Camp Bnos Shuts Down After 2 Positive COVID-19 Cases


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A Jewish day camp has shut down due to 2 people in the camp testing positive for COVID-19.

Camp Bnos, located on Ferndale Loomis Road in Liberty normally operates as a sleepaway camp, but was operating as a daycamp this summer due to the pandemic restrictions.

In a letter sent by the camp to other camp operators, Camp Bnos confirmed that the day camp will be shutting down 2 days early, due to 2 positive cases of COVID-19. It was not immediately clear if the patients who tested positive were adults or children.

The decision to close the camp came after they consulted with medical professionals and their rabbinic leadership. The camp is communicating with the Health Department as well.

According to the camp, all those who may have been exposed to the patients have been sent home and will be entering a 14-day quarantine.

As the summer draws on, the camp is yet to make a decision about opening second half. The camp wrote that they are “working to make that determination as quickly as we can.” The decison will be shared with the community as soon as that determination is reached.

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    • Hundreds of thousands of kids are in camp with no outbreak. This is a surprise and an outlier.

      Secondly this news is a few days old and noone else caught it

      Lasty, in all likelihood, these girls did not come down with new corona now. They had the sniffles and got tested. They had corona 3 months ago and its testing coming back positve from then still. This is as per a reputable dr’s opnion.

      • This gave me the giggles. As if our know it all friend Archy here would be given iinformation about who else got sick after the children were sent home.
        “Hello Archy from the internet… you are the naturally the first person we are going call with our personal Covid test results!”

      • Archy, what’s this thing they’re calling “Corona”? Isn’t that the thing you said would be forgotten by Pesach? I’m so glad you’re always quick to add you keen optimistic insight to all this fake terrible news.

  1. Day camp, by definition, means that the campers (and maybe staff?) go back and forth every day between home/camp. It is therefore not so surprising that 2 people caught the virus (even if they were tested before camp started) and it doesn’t mean that the camp could have prevented it. It sounds like they took responsible steps once they identified the cases. It would be more surprising if this happened in a sleepaway camp where everyone remains on grounds the whole time.

    • I think we should shut everything forever. No schools, no camps or day camps, no businesses being open like the the government offices are shut, etc. Everyone needs to get into thei bunkers now.

      The reality is that this virus is here to stay forever. The impact of it, after everyone has been exposed to the virus once, will eventually be the impact the flu has on the public. Dont let this politicalized virus determine how you live. Everyone who has some sense understands that you cannot shut down the worldforever. Whatever is bashert will be.

  2. Please have those 2 retested to make sure it’s not a false positive. There are many False Positives!!!!!!!!!!! These days. I’m talking first hand!!

  3. If the Governor would have just allowed the camp to operate as normal, but restrict entry & exit from the campus, I’m sure this could have been avoided.
    Currently, they operate as a day camp, so that all staff & campers (and probably service people too) come and go every day, interacting with many other people each day. A regular sleep away camp could have much more control of who & what comes & goes from the campus.

  4. No outbreak in camps? Are you kidding? Camps throughout the USA havr closed due to Deafly Virus. Youth illness up 25% in Florida. Why deny what is happening? Google camp closings. Maybe denying reality is a way to defend the Orange Yutz’ failure and bumbling response to the epidemic. ONLY 150,000 DEAD IN 4 MONTHS!

    • How many outbreaks in our hiemisha camps ? We are not discussing Texas whose curve was up two weeks ago and is still admist the thick of it. Plus even there it’s a very Very small minority all compared .

      Enlighten us , how many attend camps on our community in the greater ny area . And how many got ill.

      Also since it’s only a google away tell us what the numbers are country wide please

    • Yes, we know that camps have closed – in advance – “due to Dea[d]ly Virus.” And yet, within those that are operating, it is true that there are few outbreaks. Do try to read.

      As for the 150,000 dead, maybe you can explain what magic wand Trump should have used to prevent them? The measures he took early on (such as the China travel ban) you, and others like you, condemned as (of course) racist. But consider: he spoke about HCQ, a medicine that has been used for 60 years and whose side effects are well known, and suddenly – for no other reason that that he mentioned it – it was claimed to be some kind of deadly poison. Do you think it would have been any different if, say, he had urged the wearing of masks, or not gathering, etc.? See, when you Democrats have spent the last four years “resisting” anything and everything the man says, you don’t get to suddenly turn around and claim that you would have listened to any preventative measures he’d have suggested. (And this is without even getting into the policies of Democrat governors such as Cuomo, who sent infected patients to nursing homes and thereby directly caused thousands of deaths.)

      • you’re contorting yourself too much here…’if Trump said wear masks, people (like me) wouldn’t wear them”….really?….overplaying you’re hand costs you credibility….in the end, health issues like this come down to science–not politics…..that’s why I wear a mask and choose to follow the overwhelming scientific consensus that hydroxy is not effective for COVID

      • “The measures he took early on (such as the China travel ban) you, and others like you, condemned as (of course) racist.”

        There was no travel ban from China. It was a ban on Chinese citizens. 40,000 people came from China to the US *after* the non-ban ban. Yes, this is racist. And you are clueless.

        “sent infected patients to nursing homes and thereby directly caused thousands of deaths”

        It is fun for the Trumpies to try to blame Cuomo for the nursing home deaths but they never have an answer as to where else tens of thousands of COVID patients discharged from the hospital were supposed to go, who who would have taken care of them.

  5. This is why President Wanna Be Cuomo is so wrong!
    Day camps have much less control because the kids go home at night; full day camps keep the kids 24/7 so they can’t catch the virus, nursing home killer Cuomo won’t allow full time camps, but only allows day camps which are dangerous due to lack of control. Guess, since he so successfully killed thousand of elderly, he wants to see how many kids he can target.

  6. If they would have been a sleep away camp, without going home, they would not have come in contact with others outside their protective camp bubble. Shout out to Governor Cuomo for your stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t trust our leader! This is proof.

  7. Arch you are a fool and every time you talk it only deepens your stupidity. These young women brought it into the camp
    And possibly infected many more

  8. I know the family, they went to a vort in New Jersey to a community who has a fresh new outbreak, 11 high school girls all tested positive….their camp also closed….dont be complacent…this disease is up & running

    • Nope in NY it ain’t spreading. here and there a case.

      In FL & Texas its still bad however,the curve is down by half and its spreading at a slower pace. Looks like we have passed the wrose of it. Looks hopeful. These are facts. Go google it.

      • where do you find your “facts”? ..why don’t they include the 30% increase in deaths nationwide over the past week?….what about hospitalizations being at peak levels?

      • This would be hilarious except that it is a lie. In parts of Texas, if you get taken to a hospital via ambulance, a death panel is convened to determine whether to deny you care or not. But this is apparently okay with Archy because the Governor of Texas is a Trumpie Republican.

  9. My daughter is in a sleep away camp. They all were tested before they left and NO ONE may enter or leave the camp! MY daughter is living it up there!! I am so happy for her! And nobody is b”h sick there!! PLEASE don’t say the sleep away camps are infected! Its only the day camps, where kids go home each night that can bring the virus in… Use your senses!! Cuomo just made it worse by allowing only day camps!!

  10. You are all fooling yourselves if you believe sleep away camps are some form of protective bubble. Deliveries happen daily, people go off site daily. B’h only 1% of people in NY are testing positive for the virus so the odds of one of those delivery people or those who go off grounds being exposed or exposing anyone are small. Camps can say what they want, they are not on “lockdown” and are fooling noone.

    • Go and see, camps are opened for a month already. Some in NY and some out of NY. How many cases have you heard? Id say we must have a 100K kids (from the NY region) in sleepaway camps across the states. Please enlighten us on the infectious rates.

      Who is fooling who?

      “Deliveries happen daily” ? Huh your house and hunderds of millions of americans get deliveries daily too. That inlcudes food just like camps. Big deal there is a safe way to do it.

      The camps are a lockdown and the data proves its

    • as someone who works in a sleepaway camp i can assure you that deliveries are being dropped off and left outside the kitchen. other deliveries are being left outside the gate of the camp and are brought in by the guard and left on a table inside. nobody in or out. no interaction with outside

  11. I never post on this site, but I read it every day. I love reading Archy. He gives me a great big belly laugh, and his being consistently wrong, never in doubt, and proud of it, fills me with pride for being OTD! Deal with him, boys and girls, he’s all YOURS!

    • I never post on this site,

      Lair I believe you like a loch in kup. Got it Yoel Kanner ? cheap straw man attack vs addressing the substance of the issue. I want data to point to how many outbreaks occurred in frum sleep away camps?

  12. camps should not be a problem to operate just like the mets and yankees can play baseball together with other teams just minus the fans in the stands .


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