Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky Says Vote For Donald Trump For Reelection


PHILADELPHIA (JTA) – Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, a major leader of the U.S. haredi Orthodox community, said his followers should vote for Donald Trump in November.

The reason? Gratitude.

“Yes, I think people should vote for him. He’s done a good job. It’s ‘hakaras hatov,’” he told Mishpacha, a weekly magazine aimed at an Orthodox Jewish audience, using the Hebrew words for gratitude. The 95-year-old rabbi said it would be “worrisome” if the president loses.

While the majority of American Jews vote for Democrats, the Orthodox community has increasingly favored Republican candidates in recent years. The Pew Research Center’s 2013 survey of American Jews found that 64% of ultra-Orthodox Jews considered themselves to be politically conservative.

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  1. Unbelieveable. Last election I am told that Rabbi Kamenetsky said to not vote for Hillary because she lies. Trump lied over 20,000 and the death toll in US IS OVER 150,000 and keeps rising. Should I have Hakoros Hatov to Trump. I respectfully disagree. i am grateful to Hashem and I trust in Hashem. Hashem casts aside false people, I am not going to welcome them. I will be guided by Hashem.
    People like to bring up AOC and the radical left, ut if the Democratic part was the Radical Left, than Bernie sanders would have won. Biden has never been bad to the Jewish community.

    • I think the big question with Biden is, will he be running the show? I don’t mean the silly Biden is senile argument. But he is definetley not young and full of energy. His vice will be some black progessive VP. He will also want to unite the democrats and bring AOC into his fold.

      Now you need to learn some emuna and stop with this narsihkit of thinking that the 150K deaths is this guys fault or that guys fault. This was a magiafa and we had and still have no control. No president would have stopped it. It will come and go when it wants.

      • 4people from Ebola was stopped
        Spanish flu stopped when they started listening to scientist. You want me to follow diamond and silk. Try to make an argument without insults, it tends to have merit

        • Bad argument.
          The 60,000 deaths in ny state happened before any reopening.
          Trump made the first move to shut the country, even whilst media pundits thought it was ludicrous.
          Not a single country has kept the virus out of its borders because of listening to scientists. Fact of the matter is, its uncontrollable.
          At this point when many states had it already and certain areas have a lower risk, it is the duty of the president to have the local government decide on whats best for its citizens

          • Could trump make a federal law to hold all back . The problem is he said he’s a war president but it seems like he didn’t make enough rules and maybe because the government wouldnt allow it . So why would Biden be different

      • Senator Biden reportedly banged the table with his fist, and Begin retorted, “This desk is designed for writing, not for fists. Don’t threaten us with slashing aid. Do you think that because the US lends us money it is entitled to impose on us what we must do? We are grateful for the assistance we have received, but we are not to be threatened. I am a proud Jew. Three thousand years of culture are behind me, and you will not frighten me with threats. Take note: we do not want a single soldier of yours to die for us.”

      • In America people think for themselves. In the destroyed shtetlach they listened to the gedolim. Here the gedolim tell them America is evil, don ‘t do the American holidays, don’t mix, don’t talk Anglite, etc. Now this rav says vote Trump, a fascist bigot. Great advice on tisha b’av.

        • Fake news all gedolim I know never said America is evil. The american goy way of life is evil but the american and what the country stands for they all say is great.

          Jews whether in shtitielich or 21st century must listen to gedolim. Our torah never changed

    • Correct 100%. Hashem casts aside false people, that’s why Hashem casted aside Hillary in 2016 and Hashem chose Trump. Let’s wait and see who Hashem will chose this election.
      I don’t think Trump angered or disappointed Hashem the last 4 years.
      He made us Jews feel proud and relaxed.
      May Hashem bless him with all the Brachot of the Torah!

      לב מלכים ושרים ביד השם

      • Like the mageifa I believe everything happens in this world is because of klal yisroel. Trump being president wasn’t meant as a reward it is all part of the mageifah.
        One thing I know hashem does not want Jew against Jew especially Eruv tisha b av have an easy fast and vote for whom ever you want.

    • Then if you’re guided by Hashem, why would you want to vote for the candidate of a party that booed Him at their convention, and whose platform includes lifestyles that are a toeivah to Him?

      Your “20,000” figure is itself a lie, arrived at by parsing his statements as though they were Torah Misinai (for example, finding a single counterexample and saying that it invalidates the whole statement).

      As for the 150,000, ask yourself honestly: how many of those can you hold Trump responsible for? Because, you know, he wasn’t the one who told Cuomo to send infected patients to nursing homes, to take but one example. And it’s not as though, had he said early on to wear masks and social distance, everyone would have promptly complied; you see that he mentioned HCQ as a treatment for it, and suddenly a drug used safely for 60 years was claimed to be a deadly poison, because the so-called “resistance” considers it a badge of honor to oppose anything the man said. As it is, they opposed the measures he took early on, such as the China travel ban, and in fact promoted people attending Chinese New Year parades and other such gatherings.

      • curious how many lives would be too many for you. What number.
        Begin with Novominsker Rebbe, one life. would that have been too many for you?
        I lost a lot of people, and the lives of my family are changed for ever. How we go about our daily lives is changed forever.
        People are going to their chemo treatment alone, to surgeries alone…. because why
        We neve had a complete shutdown from china, and the virus was here long before the shutdown in china. It came from Europe. Trump knew in November he did nothing to prepare for supplies. Barr yesterday blamed obama for not having testing kits for a virus that showed three years after he left……..
        no disrespect meant to you.

        • It’s easy to argue about what we should have done after the fact .

          The USA gets tons of potentially hazarads warnings all the time from Weather , Terror , Health etc . If we took every one serious to the T we’d cease to exist . You can’t function like that. Historically we have always missed early warnings from Katrina to sandy to 9/11 to now corona . That’s just the way it is .

          Yes we heard about China . However the nature of humans are that till death stares at you in the face you won’t be worried . That’s the way humans are wired , like it or not . No one including democrats believed that it would be so bad .

          You ask why did trump not shut down sooner . I’ll ask why didn’t any democrat governors ? Why didn’t coumo know about China ? Why even after it broke out and the threat was immenant they said ok we will shut down in a week . I recall running to the gym bec I had two more days till shut down . That’s what you do during a fire ?
          The answer is nobody believed it neither Trump nor dems . It’s just silly to all of a sudden say Trump is guilty and not any one else

          Two more points re lock downs
          1) it doesn’t really stop it . It procrastinates it . Israel had it down to near zero . There was no sense in continuing a lock down . And so they reopened yet they got hit again anyhow .
          2) Lockdowns come at a heavy cost . We have riots and murders in the streets due to extended lockdowns. No it’s not due to Floyd . We have kids suffering in so many ways , some of which do pose physical danger

          Lockdowns are never an easy Decsion

        • > “Trump knew in November”

          Knew what in November (2019)? In February 2020 a model built by University of Toronto “predicted” (back in time) that the virus must have started in mid-November (before February 2020, there was no such time-frame as November 2019). In 2019 University of Toronto was ranked 24th in the world academic ranking (and second in academic performance!) and they only knew (actually, suspected) in February of 2020. But you claim Trump already knew in November 2019?

          • Wrong. If you’re going to name yourself after a tremendous talmid chacham, then at least show the common sense to see the difference between people. אם אין דעה, הבדלה מנין.

          • My logo speaks volumes. I did it to show that I never hid behind other names. Thats the point of it. Please feel free to reach out to VIn editors and ask them are we tow differnet people. i have nothing to hide and they should be able to prove it.

            I bet you want becuase you are juts making a foolsih argument because you know I call out your lies

      • how you can twist the truth
        one example why trump the putz must go: he follows a doctor who believes in witches and what not (and don’t tell me you don’t know which ‘doctor’ i mean)
        trump is demented and we all know it. yes he was good for israel, but you know what? israel will survive with or without him
        and his lies are endless – and don’t tell me he doesn’t lie – you all follow putz who is your moshiach, he ain’t ours, and on november 3 he will be dragged out by his a**

    • Biden and his team of DemocRATS are all Socialists now – there is no democratic party anymore.
      Biden has dementia and is a sick man – so he won’t rule at all – he won’t make any decisions – his team of Communists like Bernie, AOC, Omar and the rest will make his decisions.

      • biden is a moderate, bernie was the socialist. Trump will tell you that Obama sent back more illegal immigrants than he did. That is true. I didn’t watch the video, it will upset me too much. Rabbi kamenetzky said to vote for Trump but did he say don’t vote for Biden.

        When the gedolim said to vote for Bush against Gore. I just pulled the lever and voted for no one.
        When Rabbi Kamenetzky in 2016 said vote for Trump I wrote in michael bloomberg.
        I will never vote for Trump.

    • Let’s not forget the numbers that were supposed to die in America was somewhere around 1 million and even 2 million by some estimates. After all this is the reason we are locked up for a half a year already. So I guess our president did do a great job

    • Meanwhile, Trump. if you like him or not kept his promises.
      Joe Biden on the other hand, doesn’t even know what keeping a promise means.
      He’s the biggest phony on 2 feet even when he’s hiding in his basement.

  2. From Lesson in Truth Chofetz Chaim
    The Book of Melachim tells of a prophetic vision where Hashem set into motion the events that would bring about the death of the wicked King Achav.
    Hashem said “who will entice Achav so that he will go up (to wage war) and fall at Ramos Gilad? And the spirit came forth and stood before Hashem and said “I will entice him.” Hashem said to him, How? (the spirit) said. “I will go forth and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all (Achav’s) prophets (and they will convince him that he will be victorious).” Hashem said “you will entice and also prevail. Go out and do so. (I melachim 22:20-22).”
    The spirit was that of Navos HaYizrae’li, whom Achav’s wife had executed when he refused to sell Achav a vineyard which was adjacent to the king’s palace. The Talmud relate (Sanhedrin 102b) that when Hashem told Navos’ spirit “leave my Presence!” for “one who tells lies shall not be established before my eyes.”
    Yad Ramah explains: Although Hashem consented to allow the spirit to carry out its suggestion, HE banished it from his presence.

  3. I wasn’t sure for whom I would vote, buy now I know. It is our duty to obey the Gedoilim. Thank you. This should end all discussion of this on this frum site. Let’s move on.

  4. It reminds of when Covid hit Eretz Yisroel and the Gedolim at first said don’t close the yeshivos. The Gedolim were making decisions based on the information they given and once the severity of the disease and how the disease is spread was made known to the Gedolim you then saw the images of the Gedolim davening alone! I think it is the same here. I take comfort in the fact that most Orthodox Jews live in Blue states. The vote will not lead to a victory for Donald Trump nor will it lead to a defeat of Biden. So many yiddishe Neshomos were lost because of Trump and his enablers. No one is going to tell me that Ivanka and Jared are not making a Chilul Hashem as they simultaneously tell all they Orthodox and are Mechala Shabbos. I wish good health to Rabbi Kamenetsky, and mean no disrespect. I will not follow his suggestion.
    America has no allies anymore. Our power on the world stage has diminished. If America is not Strong, America can’t help Israel.

    • You are delusional, thousands died due the policies of Democrat governors especially Andrew “The Geronticide” Cuomo who shipped sick people to nursing homes where more people died than in the entire state of Florida and DeBozo where in NYC the subways were first sanitized at the end of April over a month after the lockdown. The rest of the world are just upset that they don’t have the weak globalist Obama who was submissive to them as president anymore.

      • Coumo did a terrible job, just like trump. There was no ppe, jared hired his buddies from wall street who had no idea how to procure needed supplies. Jared said the supplies belong to the federal government. States you are on your own.Gave contracts to people, millions of dollars spent for nothing, right coumo did a terrible job so did trump, trump as the president could have managed the crisis from a federal level something governors Could not do. Allowing swastika, confederate flying men to storm michigan govt houses with a federal court just 100 yds away, to bully her into doing all the wrong things, calling those men heroes is all TRUMP. HE no longer hides his white nationalism don’t let the poor people live in the suburbs does that mean rockland county, as well? ever time there is someone with a confederate flag and a swastika protesting they are wearing maga hats and the trump/pence t shirts. He started paying attention t the crisis when as he put it. “Our people” are getting sick. Herman cain died today his estate and anyone who got sick at trumps rally can sue regardless of what document they all were made t sign. Read politico jake sherman article, frum jew, has a shelf full of artscrolls when he does his vide interviews, republican staffers are contacting and telling them how they are bullied nit to wear masks, want the virus t stop spreading don’t listen to trump and republicans. Wear a mask, social distance. Trump can never admit he is wrong.
        Vote for whoever you want for whatever reasns you want to but own it, be honest with yourself. None of you would hire trump or his staff to run a company you owned.

        • FYI there is a podcast from WNYC about how efficiency Jared sent much needed medical supplies to NY. Comuo and Murphey admit they had Jared on speed dial and he sent whatever they asked within a day. Federal govt prime. Jared was very smooth.

          If I had a business I’d prob stay away form trump but would take Jared in a heart beat.

          Want the virus to stop spreading , daven to hashem, none of these other stuff help much

    • “Gedolim” “Daas Torah” is not mentioned at all in Tnach or Talmud. What is it. Sounds like a Reform type. To me “Gedolim” has a nasty sound. Ktanim or Gedolim was what my rebi asked at age 5

    • Are you telling us that Biden will create a vaccine, but ONLY if he is elected president. Otherwise, he will punish the country and let everyone die to teach then a lesson? On second thought, you are that. That does sound exactly like the Democrats.

  5. don’t disagree unless you are on equal footing as rav shmuel. i don’t know who you are but if you are just a simpleton like me, please don’t argue with people greater than you, at least not in public

  6. Biden is a vicious anti Israel politician. He yelled like a lunatic at Natanyahu. Any rabbi who supports Biden is a traitor to the Jewish people. Trump 2020

    he is the ONLY normal candidate to lead America as America s/b led. he is good to the Yidden, good to Israel, good to American citizens…………………….

  8. A gadol has spoken. No excuse the be mevatel zman on the political narishkeit. Sit and learn till Nov 3rd, go out and vote for Trump and the other candidates that support him most, and go back to the beis midrash.

  9. It defies imagination that a frum Jew can have such a lack of hakaros hatov and at the same time be so blind to what the Democratic party is devolving into.

    • Seriously, none of the Trump ever present facts, defies imagination, lets not imagine, lets deal with the facts and numbers…paper trail, the obstruction of justice, the grifting, the stealing, Corruption is not a midah it is breaking the law.
      Moshe rabbeinu had hakoros hatov to the nile and the sand in egypt, that didn’t translate into his abandoning his objective. Want to be grateful to trump send him flowers, golf clubs, patronize his establishment, the hakoros hatov does not and should not translate into allowing him to hurt the country that has been so good to klal yisroel and hurt jews. There is a rise in white nationalism because of him and the green light he gave them. You don’t have to vote for me chaos to express your gratitude. JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION! He will not blink and turn against you if it gets him what he wants. IMAGINE THAT.

    • When grandfather appears to have frontotemporal dementia, and has to take cognitive tests to see how bad it is, and if you look closely is dragging the right foot, you would show grandpa hakoros hatov by voting him out so he can golf. Time to take away the car keys.

  10. To all the people we are not voting for trump, he will be ok if he looses. We are voting for the future of our kids grandkids, country and freedom of speech. Maga 2020

  11. Anyone with a half a brain could see who the democRATic party is. They support the Iran deal which allow Iran to build nukes to kill off millions of Israeli Jews. They support letting violent criminals out of jail so you the public can get hurt. They support looting and rioting and defunding the police. Anyone who does not vote for Trump has Jewish blood on their hand. I recall 1960s where two thousand people would be killed in New York on city streets and many were jewish store owners. Vote Trump 2020.

    • Hakaras Hatov in this case is not because trump raised us like your mom. It’s because of trumps polices that favors us and we benifitted from . Thus it’s only natural that you vote for him since as president is how he helped you ?


  12. Unfortunately not every commentator has been blessed with common sense. To blame Trump for the Corona fallout is being out of touch with reality. Trump has done an extraordinary job in being President. You need to be totally off the wall to consider this country be run by a senile Biden or any other leftist demoRAT.

    Be real and dont fool yourself

  13. At what point to do we stop worshipping these so-called “gedoilim?” They were wrong about social distancing at the beginning of the mageifa, they support an adulterous chazer for president…. These “gedoilim” are coming off as real krotzers

    • It’s too bad you didn’t get the Coronavirus, although it may not be too late. This way you wouldn’t be able to show the world how stupid you are and how evil you’ve been to your family.

    • Nope they were not wrong about social distancing . One cannot live a life worrying all the time . Based on what we knew and the fact that Cuomo the Democrat who follows science did not issue closures ,
      Then why should we have ?

      Once we knew the severity they were extra strict about social distance

  14. First of all if you are going against the Gadol Hador, you definitely have no chelek in Torah and have nothing to do with Yidden at all, because thats what it says in our Torah. to ppl like “Dahlia” or whatever you name is mabe try a reform news website where they have Rabbi Debra Wasserman as the head or something, because you are truly missing some commen sense. WHERES YOUR BRAINS, no wonder why we are still in golus. besides the fact that trump outdid the obama campaign (where biden was vice president), you cant compare the achievments that he did. Dont get me started just use your common sense, for jews to vote for Biden that means you support iran because obama was the one that was buildng up iran, as oppsed to trump that moved the emabasy to yerushalyim. anyone that votes for biden, after how much trump stood up for the jews is missing something and needs a psychiatrist

  15. Worshipping gedolim? Some old man? It is NO wonder that Hashem is punishing us. There’s a mageifa. It’s Tisha bAv today! This is how you talk abt gedolim? It says that when Moshiach comes we will say kedusha to them too. I am so saddened by some of the comments here. על אלה אני בוכי-ה

  16. obviously in 2016 the Rav implied hillary was a liar becasue he was referring to her politics in which she lied and she was no yet an incumbent…but trump had not been in politics until he ran and, as reported, the Rav highlighted that Trump was surrounded by people who were inclined toward Yiddishkeit and the klal and therefore taking those considerations into account, trump was the obvious choice among 2 NONINCUMBENTS. BUT NOW TRUMP IS THE INCUMBENT AND THE FRUM VOTE IS A STATEMENT , and therefore it is very dangerous for the frum community to not give public support for trump because of all subsequent elections ( the frum vote doesnt actually decide an election).

    • trump before he was elected was know to not pay his lawyers, his debt, bully, cheater and liar. Te only reason he has lawyers working for him now is because he has fund for it. I know someone who did work for him and he said he is not paying for it, the man said fine i am ripping out the work, trump paid for it.
      Ivanka uses her private email and jared uses watsap hillary lied about a server. Three soldiers are dead because russia put a bounty on their heads and trump does nothing but speak with putin every two weeks to get advice. Putin is old school kgb. If we have paper ballots putin can’t hack it like voting machines. You can trace paper ballots.
      The agudah does not endorse people because they understand the wind can change very quickly.

      • Before he was elected, trump had no political or legal advantage over these alleged victims of which you speak. That is why there are courts – they can sue on a level playing field, if indeed they had a valid claim. Biden has always been protected in politics and none of his victims could open their mouths.

        • He always settled. He gave pam bondi a sizable donation and she dropped her investigation in his trup college scam. I think he settled for 25,000,000 with another state. Cyrus vance was investigating his ivanka and he sent his lawyers to him with a donation as well. Cyrus vance can’t do that anymore. Cash is king, sir. Trump knows that. Everyone he fires and has knowledge of him gets a job on the campaign. They offered that to omaraso, she declined,

  17. Thank you For having gedolim who have guts to endorse Trump while the corrupt askunim pressure rabbonim not to endorse Trump. Even in 2016 they threatened rabbonim and others not to endorse Trump.

  18. Four years ago many including myself were disgusted by the brash, insulting manner of Mr Trump. I was very worried about how Trump would interact with world leaders. How he would get anything done with congress or senate if all he does is insult people. Four years later, I see the same Mr Trump, but I also see the lawlessness, and anarchy going on in America. I see a democratic party which more and more is becoming beholden to anti-Semitic and anti Israel elements. I see a democratic party advocating a disgusting and depraved “progressive” social agenda. There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Biden will be a puppet in the hands of the leftist liberals now running the Democratic party. How anyone can vote for Biden is beyond me.

  19. Tehran Nancy the democrat speaker of the house just endorsed rabid Jew hater Tlaib for reelection after endorsing her fellow Jew hater last week for her reelction. This is the modern Democrat party supporting and defending Jew haters.

  20. I’m surprised people on this site are wasting their valuable time arguing with anti-Trump Jews. They are the neturei karta of yiddishkeit right now. May G-d bless their souls and forgive them because they dont know what they’re saying or doing. Luckily Democrats and media want Trump to win and are backhandedly helping him by fronting a brain damaged candidate and running fake poll numbers to support him. Democrats are raising to much money and winning too many congressional seats being “anti-trump”…and the media is making more money then ever in recorded history being anti-trump. After Trump wins then the Fed will crash the economy and the media will blame the collapse on Trump instead of blaming the corrupt banking sector and wall street. Moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures will be lifted and will result in 20 million Americans to lose their homes this crash. In the end Americans will do chuva and be well behaved listeners of the media who tried to help them by trying to protect them from the evil Don the Con who they will say destroyed the economy with hus mishandling of the virus and corrupt economic policies. Eventually goyim will wake up to all this and kill all the Jews regardless of their political leanings or religious affiliations. If you know Jews in the media, wallstreet, the medical community or supporting the Democrat right now party tell them they’re putting us all in great danger and they should quit their jobs in these corrupt industries.

  21. As any doctor will tell you, you first get rid of the known cancer (Trump) and then worry about the other organs if they are cancerous. The immoral orange imbecile is now talking about delaying election day. For a rabbi who is an anti-vaxxer, he claims to know what’s best for the USA?

    • Or maybe he has a family member or Rav who died from covid and thinks Trump could have done better and doesn’t want to give him a second chance to not protect us.

  22. I can’t vote for slippery fingers hairy legged, Joe Biden. He is a priviliged white draft dodger who was busy feeling up women while his buddies were being slaughtered on the killing fields of Vietnam and Cambodia. He should hang his empty head in shame. His 6 defferments are a disgrace. He can’t be trusted to be the leader of the free world.


  24. To all of the Vin Commentators- The Rabbi is entitled to his opinion, no matter what his profession is. If you disagree with him, vote for the candidate of your choice. If you agree with him, then also vote for the candidate of your choice. I disagree with the comments by the author of the Facebook posting at the top. It is not uncommon for Rabbonim to publicly support one candidate over the other. Also, in the past, officials of other governments have publicly supported Presidential candidates in the USA. For example, in 1968, the Israeli Ambassador to the USA at that time, was General Yitzchak Rabin (later to come the Prime Minister of Israel). He publicly supported Richard M. Nixon for President.

  25. Obviously this “RABBI” is too busy trying to gain favor to learn his weekly AVOS. 5:19 is very clear, From the students of Bilaam Harasha. He choose to ignore Hilchos O’onah. He choose to ignore Kamtza & Bar Kamtzah. I just can’t stand these gedolim that do NOT live the torah, but try to tell us how to live. In Sotah 5a it is abundent clear, Those with gaiveh, and haughtiness will not escape Gehinim,. Or Tehillim 10:2, I could go on and on.

    • what’s obvious is that Rav shmuel clearly sees that Trump is 1000 times better better than all the other freak candidates . … Rav Shmuel himself could run this country if he wanted to , surly he can see who else can do it .


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