Judge Orders Michael Cohen To Be Released From Prison

FILE - Michael Cohen arrives at his Manhattan apartment, Thursday, May 21, 2020, in New York.

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge ordered the release from prison of President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer on Thursday, saying he believes the government retaliated against him for writing a book about Trump.

Michael Cohen’s First Amendment rights were violated when he was ordered back to prison on July 9 after probation authorities said he refused to sign a form banning him from publishing the book or communicating publicly in other manners, U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein said.

Hellerstein ordered Michael Cohen released from prison by 2 p.m. on Friday.

Cohen, 53, sued federal prison officials and Attorney General William Barr on Monday, saying he was ordered back to prison because he was writing a book to be released before the November presidential election.

He has been in isolation at an Otisville, New York, prison camp.

The lawsuit said the book would address “Trump’s personality and proclivities, his private and professional affairs, and his personal and business ethics.”

The lawsuit said the government’s demand that Cohen agree not to speak to or through any media, including by publishing a book, violated his First Amendment rights.

Cohen had been furloughed in May along with other prisoners as authorities tried to slow the spread of the coronavirus in federal prisons.

He was one year into a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to campaign finance charges and lying to Congress, among other crimes.

Campaign finance charges related to his efforts to arrange payouts during the 2016 presidential race to keep the porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal from making public claims of extramarital affairs with Trump. Trump has denied the affairs.

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  1. unreal…the guy deserves what he gets for being a key henchman of the mobster in chief…but to jail someone to stop him from speaking or publishing a book?…in America?

    • Well, since in your America a person deserves to be jailed without any evidence of having committed a crime, just because he was a member of an administration you don’t like, then yes, in that same America he can be jailed for other reasons.

      You don’t like it? Well, then, see, you might try discarding your first sentence, and going back to the Founding Fathers’ concept of justice, rather than Lenin’s and Stalin’s.

      By the way, Henry, your state of California has just recorded the largest increase in COVID-19 cases. Tell us again about how competent your governor is?

  2. I hate Cohen and his new anti trump mission. I think this all just self promotion and nothing altruistic about his mission.

    However prison for white collar criminals is cruel. I hope this judges has comapssion and Shelly silver who is older and has more at risk. he also suffered plenty already

    • Archy, A truly educated man shouldn’t hate anyone especially a fellow Jew. Cohen was let out to serve the remainder of his sentence at home and put back in prison because he refused to agree not to publish a book that Trump thinks will portray him negatively.
      Cohen has a First Amendment right to write and publish anything he wants to. If Trump has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide, I can’t understand why he would try to ban Cohen from publishing.
      I don’t think anyone would be interested but I have no objections to any of my lawyers writing a book about me.

      • True. “hate” is the wrong. I disagree with his ideology and Believe he is harming us and the american people. I think he is just an attention grabber.

        They say its because of a book but that’s just the fake news aspect. He violated stay at home orders and was caught eating out in a restaurant. Now I don’t think anyone violating soical distance rules should be locked up, but if your premise of why you mus leave jails is bec you are concerned about covid then you can’t go and flaunt the coivd lock downs

        That being said jails are cruel so I get it.

        “If Trump has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide”
        I think I addressed this about 100 times but let me readdress it
        1) Every book and investigation has its gottcha moments. if you dig you find esp with a complex person like trump.
        2) Things can be misconstrued and it will portray you worse then the truth
        3) I don;t think trump is completely innocent. I just say these are small stuff and let the guy live. I also don’t believe for a second that most of you guys after Trump, are really doing it for “law and order” reasons. Its baloeny. You guys investigate him because you hate him and what he stands for

  3. “You guys investigate him..” Wrong. Its the Republican Justice Dept investigates him. We guys will start in Jan 21 when we take over the Govt. Can’t wait for the Whitchhunt to start. 6 more month.

  4. Coihen has already said his book has dozens of antisemitic Jew hating slurs used by the President on a daily basis, in his office, at home and when traveling, in front of corroborating witnesses. Its a chillul hashem! Oy, our leader has done this. Help!

      • Only snow flakes get offended by the same jokes we’d all make too. I think it’s funny and source of pride that trump shows off that he likes yarmulkes counting his money . It’s funny so true and shows we are smart . Very trump
        Like but if you ain’t such a a snow flake what’s wrong ?

    • He makes crude comments because that’s Trump’s style. His actions speak louder than words. If he hated jews he wouldn’t trust Jared on top of all advisors. He has let everyone go but Jared. Even when things are down low, he sticks to Jared. Freeing Rubashkin is another example. Trump has a loud mouth but you &I know the truth . If there is one thing anyone honest can’t dispute about Trump its that he is no anti semeite. Its such buiba masses to say otherwise

    • And if Cohen says it, it must be true, right? There isn’t the _slightest_ possibility that maybe he’s making things up, knowing that the Trump-haters will believe any lie about him, no matter how ridiculous (cf. the Gorilla Channel)?

      Ask yourself: how come no one has brought forth any recording of Trump saying such slurs? If it happens “on a daily basis, at home and when traveling,” has no one in all that time ever thought to get it on audio or video?

    • I’d prefer a leader who says stuff others take offense at but gets things done and is good for us to one that sweet-talks everyone and then is bad for us.


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