Trump Defends Doctor Who Touts Coronavirus Cure


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump defended his decision to promote Dr. Stella Immanuel, who pushed hydroxychloroquine as a cure for the coronavirus.

“I was very impressed with her and other doctors that stood with her,” Trump said Wednesday before leaving the White House for Texas.

Trump lashed out at social media companies for labelling her comments misinformation and removing the video that featured her: “I was very impressed by her. I know nothing about her, I had never seen her before, but certainly you could put her up and let her have a voice. So what they did is they took down their voice. Now, they seem to never take down the other side. They only take down conservative voices.”

“And with hydroxy, all I want to do is save lives,” Trump added.

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  1. Whether she’s a nutcase or not, is immaterial. Hydroxy works! (aka Hydroxychloriquine. aka HCQ.)
    How do i know?
    Simple. I did 2 kinds of “Homework”.

    After hearing (and reading) about numerous first-hand accounts of Hydroxy’s alleged amazing effect, i figured i could research it in a unique fashion. (And so can anybody.)

    1) First, i simply googled “Proof Hydroxychloriquine works”.

    Numerous articles pop up with a number of trials and tests.
    Prominent among them is the now-well-known Dr. Zelenko. (Some now call the Hydroxy treatment “The Zelenko protocol”.) And a number of others, encompassing thousands of patients.
    His protocol consists of a 5-day treatment with a certain LOW dosage of HCQ, and, VERY IMPORTANT, it MUST be combined with a 220mg tablet of Zinc.
    Also advisable is to include some Azithromycin. (that’s an antibiotic, to prevent secondary pneumonia.)
    PLUS, it should be administered during the first 4 – 5 days of symptoms. (After a week, it may be too late.)

    Each source reported phenomenal results, topping 99% success!

    2) Then i googled the following: “Proof that Hydroxychloriquine does NOT work.”

    Again numerous links/sources/reports pop up.
    So i examined around 10 – 12 random sources.
    They all had 1 thing in common; Each and every one of them LEFT OUT THE ZINC!

    Plus many were administered in a hospital setting, after the patient was very ill for over a week.
    Furthermore, some patients had received dangerously high doses of the HCQ!

    Bottom line, not a single one (!) followed the simple and easy procedure of the so-called Zelenko protocol.

    So, the conclusion is a virtual no-brainer.

    Next time somebody tells you HCQ doesn’t work, just reply by saying “Check your sources again and determine if Zinc was included. And f it was taken within 5 days of symptoms. And then get back to me.”

    The baffling fact that Hydroxy is not yet accepted globally as the best treatment, teaches us a lot about mankind’s idiosyncrasies.

    Have an easy fast.
    Alternatively: A Freilich Tisha-B’av!! (Hopefully)

  2. When you have 1000 ppl dying daily in march, and all the media would be busy with, is a dumb couple in Arizona that overdosed on a medication and therefore disqualify it as a cure for the virus, in spite of doctors claiming this is the only known cure at the time, this act should be prosecuted or at least investigated.

  3. The reason the video was taken down, isn’t that she promoted Hydroxychloroquine.

    It’s because she said “there is no need to were masks, since there is a cure and it’s called Hydroxychloroquine”.

    Social media should not allow to post dangerous misinformation, even if the president can’t separate fact from fiction.

  4. To Realistic.
    I understand that.
    But why do you call it “misinformation”?

    Since HCQ has a better-than 99.9% success rate, this virus should immediately be downgraded to an average Flu.

    And if you don’t think HCQ works as well as documented, then the onus is now on you to find a single study that was conducted with the protocol mentioned above, that was not a major success.
    Try to find a single one.

    Removing her from social-media was either perniciousness or cowardice.

    • None of the trials of HCQ found it to be “major success.”
      The Ford study found a slight improvement in moderately ill patients but no reduction in deaths.
      HCQ does not have a 99.9% success rate. If so, please cite our source for that statement.
      The onus is never on someone to prove the negative: you make the claim, you have to back it up.

    • You’re a racist. Just because she’s black? You would never say that if she was white. I see you’ve learnt nothing from all the ongoing BLM protests. Typical priviliged whites like you just dismiss African-American professionals out of hand. I didn’t realize we have such bigots on this website.

  5. Let’s see. No mask, check. Vaccine causes you to lose your religion, check. Demons can impregnate women in their sleep, check.
    The last time I checked it was the 21st century, not the Middle Ages.

  6. We can call “nuts” anyone who we disagree with every time but what about pure logic?

    We got this pandemic going and many people dying… no cure, no vaccine, in some cases, no even ability to treat all sick in hospitals properly, some sent home to recover(personally know), some sent to nursing homes, some are being mistreated due to all the pressures and shortages …

    On the other hand, there is a doctor, who right from the start told the people, there is a way to treat, it is safe(drugs are on market for 65 years or so and actively used everyday), it is cheap and it is very effective based on information I gathered around the world(where it started earlier) and what I see happens with my own patients whom I treated using this protocol… we don’t need to wait for test results(and back then it was a huge issue) and we don’t need to wait until people reach later stages and need hospitalization because by that time it could be late… ventilator itself is a very risky thing and doctors use it only as a last resort …

    And he actually brings science describing how it works(which I never once heard being disputed)…

    All politics aside, what would everyone of you do?

    So, doctor pleaded in the very beginning, – please allow physicians use it as Soon as symptoms pop up, before test result, before hospitalization is needed. The drug is safe and if test comes back negative, – you can stop treatment… let’s use it in outpatient setting, doctor-patient decision for those who are at risk….

    He recently published his data, – 84% or more reduction in hospitalizations and about 98% or more reduction in deaths. And he has seen more that 1000 patients, and he worked not in a special setting or selected community with low risk population, just a regular suburban town/village, in fact, very densely populated one…

    Is he also nuts? I don’t care as long as it works. It worked for that black doctor from the video, many doctors quietly use this protocol to treat their patient…

    I personally know first-hand experiences when ppl use this combo and got well in few days… I have not heard one case when it hurt(overdose case is the fault of all naysayers and hospital studies do not count since they did exactly opposite what doctor proposes, either no zinc or on later stages and higher doses in which case this treatment do not work well if at all and NEVER was claimed to be working as tested)

    So, who are nuts in reality?

  7. Dear Shlomo,
    Probably due to your fasting your mind is not clear.

    After you you eat tonight, please re-read what i wrote above (in the very first comment).

    It’s true that Hydroxy does NOT work. I agree.
    It only works combined with Zinc. (And administered within 5 days of symptoms.)
    Yes, the humble inexpensive over-the-counter Zinc.

    Did you even bother looking?
    There are indeed plenty of reliable medical trials that you can easily find online.
    It seems i can’t repeat this often enough… IT HAS TO INCLUDE THE ZINC!
    Why is that so hard to comprehend.

    And, as i wrote, there’s only 1 thing i CAN’T find online. Anywhere.
    Do you know what cannot be found anywhere?
    I can’t find a single study that shows that Hydroxy does not work when combined the Zinc.

    Please find one.
    I challenge you to find a single study, trial or test that Hydroxy failed WITH THE ZINC.
    Every report that Hydroxy failed is missing the Zinc.

    Go ahead, look for yourself.

    I wrote the word “Zinc” 6 times (now it’s 7 times) in the hopes that it will finally penetrate into the minds of the stubborn and/or obtuse.

    L’Shanah Ha’Bu B’Yirushalayem!

  8. Addendum:
    Dear Shlomo.

    Sorry for my testy tone in the previous comment.

    Here is a link to a list of studies about the Hydroxy/Zinc protocol.
    Notice that all the “Negative results” were for “late-stage” treatments.
    All others had very good results. (and if administered within the first 5 days of symptoms, the results are phenomenal.

    And here:

    Kol Tuv.

    • I take hydroxychloroquine and zinc for everything — sore throats, headaches, insomnia, measles, cnn, etc., with no reported side effects. I crush the pills and brew them in a tea. It hasn’t killed me yet, so you need to upgrade 99.9% effective to a full 100%. Extrapolating from my personal experience, all 150k u.s. deaths are the fault of those who deny the scientific proof of the protocol’s efficacy just to spite our great leader.

  9. This comment is for “sickolibs”. I personally agree that the HCQ protocol is the one to use. Please tell me where I can get some if chalila needed. It seems impossible. You said you take all the time. I would really like to know where to get it as I have not been able to find any in NY when I was sick. I believe this is a true crime against humanity. It should be up to our doctors and their patients to discuss and decide how to treat us.


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