Carjacking Suspect Charged In Shooting Of 3 Chicago Officers

Chicago Police investigate at the 25th District station on the Northwest Side, after several officers were shot outside the station, Thursday, July 30, 2020. Authorities say a carjacking suspect being led into the Chicago police station shot three officers who returned fire and shot him. Police spokesman Tom Ahern says the shooting happened Thursday morning as the officers were leading the suspect from a police vehicle in to a station house on the city's northwest side. (Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

CHICAGO (AP) — A convicted felon on parole has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of three Chicago police officers outside a station, authorities said Friday.

Police said Lovelle Jordan, a carjacking suspect, was being led into the station on Thursday on the city’s northwest side shot at police, who returned fire and wounded him. He faces six counts of attempted murder, as well as possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a weapon as a felon.

The officers and gunman were taken to a hospital.

Deputy Chief Brendan Deenihan said police handcuffed Jordan’s hands behind his back when he was arrested but he apparently was able to move his hands to the front while being transported to the station.

Deenihan said Jordan, 26, was searched before being transported but police believe he had a gun “extremely secreted very close to his private area.”

“They didn’t do anything wrong,” Deenihan said of officers who made the arrest. “I will defend them. They’re out there working, they are wrestling with this guy and once again it’s the offender’s action, he’s responsible for shooting the officer in the face.”

A police spokesman said Friday morning that Jordan was still hospitalized. It’s unclear if he has an attorney able to comment on the charges.

Police have said he was wanted in connection with a June 26 carjacking in downtown Chicago. He said officers identified the stolen vehicle on Thursday morning, followed it and then took the driver into custody.

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  1. That’s okay. Mayor Darkhand wants to get the homicide numbers up so she/he can brag that she/he had higher deaths in her City than the WHITE Rahm Emanuel.

  2. The suspect should have been tightly handcuffed behind his back, making it impossible to move his hands to the front. Also, he should have been thoroughly searched, during his arrest, including his private area. If the TSA can search our private areas before boarding an aircraft, there is no reason why this criminal was not scrupulously searched in that area.

    I’ve heard of similar cases, when cops have been fingerprinting suspects in the station house. The cops are supposed to remove their firearms at that time. There have been horrible tragic scenes in NYC and elsewhere, where a suspect grabs a cops gun while being fingerprinted, with fatal consequences.


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