Once Conservative Political Kingpin, Matt Drudge has now Become Part of the Progressive Left

Matt Drudge was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. His parents are both Democrats who worked for the federal government, and he is their only child.

NEW YORK (VINnews) — During the 2016 election campaign, one of the most influential media supporters of Donald Trump’s campaign to win the Republican nomination was popular conservative site The Drudge Report, named for its founder Matt Drudge. Rivals complained of the report’s pro-Trump bias and journalist Carl Bernstein called Drudge’s backing “an influence unequaled” in Trump’s ascendency to the GOP nomination. Later Drudge put its full resources behind Trump’s bid for presidency and radio commentator Rush Savage boasted after the election that he and Drudge were the “two people on earth” who had done the most to get Trump elected.

At the beginning of Trump’s term Drudge romanticized about “this young Trump administration” and called the president “one of the most fascinating Americans that has ever lived in the modern era.” Trump also acknowledged Drudge’s contribution to his political fortunes, calling him a “great gentleman” and hosting him at the White House.

However in recent times Drudge has changed his tune, becoming progressively more critical of the president due to his foot-dragging on his promise to build a border wall, which was apparently a major reason behind his original backing of the president. During the impeachment procedures Drudge did not make efforts to defend Trump and even queried whether “Trump would ever quit.” The site ran headlines like: “Republican criticism [of Trump] mounts …” “It took [a] long time for Republicans to abandon Nixon …”

Conservatives have been dismayed and angered over Drudge’s political about-face. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson claimed Friday during an interview with Drudge biographer Matthew Lysiak  that “Matt Drudge is now firmly a man of the progressive left” and called his report a “propaganda outlet posing as a news company.” Another Fox anchor, Jesse Watters, compared Drudge Report to Trump’s most strident critics on the left, claiming that although the site is “very fair, very aggressive, very bold” with regard to its approach to Trump: “that’s what you log on to CNN for.”

Trump himself reportedly fumed “What’s going on with Drudge?” and sent his son-in-law Jared Kushner to try and investigate the changes in the site’s policies. However Lysiak, whose biography of the veteran journalist is entitled The Drudge Revolution, suggests that Drudge has simply concluded that it is more financially lucrative to target Trump than to try and defend him. As Rush Limbaugh put it when asked about Drudge’s apparent change of heart: “And I tell people, ‘Have you heard of clicks?'”

The Fox host then reiterated that Drudge’s site has undergone a “remarkable change”

But before Lysiak could confirm this relationship, his feed dropped and Carlson moved on.

“I’ve recently stopped visiting the Drudge Report because if I want Liberal talking points, I just go on Huffington Post” Michael Stein, a longtime reader of Drudge Report, told VINnews.com

“I think it’s a shocking story that no one has picked up, the biggest conservative blogger starts leaning left and actively tries to make the Republican in office lose? If that’s not a story, what is?” Stein concludes.

Here are some past screenshots that show Drudge’s bias against the Republican president:

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  1. It’s been at least two and a half three years or so that I’ve looked at Drudge report. It was my understanding that he actually sold the site.

  2. I haven’t read him in nearly two years
    His tune and tone changed drastically after the election guess you make more money by turning left then staying the course
    Except he lost many followers

  3. Or maybe like many who voted for Trump, they don’t feel he should be president. There are many former supporters who are turned off by his hostility, lack of acting presidential, his stance on immigration, and lack of leadership. It’s not only about conservative values.
    But many of us will ultimately either vote for him or stay home because of the other candidate’s positions.

  4. Being anti-Trump does not make someone a progressive or a leftist — which are two totally different things. Being anti-Trump makes one anti-Republican. And, being a republican is not the same as being a conservative. Up until the teaparty take over of the GOP in 2008-2010 there were liberal Republicans.

    • One can also be a conservative tea party member like Paul Ryan and anti trump. Stop framing this as only liberal vs conservative Republicans and labeling the tea party as Trumpion. I personally am a conservative Trump fan but despises Trump’s moral values

  5. Drudge is a Conservative icon and hero. Please do not confuse Conservatism with Trumpism and Populism. Drudge is not a Trumpian populist. Tucker Carlson and Trump are not conservatives. They are populist rabble-rousers. True conservatives like George Will and Bill Kristol abhor Trump. Drudge hasn’t changed. Republicans have changed. They have sold out their values for Trump. They no longer care about deficits, they no longer care about free trade, they no longer care about corruption at highest levels of government, they no longer care for leaders of moral standing. The list can go on and on. Drudge is NOT a Liberal Progressive he is an honest Conservative which is something that is lacking among too many Conservatives today.

    • Your ponit is so well taken . And its written eloquently. While I am an avid trump supporter I get your side too. And those things do concern me.

      Your comments would have so much more credulity if only did not spam VIN with 10 screen names, phineas. Smart people are not dumb

    • “True conservatives like George Will and Bill Kristol abhor Trump. Drudge hasn’t changed. Republicans have changed.”

      Wow, truly misinformed comment. Neither of these people are real conservatives.

      Kristol is just butt-hurt that Trump, on his very first serious try, was able to come in and win the biggest political prize there is. Most Never-Trumpers and squishy-establishment-type Republicans were never able to come close to what Trump has accomplished. And it just bugs them to no end.

  6. It can’t possibly that he supported his campaign and then realized what an absolute lunatic Trump is and stopped repeating Trump propaganda??? Or decided to take a stand on the Trumpian lies about coronavirus how it is just a flu and it will disappear and we should stop testing. He consistently still criticises the left but has woken up to Trump’s lies and mostly leftist policies who the the republicans seem to be all on board with like massive government spending no free trade. If only the left would’ve woken up and realized they got their mostly leftist president in Trump.

  7. You, with the 2 names:
    If Trump is a lunatic, we need 4 more years of him, what with the great things he’s accomplished in such short a petiod of time.
    Also _ Trump is now the Republican Party.
    The George Will’s of the world are dinasaurs : globalists, snobby elites and worse.
    HEY.. THAT’S WHY we elected him. And will reelect .him . That’s what some of you don’t get. That Trump will clean house of what is called the Swamp_ including RINOs.

    • What are these great accomplishments exactly without repeating Trump talking points .
      Protectionism is and never was part of conservatism it actually benefits no one. It leads to higher prices it is essentially taxing your own citizens . This isn’t Reaganism or Milton Friedman. This is part of the Keynesian socialist economic policies. And if you are reffering to Chinese stealing American intellectual property that continues unabated. Out of control govt spending redistribution of wealth by doling out checks in the name of coronavirus isn’t conservatism. Does it even bother them that people who lost their jobs for the most part aren’t seeing a penny of these “stimulus” checks only the low income people. Or the people already on food stamps who are in no way economically affected or social security recipients who are also getting free food in the name of coronavirus why is someone who never had a job receiving $1200 the answer is redistribution of wealth. These are checks to buy votes. Or the mass govt spending on “infrastructure” wink wink.
      Thsse are obmaite policies it’s just trump now so the “consrvatives” are all on board. He’s done nothing to rid the country of Obamacare because deep down hes perfectly fine with it as a lifelong liberal. Hes fine with abortion. He’s fine with gay marriage socially he’s a liberal. While not directly his fault, obviously, his rhetoric and insane behavior has only fanned the flames of the criminal “social justice warriors.” Whether or not he supports the anti semitic neo Nazis right, he has done nothing to denounce them and even counts on their support. His patently insane behavior on coronavirus like announcing anyone who wears a mask it is because they are anti trump is just that it’s insane and kind of paranoid. He blames Obama for coronavirus instead of his own stupid policy in Jan Feb and March where hesaid it’d dissapear and all of his executive agencies told people not to wear masks while cheering on his ban of china travel (that never actually stopped). He is and never was conservative in basically any of his views or behavior. He has actually championed many of the causes of the liberal left only they are to blind to see it. He even is pushing a version of an unconstitutional obamalite DACA executive order and the republicans are cheering. As for cleaning the swamp that’s kind of funny he’s trying to clean an Obama swamp and he’s very nicely replacing it with a trump one. Do you think it’s coincidental that nearly 90% of his hires when leaving the administration he bad mouths and calls them names. He doesn’t even bother with legislation anymore just illegal executive order legislation ala Obama I am quite sure he doesn’t even know he difference between a bill and an executive order. Stop repeating foxnews trump propaganda and use your own thoughts.

      • Firstly, I listen to NPR not fox.

        Polices that I like,

        1) Pro Israel. Yes Nixon and old republicans were anti Israel so I guess not totally “conservative”.
        2) Freeing frum jews from jail.
        3) Giving the arabs a few good kicks
        4) fighting for our shul and yeshivas to reopen
        5) The justice dept under Barr has sued many townships for discriminating against jews
        6)Judges whether Superme court or stacking the bentch
        7) No regulations and an end to silly climate change accord

        Are these all republcain ideals? No but its what works for me

        And by the way , the sillest thing you can say is that trump is a democrat. Thats just absurd. Because he gave some money to them for favors? Exactly what ideology of his are democratic?

  8. Leftist policies ?? You’re either joking or throwing you know what. He became more conservative than Reagan.
    You sound like one if my loony professors who know didley but spout fabrications to silly 20 year olds. Lol.

  9. The deficits are Democrat Congress made. They presented him with this wild Omnibus bill for example, but he was forced to sign it because it had Veteran aid. Not much for the wall. These RINOS , except for a very few, did not fight alongside Trump , especially Ryan the Weasel.
    Every 2 days now , Pelisi wants more zillions and she has the votes. Don’t blame Trump. You’re talking to adults , not leftie loonburgers.

  10. You all realize of course, that a poster(s) here is spewing communist disinformation and outright sheker about President Trump.
    The question is , does he believe his own turd ? Wow .. I mean outright falseshoods
    Only CNN NBC NY Slimes and now Fludge write like this.
    Somebody paying you ?.

  11. It was the demented lunatic Fauci who ad ised Trump initially that it was like the flu.
    I’ve almost never seen so much chutzpah lying in almost any thread like this one.

  12. Well, get a load of our Pravda poster here .This is why the Great 45 will be re-elected in a landslide BEH.
    Because most Americans absolutely know that they’re being lied to by a fake press , which this commenter above tries to ape.
    Nobody believes your swine wash.
    And the desperate polls are a sorry effort to demoralize. Don’t believe any of them.

  13. You got some nerve. Your Party is actively supporting looting, murder, mayhem, anti Semitism , a coup d’etat against our president, shutting down freedom of speech and loosing criminal felons unto our neighborhoods, and you’re writing a babble against Trump ?
    Are you ok ?

  14. As usual the trumpoid lemmings can only read their version of the news. Drudge finally woke up and criticizes the orange yutz for what he is. Many other voters are tired of trump’s blame shifting, chaos, distraction, jate speech and overall total incompetence. Ask any conservative about trump’s attacking free trade, trillion $$$ deficits, attacks on the Constitution. He’s still a carnival barker, tv show celebrity. IMPEACHED.

    • Actually, no. Trump supporters read many different versions of the news and propaganda – and can hardly help doing so, considering that most of the mainstream media is viciously anti-Trump. It’s people like you who can only repeat the same smears again and again, ignore or rationalize away Democrat anti-Semitism and violence, attack Trump’s (nonexistent) “jate” speech while ignoring BLM’s actual hate speech against whites (and yes, Jews are white), etc.

    • Many on this site get a distorted view of the news from Faux News pundits Hannity Carlson and Mrs. Piro. Drudge apparently realized what you get when you elect a corrupt clown. Trump is not a Republican Conservative but rather a delusional opportunist
      I’m with George Conway, George Will Don Winslow and Bill Kristol and the Lincoln Project.

    • The problem is, I can’t vote for the priviliged WHITE racist draft dodger, Joe Biden. While his brothers were being slaughtered on the killing fields of Vietnam and Cambodia, this priviliged WHITE racist elitist was sipping expensive wines and feeling up women. His choosing a black female, so he can let his fingers do the walking, is not enough reason to vote for this pervert.

  15. Matt Drudge sold it to to a leftie who’s using the name. He has norhing to do with the company anymore. The whole article is mere conjecture. Baloney.

  16. Followed Drudge for years. Noticed that his tune about POTUS did certainly change. I also observed that his reporting became inflammatory. What really got me to stop visiting his website was the reporting on Covid. I felt that he was inciting panic. I did hear that he actually sold his website and that is why the change. However I don’t know if that is true Information but it certainly would explain the abrupt turnaround.

  17. Re:
    Will & Krystol abhor Trump.

    Hey Einstein ! We know. That’s why we voted Trump , in great part to stick it to these Bushie lip flappers. In fact , word on the street is that these 2 clowns are on suicide watch.

  18. I get that Trump has done many things that are positive for the frum community. I get the alternative is one that is not great for Israel and Jewish values. Still, I don’t get how the frum community, by and large, has completely blinded themselves to this moral decay in the oval office and who would turn on us in a heart beat, if it suited his agenda. He’s no conservative and he cares about one thing. The same thing he’s cared about his entire life. Donald Trump. Drudge is a libertarian and fiscal conservative. Not diffacult to see why he turned on Trump.

    • and who would turn on us in a heart beat.

      Nonsense and a lie. The proof is the going has been rough with Jared numerous times. Yet he never turned on his frum jewish son in law. Your theory was tested and proven wrong.

      I get your argument on moral values and if thats your issue, my hats off to you. But he is awesomley good and close to us that it “trumps” (no pun intended) the bad.

    • “moral decay in the oval office”

      Funny that you never had a problem with this during any previous administration, such as ones who had actual affairs in the White House.

      “would turn on us in a heart beat”

      So far he’s had four years to do so, including when Jewish politicians were leading his impeachment, and yet he hasn’t. Doesn’t that tell you something? At what point do you start realizing that maybe your suppositions are completely out of touch with reality?

  19. I get that Trump has done many things that are positive for the frum community. I get the alternative is one that is not great for Israel and Jewish values. Still, I don’t get how the frum community, by and large, has completely blinded themselves to this moral decay in the oval office and who would turn on us in a heart beat, if it suited his agenda. He’s no conservative and he cares about one thing. The same thing he’s cared about his entire life. Donald Trump. Drudge is a libertarian and fiscal conservative. Not difficult to see why he turned on Trump.

  20. Drudge started leaving Trump just a few months into his presidency, so his excuse about the wall is a lie. I read him every day for years and noticed the trend.
    He’s been bought , and the readers noticed.

  21. It is about the constitution and being against corruption. Writing the truth about Trump does not make you a progressive.

    The GOP coronavirus bill has $1.75b for a new FBI building in its present location so as to block a potential competitor to the Trump Hotel, and 100% deduction for business meals (which would benefit Trump’s hotels). But not a cent for safe and secure elections this November.

    Tip of the iceberg.

    FYI according to Trump it is illegal to make criticism of him Trend on Twitter. USA is no longer the leader of the free world.

    • “so as to block a potential competitor”

      There’s no evidence of that other than that Democrats claim so. Well, they’ve claimed a lot of things at this point that have turned out to be malicious lies, so you might do well not to swallow it wholesale.

      The rest of your post is a lot more twaddle, such as your last paragraph, which hasn’t got a shred of truth in it either. Speaking of getting your news from more than one source, you might do well to try other news sources besides CNN.

      • There is no other explanation for the FBI money. Trump knows that his grifting is about to end and he needs to get this project underway before he loses the election to Biden. Even the Republicans see through this one.

  22. An hour before Dr. Fauci threw the first pitch at the Yankees – Nationals game, Trump stood in the briefing room and declared that he, too, had been invited to throw out his own opening pitch. There was one problem: Mr. Trump had not actually been invited.

  23. More Baby in Chief.

    Today the President of the US tweets
    So disgusting to watch Twitter’s so-called “Trending”, where sooo many trends are about me, and never a good one. They look for anything they can find, make it as bad as possible, and blow it up, trying to make it trend. Really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!
    Clearly, he knows what is important during a Pandemic. Go vote for him in November and Call Matt Drudge names and Progressive because he recognizes a diseased mind and character.

  24. Trump beat the media once and he’ll do it again. Citizens who watch as media lies about the destruction of cities, tech & universities who chase people from jobs and shut down speech will vote against them.
    Safety and freedom will win the day.

    • So far, “real conservatives” haven’t “conserved” much of anything besides their fundraising. So yeah, Trump, who has actually accomplished (some) things that “conservatives” have been saying for years that they want, has now shown them up for the posers and fakers that they are.

  25. So you anti Trumpists want sleepy Joe and his Jew hating lunatic fringe to take over. They can riot and burn down your neighborhoods and cut your throats. They will disarm you and put you in gas chambers. They will unleash the criminal elements like Debozo and cuomo have done. I as a normal Jew will not go to the slaughter like our grandparents did like sheep. Trump 2020 for Israels sake and Jewish survival.

  26. Wikipedia states:

    > Revenue for the Drudge Report is driven by advertising that was managed for 20 years by Intermarkets, Inc. During the summer of 2019, after many years of being known for “changing nothing” about the website, Drudge advertising shifted to a new company by the name of Granite Cubed. The current ownership, strategy and outlook for the Drudge Report is held close as private information


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