Trump Lawyers Renew Legal Assault On Tax Records Subpoena

Protestors asking Donald Trump to release his tax returns in 2016 (LYNNE SLADKY / AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s lawyers filed fresh arguments Monday to try to block or severely limit a criminal subpoena for his tax records, calling it a harassment of the president.

Lawyers filed a rewritten lawsuit in Manhattan federal court to challenge the subpoena by Manhattan’s state prosecutor on grounds they believe conform with how the U.S. Supreme Court said the subpoena can be contested.

The high court ruled earlier this month that a Manhattan prosecutor could subpoena tax records from Trump’s accountant over his objections.

But the court said he could challenge the subpoena as improper just as anyone else can.

Trump’s lawyers had argued that the president could not be criminally investigated while he was in office.

In their new court papers, Trump’s lawyers said the subpoena of his tax records was “wildly overbroad” and “amounts to harassment of the President.”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., a democrat, has requested eight years of the Republican president’s personal and corporate tax records.

The Supreme Court returned the case to a federal judge in Manhattan who has arranged for both sides to finish filing their legal arguments over challenges to the subpoena by mid-August.

Last year, the same judge ruled against Trump in a written opinion that was upheld by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

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    • It matters that you won’t see it before 2020 elections. So to bad

      And by 2024 once he leaves office the statue of limitations expires and you can’t indict . That’s the beauty

        • Isn’t it ugly how you immediately assume that it’s “ripping off the American taxpayer,” rather than “keeping certain details private”? The man does have a right to privacy, you know.

          • You honestly can’t tell the difference between Archy’s English style (or lack thereof) and mine? Have you also not seen threads where I’ve debated him on one thing or another (most recently in the one about conversion therapy)?

            And also, where do you see in my post that I’m “defending” what Archy wrote? If you’ll notice (here and in other threads), Archy is fine with Trump breaking the law, so long as he’s good for us Jews and for the country as a whole, and therefore he’s happy to just have the statute of limitations run out on whatever laws Trump may have broken. Whereas I’m taking a completely different approach, that he hasn’t broken the law (or at least that there’s no grounds to think that the reason he doesn’t want his tax returns released because he did). About all Archy and I have in common in this regard is that we both support Trump. But, you know, so do millions of other Americans. Do you think we’re all the same person too?

  1. Let Plastic Pelosi , Schiff , Shumer , Nadler and Biden show their tax returns.
    We don’t give a swine’s belch about Trump’s taxes.

    • Agreed. It’s the job of the IRS to make sure everyones tax returns are in order, not some sleazy lowlife reprobate politician or reporter. Look, love Trump or hate him, this is strictly to make him look bad and knock his kavod a little. The only thing the media will find, is, oooooohh, look at this. He’s not a billionaire. He’s only a millionare. This is terrible. What a lack of honesty. Let’s investigate this. Is it an impeachable offense? Should we waste another 30 million tax dollars to find out? This crazed witch hunts have got to stop. How do they help the average hard working American put bread and butter on their table? This will just continue if Biden wins the presidency. This is why normal people H A T E politicians regardless of which Party they’re from! They are all sick welfare cheats sucking the lifeblood out of us taxpayers.


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