After 101 Days In Jail, Chareidi Protester Who Allegedly Spat On Policewoman Released

Yaakov Lederman/Flash 90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — After more than three months in jail and numerous demonstrations calling for his release including one which took place Wednesday, Chareidi activist Binyamin Friedman was released under restrictive conditions.

Friedman, a father of 11 children, was arrested before Pesach for refusing to disperse an illegal demonstration and allegedly spitting on a policewoman. Friedman denied the charges but the judge claimed that Friedman had intentionally endangered the policewoman and should remain in jail. Initially the prosecution agreed to allow Friedman to remain at home with an electronic handcuff, but due to his being religious he requested to be without the electronic handcuff on Shabbat. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court acceded to his request but the state appealed and overturned the decision. Friedman refused to wear the handcuff and was taken into custody.

During the course of his custody a number of demonstrations took place calling on police to release Friedman, including a violent demonstration Wednesday night. On Thursday morning a judge ruled that Friedman could be released as long as he stayed away from Beit Shemesh where the alleged offences were committed. Additionally he was told to post bail and to attend all hearings.

Chareidim protest Friedman’s continued incarceration, July 22nd 2020

Friedman’s wife told Kikar HaShabbat that “my husband is a demonstrator, he didn’t burn garbage bins, didn’t throw stones and didn’t spit, he demonstrates and shouts about what hurts him, he didn’t spit on the policewoman.

She added that “they wish to take revenge on him for what occurred in the past.”


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  1. I would have kept his tuchas in jail longer; he should not get away with using the “Hareidi card”, by alleging bias. Spitting on anyone in this era of Covid-19, is extremely dangerous. For too long, his meshpucha have gotten away with serious crimes, such as throwing rocks (which are potentially deadly missiles, assaulting IDF soldiers, assaulting women on buses, etc.). In Physics, for every action, there is a reaction. Therefore, if these miscreants want to play rough in the big leagues, they will be treated accordingly.

  2. Just read what happened to jewish farmers who had to defend themselves with firing their guns as a hundred Arabs tried to lynch them. Instead of arresting the Arabs who hurt some of the Jews the police arrested the Jewish farmers. Mind you these jewish farmers had served in top units in the israeli army. Chareidim should not join the army. It is full of atheistic and immoral toeiva nicks.

  3. Keep on going Tzadik. We in America seem only to demonstrate and call names those who don’t wear masks or god forbid daven with minYan. Guess this is the only thing that bothers us.

  4. take away his welfare…”my husband is a demonstrator”…LOL…from this you make a living?…families like this will eventually bring Israel down from within…takers who contribute nothing to society

    • Wait, Henry, I thought it was your position until now that demonstrators are practically secular saints, and that to decry their activities, let alone interfere with them, is un-American.

      Also, you know, a moment’s thought would make it clear that “a demonstrator” isn’t at all the same as “does nothing else but demonstrate.” People are capable of doing a certain thing at one time and a different thing at another, you know.

  5. where as I have little respect for the secular medina, I still think that we have to obey the laws of the medina. When either the charadim become the majority or moshiach comes, then they will have to obey our Jewish laws.


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