Rabbi Chaim Kanievski And Rabbi Edelstein : Don’t Attend Weddings or Stay in Beis Medrash if No Precautions Taken


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Rabbi Chaim Kanievski and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein issued a number of rulings in the wake of the rise in infections in Chareidi locations in Israel as well as the coming Bein Hazmanim period.

A letter signed by the rabbis stated that “with the prevalence of the infection in the world, it is an obligation on every person to take precautions not to be infected and not to infect others G-d forbid. However those who disseminate Torah have a stronger obligation to take care since the Torah of many people depends on them and unfortunately many places of Torah remain idle due to sicknesses of the teachers and other staff.

The rabbis added that “Part of the precautions should include not participating in events like weddings, Bar Mitzvas etc. except for close family. Additionally they should not stay in a Beis Midrash where people are not taking proper precautions.

The rabbis also warned of the dangers involved in Bein Hazmanim: “From after Tisha Be’Av until Elul, even though students are not in the Yeshiva framework, they should not go on trips since in the past there have been many tragedies on outings. People need to rest but not to remove the yoke of Torah.”


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    • The maskless morons in places like Boro Park, Williamsburg and Flatbush must be holding “uvechukosayhem lo saylaychu.” To come to a a bais aivel with a mask and to be stopped at the door by bearded bouncer who tells you that masking is for goyim only is profoundly troubling.

    • Unfortunately here in the USA too many rabbonim aren’t listening to the doctors and are telling people it’s over so you can do everything and anything.

        • Educated Archy – it was also over in Israel before it came back. Everyone in Israel also already had it. It was in Israel not here in Feb nothing to worry about.

          In the NY area people are not wearing masks is stores or in shuls – we are asking for it.

          • 1) Israel never got it hard the first time. We did. Thus the chanaces of getting a second time are lower.
            2) Even if you are correct, the rabbonim psak are only where there is a hot spot. They are not issuing a psak about those who chose to wear it as preventive measures. That may be crucial to but its not the same level as when its actually hot and thats not their pask.

        • And those doctors who say it’s not over are hoaxers, right Archy? In fact, the virus was over before Pesach. By Pesach I forgot all about it just like Archy predicted. Thank you Archy for all your keen insight.

          • Nope I never said dr’s are hoaxers and I never knock those that say its not over in NY. But don’t knock those of us that don’t wear masks either.

            In NY it was over by peasach BH

    • No the rabbonim were refering to Israel which has 2k cases a day and its curve is rising. They were not referring to NY who has 500 a day and its curve is declining. And in our community even fewer new cases. (The only cases we hear are two kids at a camp who has sniffles and tested positve for a corona they had 3 months ago. It never spread to others etc.)

      We are in a very different situation vs Israel. BH in a better place. FYI I wear masks at stores but don’t judge those that don’t in 98 degrees with 5 kvetchy kids.

      • And those Rabbonim who say to be careful here in NY are hoaxers, right Archy? Or else they don’t exist. We need more Russian robots like you to tell us how to think. Thank you, Archy.

  1. I am happy for these wonderful Rabbis. Saving a life is so more important than observing a day like Tisha B’Av.
    You can say the prayers at home. G-d will understand.

  2. Please listen to the doctors and the Rabbis that listen to the doctors. Israel is having an uptick in cases. Does not say in the Talmud that preserving a life more important then a Torah or Talmud law.
    If I am wrong about this, I apologize for my error.

  3. Dear Uneducated Archy, only a true ba’al guyvah would think s/he is protected by Hashem more than others and will not get sick. Fine, think that way! But think more about others because while you might not be sick you may be shedding even more virus than those who are ill. I can only hope you are being foolish as a joke to lightened to mood before 9 of Av. It’s not dummy and no one is laughing.


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