Afghan Girl Shoots Dead Taliban Murderers Of Her Parents


KABUL (VINnews) — An Afghan girl who saw her parents dragged from their home and murdered by Taliban terrorists for supporting the government managed to shoot dead two of the assailants and injure several others.

The incident happened last week when insurgents stormed the home of Qamar Gul, a teenager from Gerivah, a village in the central province of Ghor. The terrorists were looking for her father who was the village chief and a supporter of the Afghan government. Despite attempts at peace initiatives, the country is still torn between pro and anti-government elements.

When the terrorists were searching for Gul’s father and his wife attempted to resist the arrest, the Taliban fighters killed the couple at their home.

“Qamar Gul, who was inside the house, took an AK-47 gun the family had and first shot dead the two Taliban fighters who killed her parents, and then injured a few others,” local police chief Habiburahman Malekzada said. Miss Gul is aged between 14 and 16, according to different officials. It is common for many Afghans to not know their precise age.

Other eyewitnesses said that Gul conducted an hour-long battle with the terrorists together with her 12-year-old brother, Habibullah.

Several other Taliban fighters later came to attack her house, but villagers and pro-government militiamen expelled them.

Afghan security forces have now taken Ms. Gul and her younger brother to a safer place, according to Mohamed Aref Aber, spokesman to the provincial Governor.

The Afghan government praised Qamar’s bravery at a cabinet meeting, and the president, Ashraf Ghani, has invited the children to the presidential palace.

“When I saw them that night, they were shocked but were feeling honoured,” said Mohammad Rafiq Alam, the district governor.

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  1. This girl is a hero. There are trained military and police that wouldn’t have the fortitude to do what this child has done. I hope that she is kept safe.

  2. Great job girl!!! We in America are very proud of you!!!

    I hope that you are safe now. Just a little advice, always cary around the AK47 just incase someone wants to retaliate.

    I think that president Donald Trump should make her and her brother an American citizen, and let’s bring them here, and give them a better life.

    To the girl and her brother, I feel terrible for the loss of your parents!!!


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