Gedolim Authorize Reciting Avinu Malkeinu After Prayers

Rabbi Chaim Kanievski Shlit'a

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the wake of Israel’s spiraling number of coronavirus patients, including an unprecedented number of patients in serious condition, Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau addressed a number of Gedolim asking whether to recite Avinu Malkeinu after prayers.

Rabbi Lau wrote that “we are experiencing difficult times and even the doctors cannot find any effective cures or medicines and understand that we can only rely on our Father in Heaven. I therefore request a ruling on whether to publicly say Avinu Malkeinu during these days and in particular to cry out when saying ‘Avinu Malkeinu, prevent plagues from Your inheritance’.”

Rabbi Chaim Kanievski, Rabbi Gershon Edelstein and Rabbi Shalom Cohen all responded positively to Rabbi Lau’s initiative. Rabbi Kanievski wrote that it is the “right thing” to say Avinu Malkeinu and Rabbi Edelstein also ruled that “it is preferable to say Avinu Malkeinu” during these days. Rabbi Cohen added that “obviously the power of prayer is great… and therefore the more people pray wholeheartedly and with supplication is important. May G-d accept our prayers and answer us willingly.”

In accordance with the ruling of the Gedolim, Avinu Malkeinu will be recited after the repetition of the Chazan during the Shacharis and Mincha prayers.

Israel saw more than 2000 new infections in a day for the first time Wednesday and the number of active COVID-19 cases surpassed 30,000, with 295 in serious condition.

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  1. We saw on one of the other blogs where certain “Gedolim” were celebrating a vort with no masks and no social distancing! These “Gedolim” our obviously in disagreement of this psak.

    • American or Israeli? Different dynamic. In israel its a break out vs in the greater NYC area where its justa precautionary measure but we seem to be immune.

  2. The עדה החרדית did that already Purim time. They also had a יום תפלה on ערב ר”ח ניסן when the other communities were insisting תורה מגנא ומצלא.

  3. This is the best medicine. Social distancing is only a temporary measure that won’t chase it away. Hahsem will decide when it comes and goes. Our teflios can chase this away permanantly. I hope by tachnun today people had this mind as well


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