shelly the Shill an exception to Halacha because he wore a fedora and posed as ‘frum’? Maybe you’d want him executed if he were Black.

    • 1) our Gemara teaches us for monetary crimes you pay back what you stole . You don’t lock people up
      2) he did not steal. He took some bribes and did favors at worse . No big crimes
      3) yes a black should be executed . The black in general is not just stealing . They are smashing and terrorising midtown. If it’s an upper class black who commited a white collar crime than yes let him go
      4) The black would never be prosecuted . It’s only popular fo go after rich powerful white men . That’s how prosecutors advance careers. It’s all a perversion of justice . It’s a corrupt system.


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