Remains Of 286 Jewish Holocaust Victims Uncovered In 2 Basements In Ukraine

Rabbi Alexander Feingold

UKRAINE (JTA) – The remains of 286 Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust were found in two basements in a town in southwest Ukraine.

The remains, mostly women and children, will be buried in a mass grave in the ancient Jewish cemetery in Sataniv, Ynet reported.

The town had an organized Jewish community for about 500 years before the Nazis captured it in 1941 and began systematically killing its Jews, according to the Yad Vashem website.

On May 15, 1942, Nazi troops and Ukrainian military police locked the 286 Jews in the cellars and suffocated them.

After World War II, the bodies were left in place in the cellars with a sign indicating that they were Nazi victims. The ruined house above them eventually covered the cellars with a heap of rubble and an outdoor market operated over the area for many years, according Ynet.

Rabbi Alexander Feingold, of the Khmelnytsky and Ternopil districts in Ukraine, told Ynet that his community waged a six-year legal battle with the property owner to search the cellars. Though the community lost in the courts, it eventually reached an agreement with the landowner, according to the report. Some of the bodies were discovered in 2019, and the rest were found about two weeks ago.

Feingold said a park will be established in memory of the victims near the site of the massacre.

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  1. BDE more neshomers to add to those killed but the Ukraine nazi murders
    And we go there Nd add to there economy yearly

  2. When I was young I was taught of the evil Khmelnytsky and what he did, I see the behavior ran in the Ukrainian blood. My Parents, AH, as war survivors always told me that the Germans killed on command and the Ukrainians just killed for joy.

  3. The German magazine der Spiegel once said that without the helpers, western-Ukrainians, Croatians, Lithuanians and Latvian hitler ysh would have not been able to murder so many yidden

  4. BDE.

    What a horrific finding. I am speechless!!

    Just wondering out loud, why we don’t bring these great NESHOMOS THAT WERE KILLED AL KIDUSH HASHEM to Eretz Yisrael and let them have a KEVURA in Eretz Yisrael.

    Why leave them in the soaked blood earth of Ukraine.

    And I don’t believe it’s about money. I am sure that we can raise the money over night!!!!

    Just a question. I have no idea what is going on in Ukraine, thats why I am asking the question.

  5. The nazis and ukrainian murderers were FASCIST Rightists. Just like the maga crew. Today Wslmart banned maga shoppers wearing nazi swastika face masks and trump shirts. GOOGLE IT or see Drudge.

    • @ American yid
      You are using invalid logic when you bring one freak incident to malign a group and the President of the USA that does not know nor condone them.
      You might also refer to the animals demonstrating that have rioted, burned down buildings and now we hear they BLINDED law enforcement officers by knowingly shining lasers in their eyes. This is one barbaric bunch you are grouping with.

    • The rest of us are talking about the victims of the Holocaust, but only a disgusting beheimah like you tries to use it to push your sick hatred of the current president – who is pro-Jewish – and of his supporters. What is wrong with you?!

        • Yes, among 63 million people there are naturally going to be some who hate Jews. But the same is true – and more so, because it’s at the level of the party leadership, not just individual voters – of the Democrats. Yet “American Yid” here can’t find it in him to comment on that. So no, he doesn’t care a fig about anti-Semitism; he’s simply using the Holocaust to grandstand, which is repulsive.

    • They were socialists not much differant than the communists the other half of the same side of the coin, remember Stalin and Hitler were partners in their invasion of Poland, both mass murdering Jew haters, but the democrat and the rest of the left continue to lie about what socialism is, your Democrat supported BLM rioters detoured to vandalize orthodox shuls and businesses, and only the democrat have elected Jew haters to Congress who are fully supported and defended by the rest of the party, just look at the Jew hater Omar, Tehran Nancy just endorsed her over her non Jew hating opponent.

    • The leftist liberal garbage walking on two feet in all shapes, colors and races are mostly Jew haters. Black liberals in particular are Jew haters. Antifa are Jew haters. Simply because some right wing Jew haters support Trump doesnt make Trump an anti-Semite.

  6. In order to seeit in graphics click on program in lviv on google and you will see what good Christians can do. Even in Buchenwald they attacked jews but were stopped bypolitical priosners. IT IS A FAILURE OF CHRISTIANITY.

  7. Sure go to Ukraine for yom tovim. Givethem more Jewish. money. Europe is one big Jewish graveyard. Cohabit should be assured from ever setting foot anywhere on that continent. My Zaidy said the exact same thing about the Ukrainians. Just savage beasts

    • Dear brother, we should admire once wishes and have the same affection of people visiting Poland, where it’s also very debatable. However, as soon as we get into reasoning, the outcome creates a further debates, however as we try to work on our Ahavas Yisroel, judgements are gone. People go to Uman, Ukraine, as Reb Nachman promised to those who come, will be saved from any agony, harsh punishments, on this world and the world to come. He’ll advocate on their behalf, with a promise that any guilty verdict will be void. Now, there’s a think, like Amunas HaTzadik. People have joined a new life, while joining Breslov, or people, mostly, not even affliant with Breslov go for the promise or any salvation they seek. Chabad, is likewise, a very precious holy Chassidus, where they visit the holy Bal Hatanya, at the other side Ukrainian border. Others travel to Rebbe Reb Meilech, for his holy promise and the list goes on. Doesn’t mean these people aren’t emotional, have the same or greater sentiment about these cruel murders, may their name be erased. The idea, this their unconditional faith in their righteous Tzaddikim. If one believes otherwise, doesn’t mean it’s about being on the wrong or on the right side. We are all children to Hash, where we admire each one. Where it’s hard to admire, at least we restrain to comment. My father, OBM, taught me, “you don’t have to follow a leader of where you don’t see yourself as such, as their fans, their dress codes, etc; however, if it’s not your cup of tea, at least don’t comment”. It’s tempting to each of us, but let’s, together, build the needed harmony to bring about Moshiach. With love and prayer

  8. The only thing that Stalin YM’S did that gave me some nachas, is 1. kill lots of Germans after Stalin’s little pact with Hitler served its purpose; and 2. Starve all the Ukrainians & Nationalize (take away their land for Mother Russia & ship their wheat to Russia.

  9. Again holocaust victims .
    We never seem to be able to stop agonizing over it.
    For some Jews it has, unfortunately (for lack of true Torah centered Jewish identity), become an identity badge.
    There is one huge problem here; the holocaust is always treated as a Jewish issue.
    It is not!
    It is a Christian issue!
    Yes, I know, six million innocent men women and children (including members of my family) were brutally murdered in cold blood.
    But that is not the real issue.
    The real issue is that each and every one of these inhuman murderers was a Christian.
    Born and baptized as a Christian, educated in a Christian educational system, brought up in a Christian society. Almost all denominations were represented. And in those days, most people took their Christianity seriously.
    Instead of remembering the victims we should be asking what it is about Christianity that turned so many normal human beings into vicious animals.
    If we really want it to happen “never again” we should concern ourselves with what made it happen in the first place.


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