New Frum Neighborhood Pops Up in LI Almost Overnight


    By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

    It is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Long Island and personifies suburbia itself.  And almost overnight, it popped up.  There is a shul, an eiruv, and, yes, affordable housing.

    The Rav of the shul is Rabbi Moshe Winter, a great grandson of Rabbi Irving Bunim, one of the pioneers of Torah Judaism in the United States and a close confidant of Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l.  As far as schooling goes,  due to New York State regulations, free bussing must be provided for children to schools up to 15 miles away. This provides a wonderful choice of yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs that are accessible to East Meadow residents in both Queens and the Five Towns.

    One of teh first things that the original frum members did was to build an eruv, which covers just about any part of town where incoming residents would want to live.

    The Eruv was built and is overseen by Rabbi Isaac Kresch, one of the leading Eruv experts in the country and a former member of Rav Leibel Rand’s Kollel in Far Rockaway/Five Towns.  The Far Rockaway Eruv is also under his direction and he also consulted with Rav Shlomo Teitelbaum zt”l on the Kew Gardens Eruv.

    There is a strong sense of community in East Meadow too and Rabbi Winter has started many programs and shiurim to engage the community. There is a  daily Kollel Boker, and a morning Gemara shiur before shachris. On Shabbos morning, there is a weekly community-wide kiddush, followed by a shiur for the women, given by Rabbi Winter on inyanim of Sefer Bereishis. Shabbos afternoons, the Rebbetzin, together with her teenaged daughters, runs Bnos groups. On Motzoei Shabbos, the shul is buzzing with the sounds of fathers and sons participating in an Avos Ubanim learning program, complete with pizza and prizes. With these new programs, the children are engaged and feel a strong sense of connection and community.

    In addition, there are N’shei events throughout the year, affording the women the opportunity to get together, relax and enjoy inspiring times together.

    The pricing of houses begins in the high 400,000’s – but you do get a lot of bang for your buck.  There are many different styles and types of houses available.

     The lot sizes range from 6000 to 12,000 square feet. There is plenty of local convenient shopping (think the Roosevelt Field Mall),and it is not far from two Gourmet Glatt and Central Avenue of the Five Towns. Some stores also provide options for delivery. The crime rate is almost non-existent as well.

    There is also a lot to do.  There is Eisenhower Park with a lake, Senator Speno Memorial Park with sports courts, the Eisenhower Blue Golf Course, and also an I.Fly Trapeze. There are plenty of recreational activities too.

    The 5 largest ethnic groups in East Meadow, NY are White  67.5%, Asian 10.8%, Hispanic 6.5% and African American 4.83%.

    While the community is mostly made up of young growth-oriented Torah families, there are families that are also retiring there too.  “I can sell my home for one million plus, and put away over a half million dollars in the bank and live next to a shul with a good eruv.  What could be better?” remarked one person looking into housing in East Meadow.

    A significant number of East Meadow residents work in Manhattan and commute via LIRR.  It is about one hour and twenty minutes. If one drives or takes a cab it is 37 minutes.

    East Meadow is now also the location of the Jewish Heritage Center as well, and is a hub of Kiruv and Torah classes.  Their Jewish Family Initiative provides classes for children and adults, and have also opened a new Jewish preschool called The Children’s Learning Center which caters to families of all backgrounds. The JFI hosts family events, social events and Yom Tov events.  These programs and activities are run by Rabbi Avraham Portnoy and Rabbi Eliyahu Turk, the next generation of the founders of the Jewish Heritage Center in Kew Gardens Hills, New York – a well-known and successful outreach program.

    It is an ideal place for frum families looking for affordability, and an opportunity to raise a family in a Torah Kehillah.

    The author can be reached at [email protected]

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      • I don’t know if you are aware, Jughead, but things in Eretz Yisrael aren’t great either. Coronavirus is everywhere, there is police bias against Chareidi and leftists are rioting to get Netanyahu out of office so they can take over and give away the Yehuda V’shmron and half of Yerushalayim to the Arabs. Plus, it is very difficult for people in the professions to make parnasa there. Not everyone can sit in kollel all day and wait for someone to support them. I hope to retire to EY someday but while I’m still working and supporting BH a family I can’t do it.

        • Yes, I am resting in Brooklyn, USA.
          It appears that most actions in E Y against frum are against the Chareidi that, by some measures, are asking for it. I try to be frum and identify as frum but neither I nor my parents AH nor my In-Laws AH (Israeli Tsabra) would ever block traffic, throw stones, light fires and ignore pandemic rules.

    1. It would be great if they all move here, Jughead, but there’ll always be people who would rather be next to two Gourmet Glatts than one Rami Levi. It’s all a matter of priorities.

    2. I work in East Meadow and it is a lovely neighborhood with good shopping and transportation. But the Gentiles who live there are afraid it becoming “another Lawrence”, in which the Orthodox Jews move there in such numbers that the public schools close, and almost all of the shopping areas are closed on Shabbos. To be perfectly honest, their concerns are valid. I’m living in the 5T for 20 years and have seen Central Avenue turn into another 13th Avenue.

      • East Meadow is adjacent to North Bellmore, and a short drive from South Merrick. The former is a warm but small community that never really took off. The latter has a few shuls, and a varying kosher food supply, but neither is likely to become West Hempstead. Nearness to a day school or yeshiva is what nurtures a community. If East Meadow achieves that, well and good.

      • And what’s wrong with that. I live in Boro Park I think it’s nice that the Chinese nail saloon on 13 th ave is closed on chol hamoed and on Shabbos. The same for some of the 99cent stores and the Pakistani cleaners on 14th Ave

    3. Kshomron,
      You’re not only right , but they , in their hearts, know it too.
      All their excuses aren’t worth a wooden nickel.
      Come and make a difference: and watch how you talk about Eretz Yisroel.
      G-D’s shechina is here not in galut which is under gezar tumah by Chazal.

      • When I see all of the Gedolim who live in the United States, England and elsewhere start to make Aliyah, I will seriously think about it. Right now, I’m not seeing it. American yeshivas are packed with students and the Roshei Yeshivas are not going anywhere. I wonder why?

        Anyone who insists that we move to EY now “or else” is clearly not concerned with parnasa. Guess somebody must be supporting them. Not all of us are so fortunate.

        • You keep mentioning that there is no parnassah in E”Y. I know several people who have moved there and most are in the working world (not kolel people like you mentioned above being supported by parents). There is plenty of work opportunities in Israel.

          As for your statement that you’ll move when you see all the rabbis and rosh yeshivas move… they aren’t going to abandon all the yidden currently in America. Do you think all the rabbis that live in hicktowns in Iowa or Georgia thinnk it’s the best place to live? They are there for the Jews that live there

      • The meraglim who we just read about also were afraid to come to Eretz Yisrael. They told the truth but didn’t have enough trust in hashem . As did the Rabbis in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s when the writing was on the wall. Just read “Aim Ha Banim Smeichim” , by Rabbi Teichtel who wrote the book while in hiding from the Nazis in Hungary after telling his kehila not to move to Eretz Yisrael. Heus whole book is based on atoning for his mistake and how he was wrong. He gives sources why he was wrong and he should have encouraged his followers to move. He along with most of his followers was murdered. We can’t second guess G-D. Don’t you read Sefer Dvarim over there. Besides, the more people that come , the better off we will be asa country. People generate the economy. There is no future any more in America, it is unraveling.

        • The Meraglim were not “afraid” of the gentiles from a military perspective. Depending on which mefaresh you learn, they had a bias in that they were either afraid that Klal Yisrael wouldn’t have the needed zechoyos or that they were going to lose their positions once they arrive in E”Y.

          Contrary to the Zionist slander on our greatest Torah sages of the 1930s and 1940s, it was the Zionists who through both action and inaction, locked the doors to Jews to emigration from Europe. It’s no secret. The Zionists themselves said “Rak biDam tihye lanu haAretz”. Etc. Etc.

          If you think Aim HaBanim Semeicha has any practical relevance, show it to your LOR and see what he has to say. Incidentally, even he doesn’t advocate breaking the 3 oaths, which, of course, the Zionists do with gusto.

      • The Zionists are the avi avos haTuma; the absolute assault on kedushas haAretz that the Zionists have done and continued to do is beyond disgusting. They’ve taken everything holy and made a mockery of it to make it as profane as possible. (Chashmal, Knesses Yisrael and Keren Kayemes are just a few examples among untold many.)

        The Zionists have outdone even the European gentiles in their pritzus, and much more. Even worse, they’ve hijacked the Jewish religion to remake it as a gentile nationalistic idol.

        Conversely, every shul everywhere is considered Eretz Yisrael.

    4. Parnassa?
      Didn’t the Ribono Shel Olam just prove how countless lost parnassah and millions in the US in under 3 months ?
      Like evaporated within a 24 hour period ?
      Jughead is telling the truth that everybody is noticing. The country is exploding and disintegrating day by day. Don’t be dillusional, it’s a matter of months now.

      • The Zionist paradise has been disintegrating since before it even started. It has never known a day of peace in its century of existence, both pre-state and post-establishment. Even the Zionist leader stated that they will “live by the sword” forever. Like Esav. The very essence and purpose of the Zionist state is shmad and identity theft of the Jewish people, unlike any gentile country in the world.

        Throughout the galus, there has always been a safe place for Jews. The Zionists did their very best to ensure that was not the case during WW II, insisting to the gentile nations that Jews (besides for the “old and inform” of course; just like the Nazis made selektzia, the Zionists did, too) be allowed to emigrate only to then-Palestine, because they needed them as (almost literal) fodder for their hoped-for State. If the alternative was the camps and gas chambers, the Zionists preferred that for the Jews rather than letting them leave to some civilized country.

        We also have a mesorah that America will be the last stop for Torah in galus. On the other hand, the Satmar Rav wrote that Hashem will surely destroy everything the Zionists have built, shelo lihaniach shem laApikores, etc.

        So even if certain portions of America become less safe for Jews, it has nothing on the Zionist paradise, where their police thugs physically beat elderly chareidim walking to shul and (in a discriminatory manner, too) harass chareidi girls, besides for the shmad that is Zionism and its state, in general.

    5. @5TRESIDENT – I couldnt diagree with you more. The “gentiles” are proud of their safe neighborhood and are happy to have young law abiding families moving in. Just drive thru the neighborhood and ask them.
      East MEadow is a beautiful neighborhood with welcoming warm families as its nucleus. Friendly shul. Talmud Chachom, caring and involved Rav and Rebbitzen. Short drive to Queens and 5 towns. 42 minutes to Flatbush with no tolls bridges or tunnels. We wish you much Hatzlacha.

    6. @kohen gadol
      You should have seen Radom , Poland.
      Beautiful city ,lots of rabbis, shuls, hachnoses orchims , gemachs, yeshivos, nuclear families,short train ride to Cracow , no tolls , wonderful gentiles too.

    7. The 5Towns aren’t immune from the Democrat/media/corp. meltdown across the country. The Democrats already are planning to dismantle the suburbs with hi-rises, placing illegals and diversity push to populate them and destroy their once unique character.
      Aren’t you folks paying attention at all?
      Obama talked about it, and now Biden & Co. are going to steamroll it if he gets elected. If not, then it happens in 4 years.
      Your children are your responsibility and they won’t be able to live in the golden medinah too much longer.

    8. It’s not wise to found new Jewish neighborhoods during a time when the USA is undergoing unrest and violent attacks on our democracy and symbols ,such as never occurred_and millions are in favor of it too.
      History teaches; ignore it at your peril.

      • Yet people need to live someplace. If you mean people should leave the USA, it seems as though you posted from the USA on a Friday afternoon. You obviously are not in Israel.

    9. If Democrats win the presidency, Senate and House , our country is doomed.
      Of what value will be this new town ? Or ANY town ?
      Think it over, we have our Holy Land .

    10. And in a few months from now, the headlines will read: “New frum neighborhood on Long Island sees real estate prices soar”. So much for the “affordable” neighborhood. The cost of housing in most frum neighborhoods are out of control.

    11. Halachically and morally a mikvah is to be built before a shule. Why no mention of one? Also, I wish people wouldn’t use the term African American. Rabbi Hoffman, amv’s, refers to it as an ethnic group. It is not.
      Many Blacks, or Negros, are not American. Many Africans are not Black, or Negro. White is used in place of Caucasian as Black is for Negro.
      I’m sick of greater society adopting whatever ignorant idea is promoted by the evil anti-American Left.
      So many corporations & organizations are all of sudden tripping over themselves to promote the Marxist terrorist anti-Semitic racist organization Black Lives Matter.
      It’s hard to imagine where the bottom is, but the Left is shoving us there. Everywhere else the Left has won, hundreds of millions have died while the rest are in virtual slavery.
      And, don’t give me the myth of socialist Scandinavia. Look up that myth to see why that’s what it is.

    12. If Trump Chalileh loses in November, the United States of America will not be habitable for a frum Jew. Anyone who is not aware of the situation with Dreck Lives Matter, and the possible backlash from disenfranchised Goyim who will (not without cause) blame the Yidden (Nadler, Schumer, Soros, HIAS, Schiff, AJC, Marx, Bernie, etc., etc.) and doesn’t have a valid passport and some liquidity, will find himself wishing he was just having a very bad nightmare. Whoever is thinking of buying a house in East Meadow (or Brooklyn or Monsey or Tom’s River, or anywhere in what is currently known as the United States of America) should at least wait until after Election Day.

    13. @Balagola Everyone understands that we are still in golus at the moment. That is not the conversation here. The point is that you need to live somewhere. East Meadow is a very good option that is close to where many people work. It is more affordable as well.
      We also understand that there are other communities that have even a lower cost of living but for many, those other communities are not an option.

    14. you can move upstate to White Lake, NY we have a choshuver Rov who has been here for 50 years – also yeshivos, whether Modern, Litvish, or Chassidish, are available in Sullivan County.

    15. I have fond memories of Sullivan County, and the Yiddisha mountains. When I was a youngster, my family used to rent a bungalow in Hurleyville. My Grandfather used to come up to visit us by train; I still remember the steam locomotive of the Ontario and Western Railroad, which used to make the trip from New Jersey. Unfortunately, that train discontinued service in the late 1950’s. In 1958, when we were coming back from the mountains, prior to the Rt. 17 Quickway being built, everyone had to climb the Wurtsboro Mountain. It was a very hot day, and I saw literally dozens of cars, which overheated on the side of the road. However, our old Buick Special made it, but used up a lot of gas. We tried to fill up at a gas station on the Palisades Parkway, on the way home. However, just before my Father pulled into the station, there was an electrical storm, and a bolt of lightning knocked out the electrical power to the gas pumps. B’H, we made it safely back to Brooklyn, on fumes, with that 1951 Buick Special, which was built like a tank. I miss that car, today.


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