Sinclair Pulls Show Where Fauci Conspiracy Theory Is Aired

FILE - In this June 26, 2020, file photo Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, center, speaks as Vice President Mike Pence, right, and Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, left, listen during a news conference with members of the Coronavirus task force at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington. Fauci has warned that the United States could soon see 100,000 infections per day. “We haven’t even begun to see the end of it yet,” Fauci said during a talk hosted by Stanford University’s School of Medicine. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

NEW YORK (AP) — The Sinclair Broadcast Group said Saturday it is pulling from the air an edition of its “America This Week” program that discusses a conspiracy theory involving Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus.

Sinclair spokesman Michael Padovano said Sinclair hopes to add context and other viewpoints and still air the controversial segment on the next week’s edition of “America This Week.”

Meanwhile, Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, talked in detail in a new podcast about the “serious threats” and hate mail directed his way.

“America This Week” is hosted by Eric Bolling, a former Fox News Channel personality, and sent to stations Sinclair owns in 81 markets. The show it initially distributed for this weekend’s show featured an interview with Judy Mikovits, maker of the widely discredited “Plandemic” video, and her lawyer, Larry Klayman.

Mikovits, an anti-vaccine activist, said she believed that Fauci manufactured the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and shipped it to China. There has been no evidence that the virus was produced in a lab, much less any of Fauci’s involvement.

Bolling did not push back on the claim, or show any evidence of checking its veracity. He followed up with a segment interviewing radiologist Dr. Nicole Saphier, a Fox News contributor, who said she thought Fauci “in no way, shape or form has been involved in the manufacture of this virus.”

During the segment, first revealed by Media Matters for America, a chyron on the bottom of the screen read “Did Dr. Fauci create coronavirus?”

Bolling told CNN Business that he wasn’t even aware of the “Plandemic” video before his bookers arranged for Mikovits’ appearance. He told CNN that “frankly, I was shocked when she made the accusation.” He said he brought Saphier on to challenge what he called a “hefty” charge.

The 26-minute “Plandemic” video emerged this spring and promoted a series of questionable, false and potentially dangerous theories. Online platforms Facebook, YouTube and Twitter took actions to slow its distribution.

Kelly McBride, a senior vice president and ethics expert for the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank, said Saturday that such controversial theories should only be presented if accompanied by thorough reporting on their accuracy.

“One has the responsibility to vet the information that they’re putting in front of an audience,” McBride said. “There’s no way to put information out like that responsibly because it’s so far-fetched.”

Before pulling the episode, Sinclair had tweeted that it did not endorse Mikovits’ theory. But the company said, “We’re a supporter of free speech and a marketplace of ideas and viewpoints, even if incredibly controversial.”

A hero to some for his blunt talk about COVID-19, Fauci has been the target of criticism by President Donald Trump and his supporters. It was revealed this spring that he was given security after receiving threats, and he talked about it in some detail on “The Axe Files” podcast with former Obama aide David Axelrod this past week.

Fauci said he’s seen a side of society that is disturbing, with a far greater level of anger than he heard in the 1980s when he was working to combat HIV.

Fauci says he is receiving “not only hate mail, but actual serious threats against me.”

“I mean against my family, my daughters, my wife,” he said. “There are people who get really angry at thinking that I’m interfering with their life because I’m pushing a public health agenda.”

When it comes to hate mail and serious threats against him and his family, Fauci said, “I don’t really see how society does that.”

“I could understand, very well, that you have to be careful because of the negative consequences of things like shutting down,” he said. “That’s understandable, which is the reason we’re all trying to open up America again in a way that is safe, that we can do it in a measured fashion. But the hostility against public health issues is difficult to not only understand, but difficult to even process.”

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      • And what about PRIVATE stores in Williamsburg and elsewhere that posted signs on their windows “requesting” that their patrons dress modestly? Why were they fined for posting such signs on their PRIVATE windows?

      • enlighten us please mr lawyer professional.

        One thing I can say for certain, the idea that anyone who supports Trump can lose their job, livelihood, can get their entire business bullied and boycotted, their families can be harassed and intimidated etc.. when they go out to eat they can be harrassed out a private restaurant etc.. All of that needs to be stopped, We need protections.

        • Unlike some people I dont opine about something I know nothing about. He made reference to businesses getting in trouble for modesty signs but I have no information about what the charge was. Ergo, I have no idea.

          That doesn’t detract from what I do know about which is that the 1st amendment doesnt apply to private regulation of a private platform.

        • Let me know when Fox or Brietbart will allow liberal viewpoints (let’s not even suggest them allowing far-left liberal conspiracies) to air. Or are you only concerned about the “thought police” when it is to stop the airing of stupid right-wing conspiracies?

          • I know that “progressives” tend to be stuck in the past (it’s always 1860 when it comes to Confederate monuments, it’s always 1933 when a Republican is elected president, it’s always the 1960s as far as race relations, etc.), but you could go check Fox sometime and see what they actually air nowadays. Hint: it ain’t the same network as 30 years ago.

      • Yes that’s correct . The rumors are saying that O’bama dressed up as janitor /maintenance man and went to the basement of a pharmacutical labarotory at night , where he did his sneaky dirty covid manufacturing work . .. While he was doing that , Biden got busy in a different lab causing hurricanes which will strike at certain strategic times near election time , which he hopes will prevent people from going out and voting for Trump . Of course Biden has no brains in his head , Trump is gonna whip his butt ten times over no matter what , comes election day .

    • Trump has yet to make that connection. Pretty soon he will figure that out. He will also figure out his disastrous border fence was also built by Obama. Also, Obama is secretly manipulating his poll results. Also, don’t forget about Hillary, that shadowy figure that was also responsible for everything that ever happened, including all the corruption on Team Trump.

  1. Although the term “Plandemic” no doubt applies to what is going on vis-a-vis the corona virus, it is certainly beyond farfetched to claim that Fauci created it and sent it to China. Airing something that ridiculous actually is bad press for those who believe that the current narrative about how serious a plague we’re in right now is false and politically/financially motivated. Thanks, Sinclair, for sitting on a while longer

  2. Another rightist dumpster fire amplifying sicko debunked conspiracies. Is this where the under-informed maga creeps get their news? Some of the sinclair conspiracies are about Jews controlling the banks and spreading the deadly virus. But its First Amendment, so its OK by you, right?

    • “sicko debunked conspiracies”

      Like the one that Trump colluded with Russia, for example? Before you start talking about “under-informed maga creeps,” how about you take a look at the misinformation and outright lies being pushed by your side and still believed by many?

      • You mean an investigation that showed Russia interfered with a US election. You realize a bipartisan report from the Senate (GOP led) in April 2020 concluded that Russia interfered in the election. This is not a Democrat conspiracy. It was also a Trump appointee, Rod Rosenstein that appointed a special prosecutor. The investigation showed numerous possible improper contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russia, but, and this has been a running theme with this Presidency, due to obstruction by the admin the investigation was never able to be properly concluded.

        One has to wonder when Biden wins the election and all the claims of privilege fall by the wayside what comes out then? With all the stonewalling and obstruction 90% of the people Trump knows went to jail, hard to imagine the other 10% will remain free once the rest comes out.

        • As usual, you’re moving the goalposts. The question wasn’t whether Russia interfered in the election; nations do that to each other a lot. It was _whether Trump colluded with Russia_, which, yes, has been exposed as a flat-out lie, a lie that in turn was used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump’s campaign. And yet you still have liars like you who pretend otherwise.

  3. Donald Trump, the stable genius created the virus thinking it would hurt China and help his election. Little did he know that it would trend on Twitter as the #Trumpvirus and cost him votes.

  4. It’s easy to label and dismiss Dr Mikovits as a crazy anti-vaxxer (she actually isn’t against vaccines in principle, just the unsafe ways they’re being pushed and then damage covered up) – but read her book and then decide for yourself. All I can say it’s eye-opening.

    I would never have believed it until I saw what was (and still is!!) being done to Hydroxychloroquine (the malaria drug that has shown some success against covid19) and the false claims being pushed by various establishments (generally Trump haters, and more subtly, big pharma) in the name of science. If you think there’s no corruption in medicine… you have a lot to learn. Start with her book.

    • Reading lies is not a good way to learn stuff.

      As to Dr. Zelenko… Perhaps he is on to something perhaps not. His data is mostly worthless as there is a very good chance he ended up giving his cocktail to people who did not actually have COVID-19 or where in the group of people faring well enough that it made no difference. I actually read through his published case files and you just don’t have any proper controls on how patients were chosen. There are an increasing number of studies with various cocktails involving hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and the results are not promising. Of course, you can always argue that they don’t follow Dr. Zelenko’s exact protocol, but even so to expect the medical establishment to jump behind the word of one or a couple of doctors that present results that are pretty incredible and don’t align with any study that is properly conducted, is ridiculous. This will continue to be studied, hopefully outside the realm of the politics you are trying to bring into this, and hopefully sooner rather than later we will know conclusively if there is any validity to a treatment like Zelenko proposes, or it was just wishful thinking.

      It is not surprising you a proponent of anti-vaxxers as well, since it is also based on ignoring the evidence out there and imaging that everyone is out to get you.

      • You have such a negative eye, always putting people down, always calling people names. Even your moniker is negative. You are like Bilaam harasha. Your arrogance and condescending attitude is atrocious.


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