Watch: Couple Wears Swastika Masks In Minnesota Walmart


MARSHALL, Minn. (AP) — A couple in Minnesota wore red face masks emblazoned with swastikas to a Walmart in a video posted on social media.

Police were called Saturday to the Walmart in Marshall, in the southwest part of the state, on a report that two shoppers were wearing the mask with the symbol used by the Nazi Party. Another shopper, Raphaela Mueller, who is a vicar of a southwest Minnesota parish, posted video on Facebook of the man and woman being confronted by others in the store, the Star Tribune reported.

“If you vote for (Democratic presidential candidate Joe) Biden, you’re going to be living in Nazi Germany, that’s what it’s going to be like,” the woman with the swastika mask said in the video as her husband loaded bags of groceries into a shopping cart.


Mueller said when she first saw the couple, she felt “nauseated and I wanted to cry, which I ended up doing.”

“I was speechless and shocked. I have heard of (things like this) happening in other places but I never thought I would see something like that,” she told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Marshall police gave the couple no-trespass notices but did not cite or arrest them, police Capt. Jeff Wenker told the AP on Sunday. Police did not identify the couple.

Saturday was the first day that Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s executive order took effect requiring masks in businesses and indoor public spaces to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Walmart already requires customers to wear masks at its namesake and Sam’s Club stores.

In a statement, Walmart said the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer “will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business.”

“Store management offered the individuals disposable face masks as an alternative, which they refused. The individuals became belligerent and were asked to leave the store by store management,” Walmart said.

The couple’s trespass ban is for at least a year and applies to all Walmart stores, the company said.

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    • Are ppl so dumb? Although obviously this is not appropriate but if you bothered reading what they said it’s obvious that they are not pro natzi’s rather the opposite and are trying to make statement that our country is heading in that direction.

    • Apparently, their point was missed by most (perhaps poorly delivered). Even an atheist Jew failed to comprehend it.
      They are AGAINST Nazism. They were trying to make a statement that Joe Biden winning will bring the U.S. to a point similar to Nazi Germany.

    • Oh please, these are two losers who happen to support Trump, on the other hand, democrats have prominent politicians and celebrities making antisemitic remarks all the time!

  1. It is VERY easy to put on a mask, hood etc (hide your identity) and be a racist or nazi while pretending to be trump supporters in order to give trump supporters a a bad name.
    Oldest leftist tactic there is.

  2. Um, did all you people commenting that this couple voted for Trump even bother reading the article? Because if you did, you’d see they are NOT Nazis, they are worried that’s what the US is going to turn into if Joe Biden gets voted in. People, read the article, not just the misleading headline!

  3. What does it have to do with Joe Biden? The totalitarian laws are already in place requiring mask wearing. They are sending a message that America is inviting a medically run totalitarian regime which will make the Nazi doctors envious.

    • the Nazis learned their ideology from the Democrat Party, but they found the Democrat ideas to be too racist for their tastes – the point they are making here is apt.

  4. Go to a trump rally. Look at all the nazi tattoos. Denying what os in front of your eyes? Convince yourself he isn’t loved by nazis and fascists? You’re not fooling anyone, only yourselves. 1933 is his gift for your loyalty.

    • Liar. If it were so easy to find such tattoos, you could point to some video evidence of it, for example. But you can’t.

      It’s strange how you can keep on harping on the supposed anti-Semitism of Trump and his followers without being able to bring any proof for it, but ignore the open anti-Semitism of the Democrat party and its supporters. It’s also strange how you keep on claiming it’s 1933, ignoring Hitler’s mobs who long before that were attacking people in the streets with the connivance of local governments, exactly like their successors Antifa and BLM nowadays. Actually, it’s not really strange at all, because you’re a menuval who has no problem using the Holocaust to push your fantasies, putting you about one step away from being a Holocaust denier.

    • Walmart will never open a store in Israel, since the mom and pop grocery stores in Israel, and their supporters would never allow a large American discount store to open there, essentially putting then out of business.

  5. the Nazis were about big government and identity politics – sounds like the democrats to me – they are right – if you vote for Biden, you are voting for Nazis


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