Florida Overtakes NY State In Coronavirus Cases, Adds 9,300

A sign informs customers at the Edison Hotel restaurant about wearing a protective face mask during the coronavirus pandemic, Friday, July 24, 2020, along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Fla. Masks are mandated both indoors and outdoors in Miami Beach. People found not wearing a mask are subject to a civil fine of $50. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Florida surpassed New York over the weekend as the state with the second-most coronavirus cases in the U.S., as more than 9,300 new cases were reported in the Sunshine State on Sunday, accompanied by an additional 78 new deaths.

Florida’s 423,855 coronavirus cases as of Sunday were surpassed only by California’s 453,659 cases. With 39.5 million residents, California has almost double the population of Florida’s 21.4 million inhabitants. California is the nation’s most populous state, followed by Texas, Florida and New York.

New York, once the epicenter of the virus in the U.S., had 411,736 coronavirus cases. The state has 19.4 million residents.

There were 9,344 new cases reported in Florida on Sunday. The number of new cases was lower than other days last week, but caseloads released on Sundays tend to be smaller because of the lack of workers entering data or in labs testing samples.

The statewide median age of coronavirus patients in Florida was 40.

Almost 3.4 million Floridians have been tested for the virus. The new cases tested over the weekend had a positive rate of 11%, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The state health department recorded 781 COVID-19 deaths over the past week for an average of 126 deaths per day on Sunday, down slightly from Saturday’s weekly average of 127 deaths per day. Florida had 5,972 total deaths as of Sunday, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Florida also had 8,951 coronavirus-related hospitalizations as of Sunday.

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  1. Way more testing is now available for Floridians than New Yorkers had during the peak. So with that being said, this does not necessarily mean that a higher percentage of Floridians were actually infected.

  2. The curve in Florida keeps on declining . At its peak it was at 15k its now down to 9k. Deaths while bad are far lower than in ny at this stage of its outbreak

      • The point is simple . When ny was 3 weeks in and at 10k new cases a day we had 1000 deaths a day

        Fl has 100 a day .

        Did it’s “ new cases “ exceed ny? Yes . But it’s deaths are a tenth of it. Those new cases for whatever reason are less fatal .

        We also see it’s going down bh

      • I am not a prophet but as an optimist I’d like to say yes to that . Or at least yes it will be like ny which still records a few hundred new and has a few deaths but nothing to the extent of March .

        The reason I am an optimist and say it will go away is the curve in Tx and FL. it’s about two weeks and the curve is down . That seems to say it’s on its way out .

        As I often say covid comes and goes with no rhyme or reason . It’s whoever the malach hamaves decides to hit. Yes social distance or no social distance it will get you. Israel was at bear zero after an extreme lockdown and curfew . But It seems like once it makes its mark it leaves .

  3. Why does the media keep harping on how many positive covid cases there are? What does it show? What does it prove? Most people who test positive have little or no symptoms. In addition, I know a few people who went into the hospital recently for various ailments (stroke, heart, cellulitis) and were immediately put into a Covid ward. I would be worried if many people were being hospitalized or passing away.

    • We lost more Americans in Florida than died from both sides at the Battle of Antietam.

      Many people are being hospitalized. Record numbers in Florida are being hospitalized.
      The greater the spread, the more hospitalizations and, to a lesser amount, deaths. Positive cases is how you track containment efforts which in Florida is easy to track because the efforts are zero.

      As I recall, Trump and Cruz claimed Obama’s pandemic efforts failed when 2 people total died.

      • We’ve lost more Americans in NY nursing homes alone due to Geronticide Cuomo’s policies than in the entire state of Florida, we’ve lost more Americans in NY than in the Battle of Normandy

      • Hospitals are not as bad as ny .
        Postive cases are going down . The curve and infectious rate is on a decline. Whatever FL is doing it seems like Desantos has it under control .

        Re the deaths , yes it’s a plauge . Yes it’s bad . But it’s a tenth of NY.

        You gotto stop thought that societies can just run away from this . You can’t it will hit you when it wants . Yes social distancing helps to push it off and some times mazal will help you avoid it . But at other times it will catch up to you anyhow . And long extended lockdowns have it’s own consequences . As the esteemed AOC ( congresswomen from NY) stated, people are rioting bec of poverty and unemployment and feeling hopeless . In plain English people are rioting be of extended lockdowns and no work . And people are dying
        Including Babies

    • Becaus they can use it to attack republicans being that they are the propaganda arm of the democrat party.

  4. Florida added a record-high number of hospitalizations Friday, recording 584 new admissions, according to the Florida Department of Health.

    Florida logged 136 deaths, bringing the total number who have died from coronavirus since March up to 5,763 people.

    The state also surpassed 400,000 infections over the five months since the pandemic began, adding 12,444 new cases Friday and bringing the total to 402,312. The percentage of positive tests for the day is about 13 percent, with more than 100,000 tests processed.

  5. With more people getting infected the closer we get to herd immunity.
    Th comments about fewer deaths are very important, the liberal news media is like to sensationalize and therefore ignores that part. At the present rate of infection, the epidemic will greatly subside before the end of August and will allow the schools to reopen.Th only thing that will prevent school re-openings will be the media’s sensationalizing every case.

    • Well said. And I’ll add there have been reports of a few minor positive cases in camps but it hasn’t spread across the camp like what is suppose to occur when you breath on each other or don’t soical distance. Why is that so?

      The answer is, a child or teen has the sniffles. They go to the dr, he takes a covid test. It comes back positive so now oy vey someone in camp had covid. But why is it postive? Many dr’s are now saying that its old covid cells that trigger postive but its old and asymptotic. They did not get covid now or it would have spread. They got a cold now. They had covid 4 months ago henceforth its postive now,

  6. It’s also noteworthy that last week California overtook New York State in coronavirus cases too, but somehow American Pravda – and hence their lapdog VIN – didn’t see fit to report on that.

    Obvious difference: California’s governor has the magic (D) after his name; Florida’s has the scarlet letter (R).


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