Defense Minister Benny Gantz: 13 Hotels Will Be Adapted For Chareidi Coronavirus Patients

Defense Ministry/Tal Hermoni

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Defense Minister Benny Gantz together with MK Moshe Arbel, Home Command head Uri Gordin and senior defense ministry officials visited Tuesday the Prima Palace hotel in Jerusalem which has been adapted into a COVID-19 convalescence hotel for the Chareidi sector. To date 11 “corona” hotels have been adapted specifically for the Chareidi public and there are 4000 people in these hotels, including both patients and isolated persons. Gantz announced that by the end of this week two more hotels will be opened to cater to the needs of the Chareidi public.

He added that “we are broadening the activity of the COVID-19 convalescence hotels and adapting them for the Chareidi public and for the general public in an attempt to step up our war on the virus. The entire defense apparatus has been conscripted into the effort in order to save lives.”

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  1. So sad. Even the Israelis fell for this Democrat HOAX. 15 old people had a cold and it went away on its own in April. It was like a miracle. The drank some bleach, injected a little Lysol and swallowed a few heat lamps and it was gone. Some people say it was like the greatest miracle of them all.

    My Coronavirus briefings get better ratings than Exodus and I have better hair than Charlton Heston but the FAKE MEDIA never even mentions that.

    MAGA Morons Are Governing America

    • Your last line is certainly true, for some parts of America, at least. For example, you have governors who sent virus-infected patients back to nursing homes, and then proceeded to laugh it off, and to now claim (and have others claim on their behalf) that their handling of things has been exemplary. You have mayors who assign police officers to guard street graffiti and ignore actual crimes, and others who are happy to let rioters and looters and so forth run amok.

      So I guess there really are two Americas. There’s the one where we expect politicians to do their job _now_, and then there’s the one where you pretend that their not having perfect clairvoyance invalidates everything they’ve done since then.


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