Longtime North Brooklyn Assemblyman Joe Lentol Defeated By Emily Gallagher

Outgoing Assemblyman Joe Lentol, seen here calling for the end of hate crimes

BROOKLYN (VINnews) — In a stunning upset, Joe Lentol, an assemblyman of 46 years, has been defeated in the latest Democratic primary for the 50th district that takes in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. He lost to Emily Gallagher, a community activist.

Lentol conceded with a statement Wednesday morning, saying “It’s decided: The voters in the 50th Assembly District voted for change. It’s been a great honor to represent the people of North Brooklyn in the Assembly. I’m proud of my years of service, delivering important legislation and always attending to constituents’ needs.”

“My successor will be busy as the new Assembly Member.” Lentol continued. “I wish her well as she faces the enormous challenges ahead.”

Gallagher tweeted her confidence in her victory by Tuesday evening, saying “Fresh numbers from the scanners, with all the usual caveats. With the in-person vote included, we’re now ahead by 265. And our lead is growing.”

Later that night, insiders from the Board of Elections verified that Gallagher was indeed in the lead.

Lentol initially held a 1,763 vote lead over Gallagher, following an in-person machine count on June 23, which was largely due to the loyal support of the Orthodox Jewish community of Williamsburg who have backed Lentol for years.

But it was evident from the informal count shared by Gallagher on Tuesday that she now led by an estimated 2,020 votes from mail-in ballots.

“The community and the district will still benefit of Assemblyman Lentol’s @assemblymanjoe service till January and will always remain indebted to his 48 years of service,” wrote Williamsburg News on Twitter.

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    • This is why our votes doesn’t matter. If we cant win in Williamsburg (or Flatbush, Deutsch) we have NO chance City wide or State wide. Vote Democrat. Can you just imagine for a minute if the next elected Mayor or Governor will treat us like Trump does every day whoever he doesnt agree.. Bring the FEDERAL POLICE to close Shuls? Schools? even Mikvaot if they do unlawfull acts. (They do it every single day and we know it) There is an old saying. If you cant beat them join them.

      • Hey, you might want to brush up on your facts a bit. The guy who brought in the police to close shuls was de Blasio the clown, otherwise known as the mayor of NYC. He’s a great mayor, except for the fact that he’s a nutjob and anti-Semitic and dabbles in arts-and-crafts instead actually helping his city. So yeah, great guy.

        By the way, Trump brought the Federal Police into Portland. Y’know, that great place, with mostly peaceful protests, where there are only minor crimes like arson committed? And Trump opened our shuls, he didn’t close them. Are you comparing the “great situation” in Portland to davening in shuls? I sure hope not.

        • There has never been a NYC mayor more responsive to orthodox Jewish leadership than Bill De Blasio.

          When he is replaced by a leftist (no Republican is getting elected dogcatcher around here until Trump and Trumpism are gone), you will be wishing for De Blasio to return.

          • I don’t believe that exclusively calling out the Orthodox Jewish community for “violating” the lockdown orders makes you much of a friend of the Jews. Yes, de Blasio has done some good things, but the last few months have shown a different side of him. Personally showing up to an NYPD-okayed funeral to call us out on Twitter doesn’t win you my admiration, sorry.

      • Silly man, Trump is bringing in police because 4 year old black children are getting killed due to silly protests. Cops are getting punched in the face and 5th Ave was terrorized.

        This is real serious issues and law and order problems. How do you compare that to open shuls?

        Also its not our job to worry about how the next guy will treat us. If right he is good for us lets go for the guy who is best. One day its like this the next day like that. Toay you will join progressives but tommorow NYC may get so sick of that like they did under Dinkins and they will vote in a Rudy again. He will then hold grudges on you for supporting progressives . Don’t believe me?

        Ask Lakewood how Christie too to supporting his opponent in 2009. Lakewood tried your broken apporach of joining the winners. And everyone thought Corizne would win so it made sense. Guess what the tide turned the other way.

        I fail to understand why your fundamental keeps us safer why can’t it flip on its head?

  1. This is why President Trump is legitimately concerned about mail in votes. I agree with the President on this one. Once you drop your vote in the local mailbox, who knows what happens to it afterwards. Who is opening the mail at election headquarters? Who’s monitoring it? How do we know they won’t stuff the Republican votes in the paper shredder?

    • Trump isn’t concerned. He himself votes by mail. We have had voting by mail since the American Civil War.

      When Harry Winston decided to donate the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian, HE MAILED IT. That is how safe the US Postal Service is.

  2. “There has never been a NYC mayor more responsive to orthodox Jewish leadership than Bill De Blasio.”
    1. It’s a joke, Charles B Hall is “making a funny”.
    2. Charles B Hall is trolling.
    3. Charles B Hall is De Blasio’s on-line name.
    4. “Responsive to Orthodox Jewish Leadership”; yes responsive, saying “NO” is also responding.
    5. Is Orthodox Jewish Leadership Rechnitz? Reichberg?


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